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New Custom-to-Universal IEMs: InEar StageDiver 2/3

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  1. eke2k6
    I find this laughable. In what way does the SD3 trump the HD600? Because it has more mid-bass impact? Treble recession? Plasticky timbre? 
    In my opinion, the SD3 does not belong anywhere in the same conversation as the HD600.
  2. nazrin313

    As i said, its in my opinion and when comparing the 2, I find the sd3 wins in soundstaging, bass impact and quality as well as the mids.. I also find that the sd3 being more engaging and more musical.. Be it im an edm lover.. And in edm.. Sd3 wins hands down vs the hd600
  3. nazrin313
    Eke, i do agree that hd600 wins in treble.. But i think thats about it.. And when listening to my album collection.. I will grab the sd3 9 times out of 10...and what ever you say wont convince me otherwise..
  4. eke2k6
    In that event, here is my opinion of the SD3 vs HD600 as a result of direct A/B.
    Not only is the HD600 wider than the SD3 in soundstage, it's also deeper. The HD600's width surpasses that of the Tralucent 1plus2, which is considered as probably with widest soundstage in an IEM. Depth wise, it's not close. I'll give you mid-bass quantity, but I find the SD3 smeared by the bloat. The HD600 actually extends slightly lower. The SD3's lack of extension was a huge gripe I had with it. The HD600's midrange is better because the SD3 lacks much upper midrange presence. Then, don't get me started on treble.
    I'm just responding to the notion that the SD3 somehow "thumps" the HD600. Preferences are preferences, and the SD3's signature will allow you to listen louder. That may give you the better experience you want, but better in technicalities it is not.
  5. nazrin313
    Dunno eke, i only tried it with the setup i have and i do agree with you in some points and some not. I was just answering a question wrt listening to edm.. And in edm, the sd3 is king.. Technically, the hd600 is maybe better... Musically, the sd3 is definitely better..
  6. eke2k6
    Yeah, for EDM, no doubt the SD3 is awesome. It has a synthetic type SQ that works great for electronic, but I hate with everything else lol...kinda like the TF10.
    Glad you're enjoying your pair though [​IMG] . If you're in the US, I'll send you my ASG-2 for audition once I get a few new things in the mail...I have a feeling you'll like it better for EDM.
  7. nazrin313

    Thanks eke, but sadly im not based in US. I have read alot of reviews in the asg-2 thread and im guessing i would like it. Was actually searching for it in the marketplace. Anyways, thats all done and dusted cos as of now i have bought the 1p2 and should be arriving next week. Will post some noobish impressions on it vs the sd3.
  8. Migou67
    I bought my SD3 at Thomann B stock for less than $400, the person who returned it had some problems with the fit. This is a very good deal and they return policy is realy honest. Delivered in 3 days for free with DHL.
    Thomann removed also the German taxe as I'm not in Europe (20% -> 8%). Total satisfaction for me [​IMG] 
  9. skalkman
    I'm listening to Carbon Based Lifeforms 2003 album Hydroponic Garden out of my Nexus 5 right now and i would say that the combo is less than ideal for this kind of ambient electronica. It works fine but I'm a lover of sparkling highs and lots of detail which this combo doesn't provide, i would recommend you to invest in one of the Hisoundaudio DAP:s if you would really want to get more out of that type of electronica.
    tl;dr it works though i wouldn't recommend it.
  10. newdm
    Hope, I can help.
    There are a couple of translations for the word "Abbildung":
    In this sentence, "reproduction" should be the right and useful translation for "Abbildung".
  11. Migou67
    It's the same for me, I spent a lot of time with Viper4Android traying many Convolver impulse response files and parameters on my Note2 wolfson, but without approaching the level of resolution and restitution that can provide a real DAP or a good amp with the SD3. On the other hand The IE-80 are good with the Note2.
  12. Gorillaz
    getting the SD 3 on Wednesday, I was going to try the Shure SE846 but after reading about some of its drivers failing I opted for the SD 3, I hope not to be disappointed!  
  13. vrapan
    I wouldn't really buy either if I was planning on using the long term out of a Nexus 5 . I have an iP5 and the difference between that and my iPad Mini/MBA is really quite startling. So planning on getting an X5 for my SD2 and I think to get the best out of the earphones you'd want a better source.
  14. feedtheducks
    Do u have the sd2 or 3?
  15. Migou67
    If the fit is good for you and depending the source you will use and the music you listen, I see no raison reason to dislike them, these are quality IEM and a good choice. Reviews are good, here the last one from Jocker (1B11) InEar StageDiver 3 (SD-3) - Added 12/23/2013 : http://www.head-fi.org/t/478568/multi-iem-review-311-iems-compared-hisoundaudio-ba100-added-03-06-14-p-878/12405#post_10091807
    Value (8/10) – Turning up the bass on the less expensive StageDiver 2 model, the InEar StageDiver 3 makes a compelling case for itself as one of the few balanced-armature earphones well-suited for fans of hard-hitting lows. The midrange and treble of the SD-3 strike a good balance between energy and smoothness and the overall value is reinforced with stellar build quality that rivals high-end custom IEMs. The only reservations when it comes to the StageDiver 3 are the tight fit in smaller ears and the less expensive but equally capable SD-2 model, which differs only in sound signature.
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