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Need advice on best IEM for under $80 for jazz and blues

  1. benedictros
    Ive read a bunch of posts from recent to those dating to 2008. although i found great information, i found nothing that is rather recent and fits my specific needs. So here i am:
    - Just came from a pair of Sennheiser cx300 which i enjoyed (not fully satisfied with clarity though as if found them rather muddy). They were my first and only pair of 'quality' IEMs.
    - I mostly listen to Blues (ie. Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Michael Bloomfield, T Bone Walker), Jazz (Miles, Stacey Kent, Medeski Martin & Wood, old to contemporary stuff), rock/indie/folk (Radiohead, Andrew Bird, The Black Keys, DMB), Electronica (hooverphonic, massive attack, electric president)
    - I enjoy bass, but still prefer clarity more
    - i have about us$70-90 to spend
    - Will be used mainly in school, at home while drafting, at times while biking around running errands
    - basically looking for something that will last a while and make me feel like my money was well-spent
    - I'm quite careful with my gadgets, though durability would be a nice +
    - To be used primarily with iphone3gs, macbook pro (but i do NOT need mic feature)
    If you can suggest any great IEMs that fit my needs, i'd really appreciate it. :)
    btw, i live in the Philippines and may have limited selection, so i will be updating the thread on whether or not i can get the phones you guys suggest.
    Thank you very much for you help. :)
    [[EDIT: btw added a poll. please feel free to vote]]
  2. benedictros
    bump. please help.
  3. AstroTurf
    Apple IEM with Comply Foam "Whoomps"

    Enjoy, Jim
  4. soundstige
    Not a bad recommendation. I would suggest the Vsonic GR06.
  5. benedictros
    Thank you guys for the replies. i'll be checking those out soon.
    any more suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. dweaver
    +2 on the apple in ear or an alternative might also be the ATH CKM-500
  7. benedictros
    Great. i believe i can get either of the three suggestions you guys posted:
    1. Apple IEM
    2. Vsonic GR06
    3. ATH CKM-500
    Now to do some research. Thank you for the great tips.
    Please keep them coming if anyone has more.
  8. soundstige
    I have a lot of personal experience with the Apple Dual Driver IEM and the Vsonic GR06, and I just wanted to make sure you know beforehand that they have pretty different sound signatures; but I still think they both would suit what you want to listen to, just in different ways.
  9. elvergun
    I have the CKM500 and I used to own the GR06...the CKM500 is way better than the Vsonic and both cost around the same price.
    The CKM500s are wonderful with Jazz, which is mainly what I listen to (heck, my dog is called Jazz).
  10. dweaver
    I have a pair of CKM500 coming in so will be able to offer some impressions of them as compared to the Apple In Ears when they arrive. Sure am hoping I will like the CKM500...
  11. benedictros
    So, by vote it seems about even between CKM500 and ADDIEM. Still trying to look for these models here.
    I'm going to check out a pair of Soundmagic E10s tomorrow. Anyone have any input on the E10s that might help me make a decision?
    Planning to purchase by the weekend. :D
    [[btw added a poll. please feel free to vote]]
    I'd really appreciate your feedback if you have the time. :) Hope you like them.
    Just the type of input i've been looking for. haha. Great choice of name. Still looking around for some ckm500s here in the PH. Anyone know about CKM50? i believe i saw that model around, wondering if its similar or the same as the 500's, perhaps just a different model for Asia? Not really sure how these things work.
    Thanks for the heads up. Though i thought it would be easy to find the ADDIEMs here, i can't find a retailer. I'll try to check out some of the local Apple-certified dealers. I'll try to listen to both of these models soon.
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor
    E10's are great, they were my first purchase into budget IEM's. What I enjoy about them is their forward mid range, sparkly highs and deep bass. They get some real emotion going. For jazz I think the forward mids suit greatly. For some reason when ever I hear them, I can picture a monkey banging intensely on a set of bongo drums. Not everyone will experience this though. What I'm saying is they're very involving. Very good bang for buck. 

    But that's just me! [​IMG]  
  13. ostewart
    Save and get the DUNU I 3C-S. Great for your taste in music.
  14. JK1
    The CKM500 looks promising if you can get it at a decent price. otherwise why not go cheap and get the JVC HA-FX40?
  15. benedictros
    Ah great some new contenders. been looking up DUNU and they seem like an interesting company. Only found a few models here so far. i'll keep an eye out for those and the JVCs.

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