Need input choosing headphones. (Sorry for spamming, but I really need help)
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Apr 17, 2013
First of all, I'd like to say hi to this forum. I've spent quite some time reading it now, and I've come to the point where I think I do need to post.
And to be sure, I did read the announcement saying I should try and refrain from posting these kinds of threats, but I am afraid I am at an impasse here.
I am looking for a headphones and I need your input. My price range goes up to about 250€ tops. The headset will be used in a quiet room, sitting at my computer, plugged into the computer, currently without any dedicated sound card (but I'm willing to buy one if need be). I couldn't say whether there is a lot of electromagnetic interference but when using my guitar amp, which is very suceptible to such interferences I hardly detect any. I'll use the headset mostly for normal computer use: listening to music, watching youtube, skype, games. When I watch longer videos or series/movies I usually switch to my external speakers. The static noise from skype is quite considerate. I have the asus p8z77-v which has 7.1 on-board audio. And apparently it does have some additional technology, although I am fairly sure it's just marketing gimmicks, like I said I'm willing to buy a sound card if it means getting much much better sound. 
Up until now I've used only 'gaming headsets' the 2 I have now being 'Gamecom Plantronics' and 'Razer Megalodon'. The megalodon smashes the gamecom to bits, even though it has reviews saying it is bad for music, and I still think like it is nowehere near as good as other headphones. But I do not have any references so I need your help with this. Maybe the megalodon is as good as it gets without better soundcards? I dont know, you need to tell me. And Since I do love good sounding music I'm really looking for something that can deliver better sound.

I mostly listen to fast and aggresive music, like DnB, Hard Rock, Metal, but also a lot of Rock and Funk. I want the headphones to offer good skype and other voice chat capabilities. An important factor would also be comfort at extended wear. Noise cancelling is of course not an issue, with or without makes no matter. WIth all headphones I used when listening to louder music and than trying to use skype the human voices got blended into an indistinguishable mash of blurry mids/trebles. So far I've always had to set (in windows enviroment) the music source down to 4/100 and skype to 100/100 for me to be able to hear and understand other people. Needless to say that the music at such low outputs didn't sound too good and having headphones that could deal with that (loud music and still providing good human voice) would be worth gold.
Based upon my uneducated opinion (i've only been researching headphones in the last 2 days) I figured I need headphones with good mids / highs, and precise bass. Apparently the laid-back audiophille sennheiser sound is not for me. And much as it saddened me I've figured that because of that, the all rounder from which I hear only good, ATH-M-50 also wont do.
As far as I've read my best bet would be the sennheiser HD25-II, quite contrary to what I wrote, but I've been led to believe that the hd25 does posses a tone that differs from other sennheisers. Although I am not too sure how keen I am about the on-ear type of headphones. Apparently also the SRH-750DJ fits my requirements quite well. I've been eyeing the V-MODA CrossFade LP, and I have to say that they look outstanding, but there is a lot of people complaining about them. My ears aren't trained so unless there are any huge sound problems, next to the hd25-1 ii those are the ones I'd have. I've also had the pioneer hdj 1500 recommended. As fair as I've read the Audio Technica A900x would also loosely fit my requirements. But that was all I could think off, and I'm really hoping you experts can help me out.
By the way, should I be looking more at open or closed type of headphones? I'm guessing the open type since there is no ambient noise and noone to disturb.
Another question I'd have is, am I overspending on the headphones considering for what I'll be using them?
Again, I'm sorry for spamming the board with another help me thread.
I'm looking forward to your replies.
Best regards,

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