1. Plautus001

    Replacement Pads for Monster "Adidas" headphones

    I don't know where I can post this, but I have searched all over I need to find replacement pads for my wife's Monster "Adidas" headphones they are blue, but I'm not picky about colour - she loves these things, don't ask me why
  2. Zub-a-Roo

    SOLD PS Audio Nuwave Dac (CLEAN!!). REDUCED + Sonic Upgrades: Furutech, Herbies Stabilizers

    PS Audio Nuwave DAC silver. Ultra Clean!! $800 Meticulously cared for smoke and pet free environment! loved for the last 4/5 years This is a Great component with upgrades included to build your system around or add to upgrade. Unit has always been ran behind an electrical Power Center...
  3. DJBaila

    FS: Vintage Monster Turbine In-Ear Audiophile Headphone

    Used but excellent condition, authentic Monster and complete. Collector's item.... ****** See pics. you get what you see. Nothing more, nothing less so OPEN your eyes. ********* Cnet review: Make sure this is EXACTLY what you want before...
  4. [No title]

    [No title]

    UFC/Ronda Rousey Endorsed MONSTER Octagon Headphones (surprisingly balanced sound) Not even very very balanced. VERY LOUD!!! Probably the loudest over ear headphones I own. I'm talking volume, not just the look. With that said, not an audiophile headphone but a solid sounding non-ba
  5. Zelcroft

    Monster at CES 2013

     People probably aren't interested in Monster but I just thought it'd be good to see what they got under their sleeve's this year .Are they gonna bring more stuff to their headphone line?Awaiting more coverage, especially from other can brands.   Seems like they're releasing gaming...
  6. stonyboys

    Monster warranty

    Hey I haven't been here in awhile, but my headphones are starting to cut out from one side. Mine come with the lifetime warranty and I'd like to get them exchanged. Is there a monster rep on here like there used to be? 
  7. Processed

    Looking for some new headphones

    now before i get spammed about how there is a thread that compares a lot of headphones, i know this. Im looking for some stylish yet sound good in ear headphones. and also i need something low profile so i can listen during snowboarding. I right now have Monster Turbines which are great except...
  8. Mython

    Monster unveils new £20,000 ($30,000) headphones...

    I consider this to be nothing whatsoever to do with audiophilia, but rather playing to the 'more-money-than-sense', 'bling-obsessed' crowd, but make of it what you will:£20-000-headphones--162258227.html
  9. aviatorguy

    buying suggestions needed: Portable DAC, Smartphone

    what i have: iPhone 4 Shure SE215 (week old; warming up; love its flatness) Audio Technica ATHPRO500MKII (love its bass; 1 year old) MSI GP60-2PE laptop. (static noise when idle) wanna know which DAC it has. Bass Head, loves flat too.. Rock, metal, classy, dub, electronic   seeking...
  10. extrabigmehdi

    Listened for first time monsters headphone, not that bad.

    Well, there was the three headphone (beats pro, beats studio, beats solo)  demoed in some virgin (mega ?) store . There was a kind of stand, with a built in player , and it was for me the opportunity to try them for the first time ( in Morocco , there's not too much store of that kind).  ...
  11. SpiderNhan

    Chanel X Monster Headphones

    At £4,170, these seem excessive for a perfume, or for any company, that has never made hi-fi audio equipment before. Price wise, this is Stax territory. And, yes, the manufacturer of these is Monster Cable.   Will this a repeat of the Beats/Monster phenomena for the rich?  ...
  12. PCunicorn

    Sol Republic Jax vs monster N-Ergy

    Forgive me, as I know I'm asking about some brands that you guys dislike. But I really want some decent looking earbuds and these are my options. So, I already picked up the N-Ergys. I'm not sure if I like them yet, but before I get really into them, I need to know so I can return them, if they...
  13. cardboardhome

    Best Sub $150 IEMS?

    My brother had a pair of Monster Turbine Copper Pro's but they broke and at that point Monster no longer made them and claimed that they could only replace them with another line of IEMS which were far inferior. Consequently, I am now looking to buy a pair of IEMS and want to spend around $100...
  14. schalliol

    Tumi Teams Up With Monster For New Headphones

    I really like my Tumi luggage, and I noticed Tumi released some headphones with Monster: Product Page  Predictibly for a typical Tumi customer, these headphones feature active noise cancellation and what appears to be a high degree of concern for aesthetic detail.   Selectism has some nice...
  15. TysonT57

    Monster Diamond tears or Monster DNA

    I know many people on here are not fond of monster, but i saw many people open up to the Diamond Tears. I was looking forward to either getting the diamond tears of the DNA's. Which headphone do you think has the best value? Thank you for your input!
  16. GrahamDBraun

    Monster Inspiration. Anyone Had a Chance to Try a Pair?

    I realize that the combination of me being a Newbie here, and bringing up Monster Cable will be enough to anger some people here, so if that's you who's upset; Sorry.   Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone has tried these new Monster Inspiration Headphones. The reason I ask about these is that...
  17. gkanai

    Jessica Alba's IEMs

    Can you name them?   Look of The Moment | Jessica Alba
  18. mandar

    bose vs monster cable vs apple

    hey guys,   i have been using apple dual driver in-ear headphones for 2 years now. i am on my 2nd pair (although the 1st pair works just fine) now. I am planning to buy new in-ear headphones. I looked around the market and the bose ie2 headphones and the monster ibeats stand out. i read a...
  19. EpicMango

    Monster Turbine Ear Hooks (for sale perhaps?)

    So I am getting a pair of Monster Turbine Pro's and one of the main reasons I listen to music is to aid with my motivation of working out. I absolutely hate when my IEM's slide out of my ear during a set, as that happened so many times with my Vibes, and I just don't want to deal with that.  I...
  20. smoothtalker

    Monster Cable horrible service

      I recently shipped my mtpc to monster cable in brisbane for rma. And apparently monster lost the delivered airmail! What the heck really.. Mediocre seriously. There wasn't even any reply from monster through their website email. I had to go to their facebook page to seek help..   Anyone...
  21. D

    Monster Turbines or Audio Technica M50

    I know, I know...   M50s are full size cans and Turbines are in-ear, but I have a hard time deciding which one to buy since they are close to price.   I plan on using it for my iPod touch/iPhone 4s    I already have Astro A40s for my laptop so I won't be using the turbines or M50s...
  22. Ovlazek

    Monster Turbines too heavy?

    Hi all, I've been lurking these forums for several months now and a few months ago made the first step to hearing my music. I bought a couple pairs of over ear headphones that I love, but decided to get better iem's for on the go. I was (and I suppose for the moment, still am) using Bose in...
  23. randaddy00

    Headphone plug repair/replacment advice needed (3.5mm stereo mini plug)

    Any advice anyone could give me would be welcome.  I have some Monster Beats Tour In-Ear Headpones and the portion which failed first is the wiring near the plug.  Repair of the wiring without replacing the plug seems hopeless, so I was searching (on the web and at some specialty electronics...
  24. csamantha11

    Suggestions for "fun" IEMs?

    Hi all,   I was wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions or recommendations on some "fun" high-end IEMs.   (I've been reading about the FX700s and Westone 3s - has anyone heard both of these and can give me a brief comparison on them?)   Any help is appreciated!
  25. extrabigmehdi

    Fake monsters beats , are they worth it ?

    Hi, I saw an increasing number of shop selling Monster headphones in my country (Morocco). This drive me a bit nuts , because it's usually so hard to find "audiophile" headphones here (usually only cheap sony, jvc etc...), and suddenly you see  lot of Monster headphones with the Gaga and Dre...