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New Beyerdynamic T1 (2nd Generation)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jan meier, Aug 1, 2015.
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  1. qazxsw80
    Well, fair enough. But it's still not user-replaceable and if something happens the only way to fix it is to send the heaphones to Germany or to find some service center?
  2. fhuang
    if this was all about saving a few bucks.  i can understand that.  besides, it's cheaper than when the t1 first came out.  anyway, i tried it earlier this month at the hong kong hifi show.  it felt the same, at least when wearing it.  and i've been using my old t1 almost once they were out.  can't wait the new t1 to hit the market.
    p.s.:  the only thing i want more, a little more bass, dynamic driver bass.
  3. fhuang
    that's a good idea.  much like the old dt770 kind of headband
  4. Frege

    Dear all,
    this is a very interesting headphone. The removable cable is a step in the right direction. I wonder if the semi-open design prevents disturbances of the surrounding. When I use my HD800 my family always makes comments on the music that we hear ….
    Unfortunately I can´t come to Berlin in September were it will be presented at the IFA but I hope I can listen to it soon.
    Best regards from Stuttgart
  5. Canadian411
    Wow this is better attitude and customer oriented pricing than the newly released "$2999" HEadphone.
    $1099 seems reasonable :) getting one soon. 
    How about t5p 2nd version ? any news? 
  6. Voohoo
    I was very interested in buying a T1 last year but was put off by the reports of the peaky, hot treble. These 2nd gens really have my attention now.
  7. Allanmarcus

    What some people call shrill, hot, peaky treble, others call accurate, detailed, distortion free. When I first tried the oppo pm-3, I thought they were horrible. After about three days of moderate listieni for I became used to the sound, and understood it. I didn't like the comfort of the pm-3, so I didn't keep them, but I did learn about not trusting first impressions

    I guess what I'm saying is try first. Trust your own ears.
  8. Odin412
    Well said. Different people experience (and prefer) treble sounds differently. The amplifier used can also play a large role in how 'hot' the treble sounds. I generally prefer more 'relaxed' sounding headphones like the HD650 but I also own a T1 and I have to admit that on certain tracks and with the right amp the feeling of 'being there' is quite stunning with the T1. For those looking to 'tame' the T1 I would recommend a warm-sounding tube-amp. I just got the Woo Audio WA6 and at first listen it sounds like a good match for the T1.
  9. hanselmann

    Sure, we will show it at IFA. I will be there beginning from Monday. Please say hello to me at the booth if you come by.
  10. hanselmann

    The headband is user serviceable. In some cases you might demage an inside part which is available as a spare part.
    Our service department will always help you fixing this problem. Just call +49 7131 617-450.
    Apart from this: Sure, you Head-Fi guys may love user serviceable parts. Comparing our headbands with competitor's ones, do you believe they do a better job in terms of service-friendlyness and availabity of spare parts?
  11. Nitori
    People will always find something to complain about.....I am pretty sure unless you make everything including drivers user serviceable, this won't stop :wink:
    Oh and the only other company that I can think of that is offering spare parts and user replaceable headbands is Audeze I guess. I have done it myself  and its rather simple.
  12. qazxsw80
    I'm asking because in case with the old T1 there is only available the complete headband, which is pretty expensive. But with the Edition series I can buy every single part and it's much better because usually you only need to replace the padding or one of the headband holders (or whatever they're called in English).
    I think in this regard the old Edition series is better than similarly priced headphones of Sennheiser (Hd600) and AKG (k701) because for them (like the T1) you also need to buy the whole headband if something went wrong.  The main problem with this series is sticky drivers. After some period of time they gather a lot of hairs and dust and it causes some distortion on low frequencies.  A picture of DT770 from one of russian forums.
  13. mutato
    Anyone know if the old/new T1 is affected by this also? Or if it's easy to clean? Distortion on low frequencies caused by hair is one the reasons I want to give up on my HD650!
  14. Catweazle
    Hr. Hanselmann.
    wouldn't it be better to drop the SPL to 96 dB, as the other well known models? For me the T1 seems somewhat to loud (or less dynamic).
    On the DT 770 for example, voices are easier to understand and some instruments sounds more natural not "so amplified". Of course this should not lead to compare this 2 models.
    Is it possible to add an option to the new T1 to order it with an shorter cable (1,5m or so) or "Spiralkabel"?
  15. Allanmarcus
    Will the new T1G2 be at RMAF in Denver in October? 
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