New Audeze LCD3
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Listening to them now. Not that fast, took 2 weeks. Definitely more treble and detail, will post detailed impressions and graphs tomorrow.
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I compared the rev.1 and the rev.2 on the Violectric V200 and the rev.2 needed 2-3 steps up to sound the same. Not much, but definetly a difference. 
I read somewhere that planars actually respond postitvly to the voltage swing-capabilites of an OTL, I don know much about technicalities. Anybody fill me in?

Well, the LCD-3 has lower impedance and is slightly more sensitive, that might make it easier to drive overall. But I don't think it's that huge a difference to the LCD-2 and I have to wonder how much it can be between the R1 and R2 of the same model. But mostly, like you wrote, it may depend on how loud one listens.
However, to do the burn-in, I have the WA2 at maximum volume, and there's still no distortion as I'm using the LCD-3 like quasi-desktop speakers (would never put that next to my ears...) I tried it with the Valhalla, it actually sounds OK at my listening volume, but once I turn it up past 1-2 o'clock, the distortion starts and only gets worse from there, so the WA2 definitely has more omph.
My tubes aren't anything particularly exotic AFAIK, some Tesla 6CA4 / EZ81 NOS rectifiers, Genalex - Gold Lion E88CC drivers and Winged "C" 6H13C / 6AS7G powertubes - just love the coke bottle design! I listened to the included tubes for a bit, but honestly can't hear that much of a difference, esp. since one can't just switch back and forth easily. But tube rolling is definitely something I look forward to in the future. Right now I'm just happy listening to my combo as it is!

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I spent 5000 USD from my original 009 money and DIYed a computer today, for the new LCD3 put the 009 aside for now.
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I spent 5000 USD from my original 009 money and DIYed a computer today, for the new LCD3 put the 009 aside for now.

$5K? I spent $1800 to build one of the best gaming rigs and then another $1200 on hard drives and accessories etc.... You must have a money tree in your garden.
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Computering is accually a very cheap hobby compaired with hifi or photographing:cool:
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you dont?

Nope. Mine's just a plant! 

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One word, Wow. A friend of mine just got his LCD-3s back from RMA. The difference is unbelievable. Prior to this, my pair was noticeably clearer than his with tighter bass and clearer mids, especially vocals. However, his RMA'd pair are just stunning. After A-Bing them with his 009-WES setup, I can confidently say that I have absolutely no desire to get the 009s now. Prior to this, even with my "unveiled" pair of LCD-3s, I still found them to still lack certain traits, namely speed and absolute detail when compared to the Stax 007 and 009 or the HD-800s and thus I was preparing to get one of those headphones to pair with the LCD-3s. However, I can very safely say that my friend's new pair are just amazing. This is a very subjective thing but both my friend and I prefered the LCD-3s from his RWA Audez'e Edition to his 009-WES Setup. The source for the comparison was my MOON 750D. I am frankly quite in awe of the LCD-3s now. I found that the 009s still had a tiny bit more detail and slightly airier highs. However, the LCD-3s noticeably superior bass, luscious romantic yet crystal clear midrange and smooth, unfatiguing yet well extended highs just make them better to me. Btw, my friend also managed to try out his new pair with the local dealer's Liquid fire and said that that pairing (from a humble Schiit Bifrost) was even better than the setup I heard with him. Haha, all this prompted me to send in my pair (A very early unit, has the thick non see through foam). Hopefully I'll get soemthing like Purrin, Jian or my friend's unit.

Stop tempting me to divert my super secret 009 saving to this guys. 

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Here is my LCD-3 FR graph if anyone is interested or has any comments. I'm the one who said mine was a little peaky in the upper mids or highs and I needed tweaks (like warmer cables/tubes) for it.

It's interesting how noticeably more similar your graph is to mine, esp. compared to Purrin's (in the Measurement thread: Both have a slight dip in the 20-ish and under region, but most noticeably a smooth, almost straight ramp down between 1kHz ~ 3kHz followed by a couple of bumps. Also interesting that your serial# is higher than mine by a couple of hundreds, but is from fall 2011, much earlier... hmmmm.
Anyhow, it still sounds fantastic to me, stayed up way later than I should have. One of those wow moments was when I listened to an organ concerto album that I've had for probably half my adult life, and listened to on just about any equipment I have owned on and off (you have to be in the mood for organ :) and I honestly have never heard it it like that. I think a lot has to to do with the strong, very low bass sounds that play such a big part in organ music, and the fact that because of the loudness in some other parts it was often at the verge (or past) some distortion. But the LCD-3 delivers! (probably the LCD-2 too given their similarities) It was also the first time I listened to a ~Suzanne Vega~ song ("Headshots") and though, wow that's some bass in there :)
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Yeah, the LCD3 bass is awesome, "just there" when the music calls for it, not boomy or car-stereo-like at all, with lots of beautiful texture and a kind of unforced power and control and resonance. The LCD3s were made for organ music.
You know, when the LCD3s are right, they are very very right, and I would recommend them to my best friend at full price w/o hesitation.
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I should be receiving mine back tomorrow.  Will definitely post some impressions after the weekend.  I'm actually as excited to get them back as I am about getting the new iPad.  Too bad I'll be stuck at work for 8 hours after they arrive!

That's funny.  I'm almost in the same boat.  I just got my FedEx tracking info on my RMA'd LCD-3s today and expect to receive them on Monday, and I'm also receiving a FedEx delivery of the new iPad tomorrow.  I did, somehow, managed to convince the right people to be able to work from home tomorrow in order to receive the new iPad when FedEx arrives at my home, but, sadly, my LCD-3 won't arrive until Monday.  In any event, like you, I think I'm just as excited to get my LCD-3s back as I am with getting the new iPad.

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