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New Inear Prophile-8

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  1. musixs
    Very true.. I'm in dilemma between the two. Waiting for my pre-ordered SD 4 but after another listening session now I'm thinking of switching to PP8. Both are good and a beauty in its own respective signature.
  2. zig3n
    Hi ALL... I'm new in this forum... sorry for my english...
    I'm getting PP8 end this month, would like to ask for an advise... which DAP player is suitable for PP8?
    Currently I have FiiO X5 3rd... but thinking to get whether Sony WM1A or AK KANN... since both are in the same price...
    Thank you ALL... Cheers
  3. noplsestar

    I listened once to the PP8 with my Calyx M and it was a great pairing. Neutral, but also very musical and black background without any hiss.
    I can't speak for any other DAP.
  4. zig3n
    Thank you for your input... I'll check Calyx M... Cheers...
  5. noplsestar
  6. genki
    if you read some post there are some review using sony wm1z, for me i use my xperia z3 daily with it and love it.. i also tried it with fiio E17 from laptop
    i will get my QP1R soon, i will let you know once i tried.. it should be good :)
  7. ThomasHK
    Anyone found an impedance curve for this guys anywhere?
  8. bartzky
    Here you are:

    InEar ProPhile 8 web.png
  9. Dean Lim
    These have huge soundstage
  10. koroshiya8
    Have been using it for 4 months now and sadly i am going to sell this for other stuff...

    I'm afraid i will not be able to find something to match this ever again, at least for this price range.
  11. bartzky
    For everyone who tends to forget how the switches work:

    ProPhile 8 Schalter Variante großes Logo.jpg
    APaudio and John Culter like this.
  12. ForceMajeure
    Now I won't forget, thanks.
    I just need to get a PP8 first haha
  13. bartzky
    Haha don't get caught up in those little details :D
  14. Ricky64
    Has anyone done a direct comparison between the PP8 and the Unique Melody Maestro v2?
    Seems like they fall in the same niche..
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2017
  15. Pickaxe
    I'm thinking of buying these, I've got a couple of questions:
    1) When used from a "bad" source (laptop, smartphone, ...), how silent are the PP8? Is there audible hiss? The 32 Ohm makes me assume they are silent, or at least fairly quiet.

    2) How hard is it to get a proper seal with these?

    3) These are fairly large IEMs, that's obvious. Would you say they are comfortable compared to other universals? Can you kinda use them while lying down in bed, or is it extremely uncomfortable?
    Last edited: Jul 7, 2017
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