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New Inear Prophile-8

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  1. darveniza
    At CamJam Europe 2016 a new InEar ( 8BA), with switches to manage high's and lows
  2. cocolinho
    Really looking forward to read more about it!
  3. mksilent
    Check out our German review:
  4. Mimouille
    Thank you for the review. The only issue with the review is that it does not provide comparisons with other similarly priced iems like 846, Andromeda and the like. So it is hard to assess their true level.
    I am not too much a fan of switches. To me, an iem should sound like the maker intends it to sound and thats it.
  5. fb24601
    This thing likely 2 times > the prices of 846 and andromeda
  6. Wailing Fungus
    I got a chance to listen to the Prophile8 at the Indulgence Show in London today. While only a 10 minute listen, I was quite impressed.

    Build-wise, they are almost the same shape as the Stagediver shells, but slightly deeper and in a Matt finish. And the pair of switches on the inner face. I actually prefer the placement of the switches here instead of on the faceplate. For me, the Stagedivers are the best fitting universal IEMs by far, and the Prophile8s are just as good in that regard.

    I had with me my Stagediver SD4s, and 64 Audio U10 (ADEL) for brief comparisons.

    Started with the P8s with the switches off, which are designed for studio mastering and claim to have a reference tuning. I quickly swapped to the SD4s and there was a clear difference in the sound. The P8 was much clearer across the board while the SD4 sounded closed in and muddy. Back to the P8s with the bass switch on and you could hear a small increase in the bass. Similar story with the treble switch on - this was my preferred setting for the P8. Back to the SD4s and the difference between the two was even more pronounced - the P8 did everything better, and it was quite obvious to me.

    Things were much closer between the U10 and P8, differences were much smaller and largely come down to your sound sig preference and fit. For me, the bass on the P8s was greater in quantity but I preferred the mids on the U10s. Treble was about the same to my ears. While I have got a good fit on the U10s using Spinfits, fit on the P8 is in a different class.

    The price for the P8's are estimated to be in the region of 1200-1300 euros, with availability in Nov/Dec. The SD4s go for around 650 euro so there is quite a jump in price. To me, they are a clear upgrade from the SD4s, and compete with other TOTL IEMs of a similar price. The ability to change the sound may or may not appeal to you - personally I would like Inear to offer a version without the switches at a lower price, but they offer great build quality, excellent fit and compelling sound. If you get a chance, give these a listen.

    They are just a bit too much for me to justify but I will be keeping a eye out for any open box deals in the future.
  7. tmg68
    Funnily enough I also listened to these at Headroom today, and was similarly impressed by the clean sound in the standard setting, and enjoyed the additional bass with the switch on.

    Fit was great for me, and they appeared very well built - would prefer a longer trial before committing at this price though
  8. Wailing Fungus
    At the current exchange rates, these will be in the region of £1050-£1150 which is quite a chunk of change and puts it up against a number of well regarded competitors from the likes of Noble (on a side note was rather impressed with the Katanas), Rhapsodio, Empire Ears etc. Personally I won't spend more than around £800 on a pair of earphones, but if these ever fall into that range I would buy.

    I think they mentions that Audio Sanctuary would be uk dealers for Inear so could perhaps do an extended demo there?
  9. MuZo2
    I saw FR and with switches turned off they are really flat. I was told it will be released in November.
  10. bartzky
    In case somebody missed it: http://headfonics.com/2016/09/inears-prophile-8-first-impressions/
  11. MuZo2
    Spot on review. Certainly coherent sounds like single driver. Reference tuning & both bass & treble boost are subtle.
  12. shotgunshane Contributor
    All this talk of a neutral FR and subtle bass boost switch has me very interested. Any links to those measurements?
  13. MuZo2
    No links, it was on paper at exhibition . At the show also heard AK JH series, Customart & UE.
    Off topic but Custom art new line up with flat impedance or whatever its called was also impressive. Keep an eye on it.
  14. klove4252
    I'm very interested in them as well. I know musicaacoustics will have them shortly. They are up for presale now.
  15. CraftyClown
    Ok, so I've just returned from Indulgence and I can honestly say the star of the show for me was the ProPhile-8.
    I almost didn't get to hear them but I had promised Marco from InEar I would take a listen before I left.
    They were quite busy when I returned, but Marco's colleague kindly gave me his seat behind the desk and I sat down to have a listen with my QP1R using a selection of my favourite test tracks. All I can say is colour me impressed! I usually find some kind of minor criticism or fault with IEMs and headphones once I've listened through a selection of tracks. Maybe a particularly bassy track sounds a tad too much on a bassier IEM or a track with a lot of high frequencies sounds too harsh with an IEM that's more on the trebly side, but with these I could find no such fault.
    Marco explained that he and his team had painstakingly tuned these to be a true studio reference sound and that the only way for them to achieve this was through the use of a 4 way crossover and 8 balanced armature drivers on each side.
    I was only there for 10 - 15 minutes and listened purely via my QP1R but I had a big smile on my face throughout which entertained Marco and his colleague :D
    Marco offered to adjust the switches to let me hear them with the bass or treble boost, but I wasn't interested. The reference sound was perfect to my ear.
    I am so happy I heard these fantastic IEMs and I am seriously considering purchasing a pair when they come out mid November for €1300
    ps. also listened to the Noble K10s and Katanas today and I much preferred the ProPhile-8s
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