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New here. Looking for over ear headphones under $70 or

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by glorifiedg, Nov 28, 2012.
  1. GlorifiedG
    Im looking for great sounding over ear headphones under $70. And I honestly don't know whats good or not. So Im wondering if you guys could help me out. I listen to a lot of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, My Bloody Valentine, etc.
  2. jonny564
       I dont have any experience with grados but they are known to be good for that type of music genre. Their lower end headphone is the Grado SR-60i, plus they are fairly easy to mod as well for cheap diy improvements.
    Reviews http://www.head-fi.org/products/grado-sr60i-headphones
  3. KCxSmacker
    Could you answer these? would help a bit more for exactly what you want.
    1. closed/open headphone
    2. Sound you are looking for E.G. lows mids highs etc.
    3. Source ( amp/dac or straight from phone/player/PC )
    4. mobile/desktop only
  4. KCxSmacker
    If portable and ease of use is what you want along with good headphones, this article will help :
  5. Noob2noob
    creative aurvanna live. very comfortable, amazing sound clarity and soundstage with a slightly warm tilt. These are 60$ free shipping on amazon msrp at 100$. check out headfi 105 ortable headphone shootout.
  6. EF88
    Noob here too.  I started where you are right now.  I'm assuming sound quality is your reason for upgrading -- my reco leaks a lot of sound  but if you want to forego that, here it is.
    For your music, I suggest the SR60i with a Fiio E3 mini amp -- buy them together on Amazon and shipping is free:).   With the volume turned up, you get a sense that you are onstage/in a studio  playing versus sitting in the audience listening.  .What's great about Grados is you can sell them if you hate them at close to what you got them for.
    I really suggest that you add a couple more bucks and get the SR80i with an E3 -- you will put your in pals with $ 300 Bose and Beats to shame. It has more detail and it gets better and louder with maybe a month's use.  Plus if you look hard enough, the tax and shipping on your $ 70 headphones might amount to the same thing especially if you get the 80i tax free without shipping.
    Alternatives are really a massive downgrade in detail.  I will not tell you how they sound in terms of highs mid lows -- you can use EQs for that. When I say 'detail' I mean you get separate, more realistic instrument sounds you can then use Equalizers to emphasize what you want. 
    1) AKGs below $ 80 -- louder but not as detailed, IMHO, you get upgrades with comfort  as you reach $ 70 but essentially you get the same sound as $ 30  K44 (which I find uncomfortable).  These are good but not as good as an SR60i, fiddling with the EQ settings just makes parts of track louder/softer. An Sr60i will respond with both volume and clarity - - sometimes for individual instruments (at least that's how I perceive it).
    Also AKGs are a pain to resell :)
    2)Refurbished Sennhieser HD 25 SP II - you will see these come up every now and then on sites like New Egg for $ 74 with a factory warranty.  These are comfy and light, you sometimes  forget they were there - they were used as passenger headsets on Concorde. Cables are detachable and replaceable, build quality is light but solid.  Sound isolation is great.  These sound nothing like the more expensive non-SP  HD 25.  They are not as loud as either SR60i or AKGs.  You won't get as much clarity as the AKG or SR60i -- things just seem to be just blended together. You can amp and EQ the heck out of this headset and you still won't get it to sound like an SR60i much less a an SR80i.
    So there, I suggest a Grado SR60i with a $ 7.50 fiio E3 but please do try everything to get a new 80i with all the warranties. It is absolutely worth much more than what you're trying to save. :)
    I'm speaking from my own experience, I don't know how similar or different it is from everyone else's.
    Hope this helps.
  7. smedley
    Koss pro dj 100. You should be able to find these for $70 or less . Great sound across the spectrum. Search for previous discussions on these headphones..
  8. GlorifiedG
    1. Closed
    2. I dont want the headphones to be overpowered by bass. I want just the right amount of bass to feel the bass drum kick. I want to be able to hear the two different kinds of guitars in a song clearly. I dont know if this helps or doesnt make any sense.
    4. mobile
  9. GlorifiedG
  10. KCxSmacker
    ProDJ100 is a good suggestion. You can get "very good" condition Audio Technica M-50s for about 80 bucks on amazon if you are willing to pay 10 bucks more. 
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  11. EF88
    Hi Glorified, you'll get the clear, separate guitar sounds (and vocals) with Grados -  it gets more distinct as you go up the product line  (60i to 80i, 80i to 225i have the most significant improvements, though not by much).  You can even tell if it's a Fender, Gretsch or Gibson (LP and SG).  You can also tell if it's the neck, bridge or both pickups used :).  You can hear the hand sliding on the neck, pinch harmonics are superb....snare drum hits are a series of sounds: the stick hitting the skin, the drum resonating and the chain rattle.
    Problem is they will cost more than your budget and they are open.  The only closed back phones I tried that comes close to reproducing the same guitar sounds, to me at least (I'm a guitar player and I need good headphones to replicate effects settings on tracks)   is the Sennheiser HD 25 Amperior. 
    KCx's picks are great too but you probably won't get the same guitar separation.  The open back was something I had to live with but it was a small price to pay...most closed back headphones leak some sound anyway at the volumes I play-- the AKGs I tried did.

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