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Jul 24, 2017
Hi everyone,

I am new here as of today and I am looking forward to learning a lot more about sound and sound solutions for pc gaming. I have been reading what seems like a ton of information around the web on pc gaming sound options, components, terminology, technology, etc. and it has left me a little confused. What is funny is I am a technical person by nature and education. I think the majority of the issue that people tend to use terms interchangeably and for someone like me that knows nothing about sound and the various technologies out there, you can get lost in it all.

I just procured a pair of Audio Technics AD700 headphones today on ebay I had been bidding on for the last few days. From my reading of various posts including on this site I felt the reviews were adequate enough to start there. I have a custom built Gaming PC and the motherboard based sound has an optical out. I am now researching DACs to use in order to get Dolby Headphone or any other technology that will allow me to have the best in game directional sound capabilities to locate sounds such as footprints, door, wall and window destruction, etc.. One question for the masses so that I don't post incorrectly. If I am looking to have a discussion on the best competitive pc gaming sound solution, what forum would I post that in? I see there are separate forums for Computer Audio, Portable headphone amps, portable headphones, etc. and I would like to have a post regarding the whole PC gaming sound solution.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts or assistance. More than anything, Just "Hi!"

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Welcome to Head-fi. We hope you enjoy your stay! :wink:
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Welcome! I don't see why you couldn't post your question right here; it should be fine ☺

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