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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. skalkman
    I have the SD-2:s.
  2. Gorillaz
    the selling point for me was the "universal custom fit design", that plus its sound quality according to most of its reviews!
  3. nazrin313

    Yeah, it was the same for me as well and what i got was:

    1. Fit: 10/10 like it was custom made for me
    2. Isolation: 10/10 someone could scream a foot from you and you wont hear squat
    3. SQ: 9/10 almost perfect for an EDM lover, details could have been a little bit better
  4. feedtheducks
    What is the source u r using?
  5. nazrin313
    - DAP: IHIFI960(Modified)
    - AMP: Portatube +
    Result? SONIC BLISS
  6. alpha421
    ^Sonic Bliss, indeed.  Damn, I miss THAT Portatube+.
  7. nazrin313

    Lol, the portatube + is the endgame amp for me.. I call it GOD's amp hahha
  8. feedtheducks
    That looks like a pretty sick rig, bro. Question: anyone know if otojoyiem.com is a legit site to purchase the SDs from, here in the US?
  9. nazrin313

    Thanks ducks... The sound is really sick.. The power the amp can deliver is amazing.. On low gain im only at 10 o clock (6 o clock being 0 and 100 percent) and thats the limit i can handle
  10. newdm
    Regarding the StageDiver 4, I contacted Marco from InEar Germany and it is neither in the works, nor planned anytime soon.
    InEar is currently working on a revised LivePro 4, so it was perhaps a misunderstanding.
  11. Gorillaz
    excellente, after having just bought the SD3, I would have been very upset about a new model coming out!
  12. nazrin313

    Great choice, the sd3 is a solid performer. Lush, warm, natural, beautiful...listening to it always brings a smile especially on edm
  13. Rumpelstiltskin

    Yes, agreed. No SD4 coming anytime it now seems. What's new will be a revised version of their custom LivePro4.
    I was looking for a custom but my 'problem' is that the SD3 is a fantastic fit and has moved me away from customs. Why bother to buy a ciem which has little to no resale value? I think In-Ear have missed out on trumping the coming (long coming) Roxanne Universal. That's sad, because I think they could have been on to a REAL winner.
    Knowing me (lol) I'll buy one (LivePro4) anyway.
  14. skalkman
    The FiiO X5 that is touring Europe is now on it's way to me. Stoked out of my pants!
    Really looking forward to trying the SD-2:s with this new beast.
  15. feedtheducks
    I ordered the sd2 today from otojoyiem.com for $465 shipped. Comes with 30 day return and 1 year warranty. I hope these are worth the money. Can't wait!
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