New Audeze LCD3
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I can't imagine thinking the LCD-3 I heard sounding like it had upper midrange peakiness to anyone because I seem to be one of the more sensitive to this out there, and I thought it was the major redeeming quality about the LCD-3- the lack of upper midrange peaks or elevation compared to other headphones.  So yes, I think it might be reason to send them in. 
I did hear a little bit of the reverb-y glare in the 3 I heard (I'd say it was about 5-10% of what it was in the LCD-2), but that's not a peak at all, and it's not in the upper midrange. 

Unless, the source material or the source is the issue in question. Running test tones and well recorded tracks from varied genres would help pinpoint this to source material issue or transducer issue. Assuming of course that the amp is not lending its own character as well.
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Just joined the club this weekend.
Hooked up to a new WA-2, the best "real"/OTL tube amp at the limit of my budget that I could find. Supposedly under-powered, I've read. But with some new tubes and listening barely past 12 o'clock, it sounds absolutely wonderful to me. This is the most substantial investment in a long while for me, and I was really worried whether it would be equally substantial in SQ improvement to justify the cost,.. well it is, as it became clear quickly.
Especially after my T1 debacle (OK that's bit strong, but barely more than the treble & sibilance on that thing...). Through I found out after the fact, by way of their charts, that despite being a flagship product it was actually worse in the one area that bothered me with my longtime companion, the W5000. Poking around it seemed the LCDs were the best cure. I picked the LCD-3 in an eff-it moment: if that doesn't take care of my issue with treble, what else could?
I feel that in terms of sound signature, these two are almost at the opposite end of the spectrum, and to me it's clear which side I come down on. Everything just sounds -right-. My W3000ANV is still nicer for some vocals and jazz by emphasizing some areas, but of course that means de-emphasizing others. It's not neutral, by choice. The LCD-3 is more balanced in that sense, and it's the one I'd pick if I could only pick one headphone for everything.
I also experienced the "suction-cup" effect, it's a bit weird since they are open in terms of sound despite that. It made me wonder if somebody hasn't tried to make fitted, properly dampened cups (a la Thunderpants) to could be screwed on in replacement for the grills for those situation you need more isolation (both ways) Anyway I'm getting used to it. It's the squishy pads, semi-transparent driver cover version btw. They are surprisingly comfortable for their weight.
I strongly doubt my pair would be veiled, can't really say there's anything missing as far as I can hear. But it seems pretty vague given how many here aren't quite sure either, so it's this nagging doubt in the back... For those who have experienced both (Purrin...) is there a piece or song that had a specific part where the issue and later difference  was particularly pronounced?
(Also, my chart for reference:
Last, can anybody comment on the vegan pads, more in terms of comfort? Are they firmer than the current leather ones?
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Nice to see Audeze now getting on the up and up.
I hope in a year from now no one is suffering from any signs of severe tinnitus or constant ringing. I for one would not consider a purchase on these anytime soon and rather let you folks be the guinea pigs on this issue. I will quote myself in a year and see how everyone's ears are doing. 
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Kind reminder:
1. most people considering LCD-3 can probably use a better source more than another set of more-better hi-end cans;
2. hi-end audio is luxury consumption and should be treated as such -- please try not to put off basic consumptions to chase slightly higher audio performance; and
3. given Audeze's track record (multiple cosmetic/sound changes within a single headphone model and episodes of higher-than-normal defective drivers), it might be more cost effective in the long run to wait rather than to rush in right now (I plan to wait at least 6 months before I get one).

Just checking back at the 6 month point and it appears beta testing is still alive and well. I spent a few hours with a veiled LCD 3 and thought I would rather stick with my r1, regardless of price.

Will check back in another 6 months to see if the LCD 3 has moved past the beta testing stage.
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I'm going to skip LCD3 rev 1,2,3,4 and wait for the LCD4, which should be out by next spring 

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Forgot to account for inflation (US will print more money like crazy.) Revised figure:
Crystal ball says: LCD4 will be as good as or better than SR009.
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good joke
with good or damaged drivers?

Heehee. It's either that or bust. It's a critical time right now for Audeze. If they can get their stuff to work right, companies like Sennheiser and Beyer should be very worried. I'm also making certain assumptions that Audeze will expand and have people dedicated to certain functions, R&D, production, QA, etc.
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Does anyone think the time-to-time upper mid peakiness in my LCD3s justifies a trip back to Audeze for them to check out? Thanks.

I agree that you should double-check your source material, that seems out of out of normal variance or veil.

Heehee. It's either that or bust. It's a critical time right now for Audeze. If they can get their stuff to work right, companies like Sennheiser and Beyer should be very worried. I'm also making certain assumptions that Audeze will expand and have people dedicated to certain functions, R&D, production, QA, etc.

So now that you are satisfied with your non-TP modded LCD-3 the HD 800 has lost it's dynamic crown?
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Are the LCD-3 more similar in sound sig to the LCD-2 rev.1 or rev.2 ? 
I just compared both today for the first time - I was shocked how different they were. Not that they are THAT different, but the shock comes from Audez'e not renaming the phones after chaniging he driver. The LCD-2 rev.2 is slightly harder to drive, I found. 

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