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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. nazrin313
     [​IMG] enjoy..and we hope you enjoy it too....
  2. vrapan

    Really looking forward to your impressions. I am considering pairing my SD2 with the X5 but would like an idea as to how they are pairing before I hit the preorder button.
  3. nazrin313
    A few more accessories for the sd3, Ted's cables!!!



    Short review:
    - great workmanship on both pure silver ic and cables.. Not to mention great price
    - warm is no longer in the sd3's vocab, paired with this cablethe sd3 sounds brighter but keeps all the things we love about the sd3, the bass and nmid clarity
    - i can hear finer details as compared to before

    Overall, great matchup for our sd3s..

    Was only kinda annoyed when i pulled the stock cable it chipped my right iem where the recessed sockets are.. Kinda pissed off.. Luckily the sound isn't damaged
  4. Rumpelstiltskin
    Great looking kit - the chips a bummer - I've ordered my cable from Ted, and can't wait. What sort of timescale from order to arrival?
  5. nazrin313
    Skin, about 15 days from US to the darkside of the moon... Hihi
  6. ronaldo7messi10
    how do these compare with the JVC FX850?
  7. Christianh
    I lost my Shure SE535 and i was thinking of buying these instead of the Shures. However i am worried about build quality and warranty. The Shures has a incredible build quality and has a two year warranty. Shure is not a company that will go bankruptcy for a great while.
    I mailed Inear monitoring asking for a retailer in my country but haven't replied in three days. I don't take them as serious.
  8. nazrin313

    Read reviews of it bro and you will know that these are one of,if not the best built iem in the market today. So no worries there.

    Wrt to purchasing, since you are in europe, get ot off thomann.de they will cover all your concerns on warranty
  9. skalkman

    Wow man, just wow! Please read up on things before posting.
    I'll try to keep this as friendly as i can without scraping you right this second.
    Let me give you my opinion on Shure earphones:
    They have a mediocre at best build quality (at least for their lower-end models, haven't tried the SE846 yet.).
    Their connection system is horrible and break easily.
    And they are (usually) overpriced for what they offer.
    If you had read up on the InEar earphones you would most likely have seen that you can pick them up from Thomann.
    Thomann them self offer a three year warranty (i think they have to offer at least two or something by German law, though don't quote me on that).
    InEar Monitoring EU is a smaller company and shouldn't prioritize a whining swede that can't wait for anything and can't check facts for himself. (that was maybe a bit harsh but still, come on man!) And by reading the rest of your ~100 posts then i think they can justify not answering you. 
    If you're "worried about their build quality" then let me say this: you bought a pair of Shure earphones, you'll be very pleased with the StageDivers. 
    [Edit: I have now read all of your post, yes all 100 of them. And i would just advise you to get out of audio and headphones while you still haven't flushed to much money on stupid decisions. You are an average swede i.e general consumer, you'll get ****ed over right quick if you keep going with this hobby.]

  10. Christianh
    Really do you have a problem?
    And why shouldn't they reply to me about retailers? Do you really think i sent them a whining question? You have no idea what i wrote them about! I asked them politely for a retailer in Sweden but they haven't replied yet still. They could atleast mentioned Thomann if there are none in my country. I pretty sure they don't understand English. I've had to deal with german retailers and business before and very few knows how to reply in English even, most reply back in German instead. I will ask them again and hopefully they will reply this time.
    I knew Thomann sells them but they're still outside my country and sending items outside this country ain't cheap. I had to deal with it before.
    Regarding Shure quality. The connection system aren't good i know. The cables wear out very quickly due to oxidation but the buds itself are very sturdy. It seems that you own and bought these Stagediver buds that you can't be objective.
    edit: It seems they replied but it was marked as spam.
  11. skalkman
    If you're still located in Sweden (which your profile implies) then it wouldn't be that big of a deal (with Sweden and Germany both being a part of the EU). Shipping from thomann to Sweden would be free for the SD-2:s at least. [Jag är också svensk, så du är med på noterna] 
    Just to clarify my last post, the one thing that really gets on my nerves is when people post/ask questions without researching before they start asking questions.
    I can't stand it! So my slightly edgy post wasn't/isn't really justified.
    And by the way. I bought the StageDivers because Shure's offerings didn't cut it for me. I have tried the full Shure "SE" line with exception of the SE846.
  12. Christianh
    It's very hard to get an impression when one haven't got the possibility to test them in real life. Judging from other poeples experiences gets you a general idea but everyones hears differently as not everyones hearing is the same.
    But since you have the SE535 how are they compared to the Stagedrivers? The positives and negatives. I mostly listen to electronic but generally i listen to all kinds of music.
    I am worried about the fit. I have quite small ears and having used the Shures they are on the border being uncomfortable.
  13. rawrster
    That part of how this hobby works unfortunately with iem's. It's rare you get to audition them unless someone you know has them where you can try them. I can get auditions of full sized but never iem's probably due to hygienic reasons. 
  14. newdm
    Hm, maybe your mail is unanswered, since the staff of Inear currently exhibits at the "prolight + sound" fair in Frankfurt Main/Germany:
    Within the "prolight + sound" fair the StageDiver 2 "S" and StageDiver 3 "S" were announced.
    They are designed for smaller ears:
  15. skalkman
    A little tease for you guys.
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