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New Comply™ Foam Tips compatibility update!

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  1. Breanna S
    Well, great!! Yep, you can get any of the series within the 400 line (S-400, T-400, Ts-400, etc).
  2. 5678
    Which Comply Foam Tips fit the Vsonic VC1000's?
  3. 5678
    You will have to cross reference to confirm compatible Comply Tips, but these IEM's are all compatible with the same tips:
    ~~ VSONIC : GR01,GR04 GR06 GR07,VSD1,VSD1S,VC02,VC1000
    Other Compatible Models :
    ALTEC LANSING:inMotion616. inMotion716
    CREATIVE: Aurana2
    ETYMOTIC : ER-4B.ER-4P.ER-4S.HF-2.HF-3.HF-5.MC-3.MC-5.Ety-8 Bluetooth
    FUTURESONICS: Atrio Series M3.M5.M8.M9
    KLIPSCH:imageS4/S4i.imageX5.imageX10/XDi.Custom1. Custom2. Custom3.
    PHILIPS:SHE9850 SHURE:SE315.SE425.SE535.SE110.SE115.SE210.SE310.SE410.SE530.E500.E3c. E4c.E5c.E3g.E4g.i3c.i4c.SCL3.SCL4.SCL5.
  4. Breanna S
    Hello - Our engineers have not tested the VSonic VC1000 earphones for compatibility with our tips, but this device is on our radar and we're hoping to get it tested soon... so be on the lookout!
    Comply™ Foam
  5. 5678
    Thanks. Got it covered Breanna,
    Comply T-100 and Comply "P" Professional are the compatible Comply Tips for all VSONIC models listed above including VC1000 and all the other IEM models I listed in the post preceding Breanna's.
    I ordered some Comply "P" Professionals yesterday to audition.
    Please feel confident using my personal hand measurement results in which I used a digital caliper and zeroed the caliper each measurement with each section being measured at least 3 times to insure accuracy:
    The VC1000 IEM bare tips/ends are 4.32 mm diameter
    The first flange/ring from the tip is 4.91 mm
    The first valley/trough/groove from the tip is 4.30 mm
    The second flange/ring from the tip is 5.71 mm
    The second valley/trough/groove from the tip is 4.32 mm
    and the body is 6.08 mm
    Measurements are within .02 mm variance.
    It is possible to install tips with larger openings/ports on the VC1000 by installing them further/deeper onto the VC1000 ports so they grip/grab onto the second and or larger 5.71 mm flange/ring as long as the channel/sound port tube in the tip being used is deep/tall enough to still conceal the metal tip of the VC1000.
    Hope this helps somebody.
  6. doublea71
    I can confirm the S400s will fit VSonic GR07s. After buying Meelec double and triple flanges, as well as using the stock Sony hybrid knock-offs, I'm back to using Comply foams...can these things be gently washed so as to extend their usage?
  7. Breanna S
    Yes! Occasionally washing the tips will have a positive effect on the life span on your tips. For cleaning your tips - the following is a link to our Frequently Asked Questions section which will give you information on how to clean your tips. http://www.complyfoam.com/frequently-asked-questions/
    Never use soap as the detergent in even the mildest of them will break down the foam. Also, make sure not to soak them in water or squeeze the foam in water - when the foam completely absorbs moisture, it can alter the way the memory foam properties react.
  8. doublea71
    Thanks for the link. I'm finding that they can last awhile if handled gently.
  9. halfinfinity
    What tips can be used for the monoprice 8320's? Also, which ones would be compatible with the TCM125's? Thanks.
  10. Breanna S
    Our 400's fit the Monoprice 8320 as well as the Panasonic TCM125's. 
  11. halfinfinity
    Great, thanks.
  12. gameboy
    Wondering what tips work well with the ATH IM03?
  13. Breanna S
    Our 500 line of tips will work with the IM03.
  14. gameboy
  15. mrdunu
    Hi Jeff K,
    Not sure if this has already been discussed, but are there any compatible comply tips with the Sennheiser IE800's?

    If not, are there any future plans to develop such a tip?
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