Need help - Conflicting needs/wants for newbie
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Try the triple flange tips, just cut off the smallest, outer flange and make them double flange tips.
Or get some triple flange tips from Shure, take off the smallest, outermost tip and make these double flange, and also take off some length of the stem to make them suit your ears better.
Worked for me and others I have recommended this! may have saved me some $$$.  I didn't realize Shure tips would fit Ety's....  Good to know!
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I found that the only foam tips that would work were the yellow ones as well.  Prior to my ER4P's, I had a pair of ER6I's that came with these ornage/pear colored foam tips that were a perfect fit.  Smaller than the yellow but the foam was a bit firmer giving a great seal.  Of course, they stopped selling them so that is why I went to the yellow ones which were huge....but they worked.  Luckily, I found these..... 
These are very similar to the ER6I ones I had. 
But for now, i just placed an order for some of the rubber tip ones again to see if I can use your cutting trick to get them to work.  Keeping my fingers crossed!
Oh, and I am also processing my return order on my Bose QC15's!
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Umm....assuming this works, what do I do about all this new found knowledge I have and the fact that I want the M50's and HD25's???  My wife will kill me if 50 pairs of headphones end up around the house!

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I got my new rubber/silicon tips yesterday.  I haven't cut the end flange off yet as I am getting a decent seal with them (i.e. getting some bass in the sound).  I used them on the train and listned to most of Porcupine Tree's "Lightbulb Sun" album.  One of my favorite sounding albums due to the clarity of the recording and the music itself (one of the lighter albums from them).   
They don't provide as much isolation as the foam tips but I am quite happy with the result so far.  I forgot how good these headphones are as I've been using the QC15's for about 2 weeks now.  The ER4P's are just so much better sounding....the separation of instruments is something i was missing for the last 2 weeks.
I'll continue using this setup for a while to see how they work out.  My ear is about 99% better now so hopefully the new meds they put me on to control allergies and nasal passages will work and I won't have to deal with blocked ears again.  Being able to clean/sterilize the ear tips (while maybe not the main reason for my ear issues) will hopefully reduce or eliminate any addiitonal bacteria and germs being introduced.
Labrat, again, thanks for the advice on the rubber tips.  I plan on trimming a pair tonight so I can compare how that works vs. not trimming.
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Wow!  What a journey I've been on for the last month or so.  While the triple flange cutting option has worked for me, I've been trying out various other headphones for the heck of it.
I still have the HD25-1's which seem to be a perfect fit for my style of music (mostly rock) but they have noise leakage so I've been a little cautious about them as I don't want to disturb people around me on the train.  I tried the TMA-1's and those had unbelievable noise leakge protection (nearly silent) and the music sounded so different from the Hd25's that it was very enjoyable.  However, the headband was just too loose so I returned them (I was very sad returning them!).  Today I got the M50's....again, very different sound from the HD25's and also different from the TMA-1's.  Noise leakage seems to be equal to the HD25's except the noise coming out is deeper to to the stronger bass. 
So I'm kind of stuck now....both have great sound but they are so different, I have no clue which ones I will keep.  I want both!  However, that just wouldn;t make sense......this stuff is brutal!!

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