New 3-way hybrid BA+DD IEM - LZ A2 (including DD A1)
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Sep 22, 2014
My initial review:
Source: laptop with FX-Audio X6:,searchweb201527_4,searchweb201560_9
After these few days burning, now I give my impression and comparison of A2 with Sennheiser IE800 (not any fake IE800). IE800 is with large ellipsoid tips.
The sound signature of A2 is bright and warm.
Bass: This is the best bass I ever heard. The BA driver was assigned low frequency. Therefore, what you hear is a very tight and fast bass from BA in a slow decayed, powerful low end background which is from DD driver (I finally figured out how A2 can have such bass – A tight fast but at the same time, energetic and powerful bass. It’s from both DD and BA drivers). Therefore, the imaging of the drum at about 1:10 in the first part of Devorak’s symphony 9 is clearer and tighter, more elastic on A2. A2 is absolute great to hear Trance. Both low end quality and quantity is obvious better on A2. It’s well-known IE800 emphasizes on sub-bass rather than mid-bass. Sub-bass is still great on A2. So you can sense some low frequency “background,” even more obvious than IE800.
Mid: Vocal is definitely better on A2. From Taobao’s website of V2, it claimed it better for vocal and pop music. Middle (no mater vocal or instruments) is more vivid and emotional on A2. This is obvious when I hear “A me gli amici!” of Verdi.
High: tremble is bright and crisp. Compare to IE800, I feel tremble detail is very slight better on IE800. High is definitely not harsh on A2. The sound signature of A2 is warm. Both are good for the risen up high from 1:00 to 1:30 of “Mars, the symphony of planets” of Holst.
Other aspects: detail is no detectable difference to my ear. But bass detail is slightly better on A2. Separation and imaging is better on A2. This is pretty obvious at the end of last part of Beethoven’s symphony 9. (On the imaging and separation, I expect IE800 to improve more. At present stage, A2 is better. But IE800 is not very behind. If you must ask me to rate them, right now (~30 hours on IE800), if separation and imaging of A2 is 100, I would give separation of IE800 ~90 and imaging of IE800 ~95).
Finally, soundstage. IE800 is the King of soundstage and 3D presentation. Way better than A2. This does not say A2 is bad. Soundstage on A2 is very large, larger  than most phones. But no way to compare to IE800. A2 lack soundstage height compared to IE80 and IE800 (Very few IEMs can do this well).
The whole quality is in tier of IE800. I believe this is a great phone for pop, trance, and related music. For symphony/classical, I prefer IE800, including piano and violin, more emotional and musical on IE800. But for vocal, as I said above, A2 is more emotional and musical.
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The A2s are on my short list...
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  RedJohn, I cannot find your great review. COuld you please find out and post here? Thank you!

Been listening to the LZ A1 and A2 since unboxing them. To start off with, here are some pictures of them.












These are really early impressions but I don't really expect them to change too much. Will give them some time to settle in before giving anything definite
This was the first one I tried. I wasn't sure what to expect. The build quality is quite for the price I must say. The cable is not like the ones that came with my KZ iems, they are soft and supple and easy to handle.
To sum it up: V- shape well done. If you like your iems fun and bassy and decently detailed, these are for you. They are really enjoyable and bass bloom isn't that bad. Reminds me of the VSD3. The nozzle is a bit wider than normal so I had a bit of trouble changing tips. But its not my cup of tea as I like something more balanced. But honestly they are great for the price. 
Okay now the flagship A2. It came with a wider assortment of accessories and improved build quality. I was rather impressed by its build quality and they are SO DAMN COMFORTABLE its not even funny. Good strain reliefs, good cable that is easily manageable. Aesthetically pleasing as well.
And now to the sound. As my friend Vince likes to say, these are AMAZEBALLSTM 
These are very very nicely balanced top to bottom. North of neutral in terms of warmth, but ever so slightly. Detailed sound with very good treble extension with NO harshness or peaks. Midrange is clear and engaging. I would not classify it as mid forward nor recessed, but just right. Bass is mid bass focussed that goes down deep with fast decay. No midrange bloom to speak of, and omg dat bass texture 
 Sub bass is quite a treat when listening to songs like Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson. 
Great instrument separation, good sonic cues and very good layering of instruments. Soundstage feels big with solid imaging, wider than it is tall and depth is above average.
I honestly can't believe this thing costs less than a hundred bucks, like how :/  These don't sound like hybrids at all, meaning it has seamless transition from treble to mids to bass. This thing is a freak of nature. How does it sound detailed, engaging and warm at the same time? 
The A2 improved with a good dac/amp. Sounded noticeably better out of my Geek Out v2 vs my mac or iPod alone. Bass is tighter and sub bass is more prominent along with improved midrange clarity when amped properly. While the A2 might be easy to drive, you do need to feed them a good amp/dac to get the most out of them. To my ears, the bass benefited the most with amping, becoming more balanced and tighter with stronger sub bass. Bass hits hard and fast, digging deep with quick decay. Without amping it sounded more L shaped, but with a good amp it was a very balanced sound with delectable bass that is really addicting. 
These are not hyper detailed like the Venture Electronics Duke, but it is a very enjoyable and non fatiguing listening experience with performance punching way above what its price would suggest!
These are early impressions (take it with a pinch of salt) and I tried to capture my thoughts as best as I can. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! A2 was a genuine surprise, really surpassed my expectations

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Have them on order, waiting for delivery. Hopefully next week.
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all very interesting, I have ordered one a few days back, let's see how I like it. Very promising impressions indeed.
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has anyone had a chance to compare them with Altone 200? Would be interested to know how they stack up.

Fuller bodied and more extended bass

More forward and dynamic midrange

More relaxed and easy to listen to treble

The Altone200 might get the advantage in terms of clarity, but at the same time loses out in terms of richness and timbre as a result.

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