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New Audio-gd R7 (R2R 7) & R8 Flagship Resistor Ladder DACs

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by Currawong, Jun 30, 2017.
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  1. Chopin75
    I presume this FW with dsdclk only affects I2S input so if one is not using it, then it won't matter?
  2. FredA
    Try other transport if you can. Best of luck with this. Contact Kingwa if the problem persists.
  3. comzee
    I hope it's good, but is there any specs or news on it?
    I know this is very opinion based, so take this as ymmv. I owned the di-2014 and di-u8 and I thought both under performed compared to my su-1.
    Su-6 to me was a quantum leap forward over the SU-1 performance too. Kingwa is really going to have to pull off a massive performance leap in my mind for it to compete with su-6.
    I'm hopeful tho, time will tell.
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  4. anroj
    Thank you, FredA. I contacted Kingwa so we'll see what he says.
  5. DACLadder
    R7, R7-HE, and other compatible DACs only.
  6. FredA
    Trying p2_dsdclk now. It images so well. Not missing much to be called perfect except it won't play dsd64 from the u16. With the blon bosshifi b8, together with he9, it is out-of-this-world good. Audio nirvana. The b8 adds some sparkle to the treble, a little bass, that is perhaps all this fw is missing to be called pefect, for my tastes anyway. :gs1000smile:
  7. DACLadder
    This news got overshadowed this week by firmware but Kingwa is definitely working on a new DI USB DDC. Kingwa understands what he is up against for the new DI. He has used the Gustard U16 but sold it because of the U16’s bugs. I’m hoping it will be “U16 killer” for about the same price. A faithful forum member recently posted a picture and link; https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new...tor-ladder-dacs.853902/page-341#post-15234844

    I think Kingwa posts on the Chinese language forum and discusses the new Di design. No mention otherwise or real marketing name that I know. But some features rumored are Accusilicons XOs, 10M ext. clocking, and parallel data processing in the FPGA. Probably uses the same Xmos USB chip as the Amanero board as it is ultra-reliable in operation.

    Yes those old, old USB32 DI designs did not sound that great. The Off Ramp 5 and later SU-1 over I2S smoked USB32. Amanero USB is a step up as well.
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  8. DACLadder
    i wouldn’t get too excited about firmware until it has been well tested and discussed for a while. Other versions may follow to fix a bug or tune a feature. If you loathe firmware upgrade (I do) then wait and see. A few weeks may save some grief!

    The R7 Ext. 10M upgrade should be out soon. That is even more Altera DSP programming fun plus a Xilinx CPLD reprogramming. Termination resistor change.. maybe faceplate MCU
  9. FredA
    The mcu change is needed to avoid selecting the clock input but again there would be nothing playing as the fw on the altera will not allow it. This it my logical guess. Also, the change is needed to be able to choose between the internal or external clock, unless the external is automatically selected when detected.
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  10. DACLadder
    That is good news! dsdclk firmware is sounding very good on my R7 system as well, PCM OS 8x...crisp sound! Very sparkly! But oh so clean... Soundstage is huge! I'm using the F1 so can only image what the U16 sounds like in comparison. .
  11. Chopin75
    haha, you just said you hate FW update and recommend to wait for a bit more but now you just loaded the latest FW, though I suppose you want to resolve the U16/I2S issue?
    Do you think the DSDclk actually also makes it sound better using F1, I presume it should only improve DSD sound.
    Interesting when I am currently using CD transport source 16//44 comparing OS 0 vs OS 4 where OS 4 seems to be giving a very nice holographic image. As expected when switched to NOS the sound is more relaxed and less forward, though the imaging seems to be a bit less precise, but it appears more naturalistic, like you are sitting say at least 15 rolls away from stage in a spacious acoustics, less focused sound.
    With OS X 4, the instruments are closer/more forward, maybe 8-10 rolls, and instruments more easily located, more like you are seeing them in front clearly. The NOS spreads the instrument out a bit more (more like in a church kind of effect...well I just checked the recording venue now of this particular recording, it was in a church!) So basically NOS probably presents a more realistic sensation of the actual venue of the music event. By contrast the OSx4 has changed the location to more like a concert hall platform with a less reverberant acoustics. Switching to OSx8 briefly shows a more exaggerated effect of OSx4, at times feel like you are now in a recording studio with close mics, all instruments clearly delineated. Sorry for rambling on....But it is interesting that with NOS I guessed that the recording venue was in a church (blinded as I did not know at that time). Both modes are still very nice.

    (I believe currently I have the old TDA asy. FW just before the P upgrade version, as per Magna)
    (note I am testing via speakers, in a not well treated room)
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2019
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  12. comzee
    Question, has anybody been using the TDA1541A feature of the asy firmware releases?
    I don't see anybody talking about it. Would be nice if maybe kingwa removed that for an optional filter change for jumper S3.
    Like slow-roll, fast-roll, apodizing etc...

    Maybe tda1541 is hot in China tho, no idea.
  13. guzz46
    I'm using it on tda_syn on my R8 and I really like it, after going from USB to this https://www.audiophonics.fr/en/netw...li-reclocker-audio-gd-compatible-p-13064.html
    I tried all the other firmwares again to see if they sounded any different via I2s, but I keep coming back to tda_syn, it sounds so much better on my system, I haven't tried any of the new ones because I don't want to swap any wires around, but I'm so happy with tda_syn that I wouldn't be worried if it was the last firmware ever developed for the R8.
  14. gk2013
    Are you playing OS8 or NOS?
    This firmware only has impact on DSD. Are you resampming everything to DSD?
  15. gk2013
    Same here , liked syn version a lot - try the new P firmware!
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