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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. vrapan
    We know 
    We know what both look like :p we need to know how they sound together! :) IS that your first day with it?
  2. skalkman
    I'm going on my third day now. 
    The X5 is rather neutral, maybe slightly warm in some areas but that would be to stretch it.
    The one thing that the X5 does really well is detailing, there is just so much detail there compared to something like the X3 or an iPod classic 7G. It's rather spectacular. It won't grab you by the nuts and shake you with amazing dynamics like the HM901, though it will still make you hear new nuances of your music. I am a detail nut and i like this combo, you may not. The only thing that i would consider is maybe giving the SD-2:s some more air and sparkle, either with a new silver cable or going balanced (maybe both).
    nazrin313 likes this.
  3. vrapan
    I wouldn't go as far as saying I am a detail nut but I do like detail and music nuances. Neutral is good for me and I haven't heard any DAP other than a bunch of iDevices so I will not know what I am missing from the HM-901 :) 
    The silver cable is on the cards balanced not so sure! 
    Are we to expect a full on review ? Though having read this it almost seals the deal for me.
  4. skalkman
    Yes, a full review is going to be published. 
    I have a 10 day testing period, so somewhere around the 26th to the 30th would be a good deadline for my review.
  5. Migou67
    Your review will be very interesting for me, I'm looking for a new DAP for my SD3, the X5 is in my scope, but the DX90 also.
    Nice photo, thank !
  6. nazrin313
    Been listening to some deathmau5, Pendulum and Infected Mushroom.. My gawd, the sd-3 rocks like crazy..

    When the beat drops?

    Electronica Musical Heaven

  7. Migou67
    Yeah they rock but not only with Electronica [​IMG]
    From the dust of the dust [​IMG]
  8. nazrin313
    hahahhaha dang..havent heard this in ages...and yeaaaah it does sound great!!!
    Hoever, most of my collection now are Electronica, Hip Hop, Acid Jazz, Vocals and Folk..lol...the SD-3 prefer much covers like 85 percent of my music
  9. skalkman
    Ordered some of those Ortofon tips a few days ago, really looking forward to hearing what they do for my SD-2:s.
    On a sadder note; they won't arrive before i have to send the X5 back.
  10. MusicalChillies
    Good move, much better than the stock. Much more airiness.
  11. nazrin313
    Hi guys, my Rhapsodio Reference Titanium One arrived last Friday and been burning it in for these past few days and as promised wanna make some impressions VS the mighty SD3.  I will give both scores based on my opinion and mine alone. (these scores are points I gave vs each other)
    SD3: 3 BA driver in a custom like acrylic Shell (RETAIL: USD$590)
    RTi1: Single 9mm Titanium Dynamic Driver in an Aluminium Shell (RETAIL: USD$1135)
    Lets just get one thing outta the way, I cant say which one is better then the other because these are are polar opposites in sound signature: 
    SD3: GREAT BASS/GREAT MIDS/Recessed HIGHS =  Warmish, natural sonics with great soundstage and out of this world layering and bass BUT looses in details. Great for EDM and Hip Hop
    RTi1: Recessed BASS/GREAT MIDS/GREAT HIGHS = Neutral/brightish sonics with good soundstage and out of this world instrument separation with immense details BUT looses in BASS. Great for Vocal, classical, folk
    If I was to give a score for these 2..I would both give a 9/10. Depends which music you listen to but for my collection they compliment each other really well.
    (JUST TO ADD: The SD3 is musical, fun, super Bass and forgiving on all music (BASS MONSTERS) / RTi1 is Analytical, Crazy Details and very transparent(DETAIL MONSTERS)
    The SD3 wins in this criteria. The SD3 felt it was made for my ears. Comfort and Isolation is world class with the SD3 and just okay with the RTi1. RTi1 was hurting my ears with the stock tips and had to resort to the magical Ortofon tips and now they are great.
    SD3 = 10/10
    RTi1 = 8.5/10 
    Size comparisons between the 2
    SD3: To best IEM I have seen and used wrt to build. Exchangeable filters is a great feature (10/10)
    RTi1: Mine version is the aluminium one. Its solid and wont be breaking anytime soon. BUT, the shell was not done properly as a TOTL should be. It had marks, scratches and was uneven. Looked like it was hand made and very CUSTOM lol..didnt even have a logo or seriel no. Kinda cool lol. Owh had to mention that the earwax filter/gauze fell off when I was tip rolling them. (compared to the SD3, I would have to give it a 6/10)
  12. Migou67
    Good impressions and comparison, thank you, are you using Ortofon tips with your SD3 ? They are much better like Sinth say.
  13. nazrin313
    Thanks bro...Just my honest impressions thou..but Im guessing the RTi1 could be a winner in terms of sound quality. A user even said could stand toe to toe with the 1p2, even beats the IE800.
    Anyways, just Ortofon all the way..I think it opens up the highs a little on the SD3. Tried stock, meelec double flanges and sony hybribs BUT ortofon are the best outta the lot.
  14. skalkman
    You bastards! Stop making me hype my socks of. My ortofons won't be here until the weekend. [​IMG] 
    Tough if they do what you guys say then I'll be a very happy camper. £7 for a set of tips does render my wallet a little thicker then a couple of £100 for a new cable.
  15. nazrin313
    Lol, I think im gonna order more cos I believe they are the best tips around...can cater to anything..and you will surprised with the performance. Makes the monitors sooooo more yummy.. 
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