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Need advice from audiophiles...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tino96, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. mrtim6
    Hi Tino96 on Friday 19 October 2012 I had the opportunity to try the new Sennheiser Momentum, it had good isolation excellent quality of sound - fairly neutral sound signature, works out of a iphone or ipod and compared very favorably to the Sennheiser HD650 in terms of sound quality. I tested this HP also with a portable HP amp ALO RX MX2 & algorythm solo portable DAC. The HP was very comfortable - leather pads and I think retails for around $350 USD. For the price I think this is excellent bang for buck HP. Aside from the HD800 this Sennheiser is IMO the best Sennheiser HP price to quality ratio. I also listened to the HD700 (with CD play & Lehmann Black Cube HP amp) and was not too impressed for the price. Might be worth your while to listen to Momentum if you get the chance.
  2. tino96
    Thanks for all the replies.
    The Sennheiser momentum look really good too. How do they fit on the head, and how  comfortable are they? Do they have Noise cancelling or do they just isolate you without the digital system?
    ANy comparison with AKG?
  3. tino96
    Can anyone suggest other models (possibly with big over ear comfy soft ear cups)?
  4. ostewart
    Check out the SoundMAGIC HP100, big pads, super comfy and amazing sound!
  5. dwatanabe

    While these are not well liked around here, from your description i'd recommend the ultrasone hfi580s. Solid build, good passive isolation, lots of bass without sacrificing a lot of clarity, very enjoyable sound signature overall. All your friends with beats will be jealous of the amount and tightness of the bass on your headphones at half the price!
  6. tino96
    How do you think are AKG tiesto k267 or k550?
    Does AKG make any better models than those into $400 price?
    What about Sennheiser?
    And do you guys know any good Beyerdynamic models into my price range?
    So far my considered ones are:
    1. AKG K267 by Tiesto (opinion on this one? Are they the best AKG professional headphones?)
    2. AKG K550 (again, opinion, and are they the best AKG personal headphones?)
    3. Sennheiser Momentum (any opinion? Need another model)
    4. Klipsch Mode M40 (have an opinion on those? Nice design, what about sound and noise isolation)
    5.(Need a Beyerdynamic model possibly Audiophile and/or with closed back so nobody hears :wink: )
    6. V-moda m100s
    7. Ultrasone hfi580s
    I am a noob with headphones so I am relying solely on you.
    Oh, and please reconsider the genre to modern music, pop, hip hop, rnb, disco (they are all kinda similar so...)
    Thank you for helping.
  7. tino96
    Do you know upcoming headphoes that might be interesting for my budget?
    Until Christmas is the deadline.
  8. dwatanabe
    1. I haven't heard much about the tiestos but I try to stay away from artist branded products, the tiestos struck me as the beats from akg. Look through the forums to see if you find anyone else that has reviewed them if you really want them.
    2. I own the k550 and I really like them as a closed headphone but I have a large head and a lot of people with smaller heads have a hard time getting a good seal which some on these forums say is a deal breaker. You should definitely try these before you buy them to see how good of a seal you can get. I preferred these over my open k701s which would be the only other headphones from akg at this price range but I am not fully satisfied with them. These benefit greatly from an amp.
    3. I also haven't heard much about the momentums but I think that they are a bit overpriced. From sennheiser you could try if you want closed headphoens the hd25 1 ii or the amperiors. These are the ones that the espn people use. Sennheiser's most popular models though are the open hd600 and hd650 which are supposed to be some of the best sounding headphones at any price range but are OPEN and require a very good amp and source.
    4. I haven't heard these but active noise cancellation is never good for sound quality. Also these need batteries to even work, I'd stay away from these unless you go on airplanes or EXTREMELY noisy places often. Usually closed cans isolate well enough passively for most applications as in you won't hear much from the outside world and the music won't leak from your headphones.
    5. Closed back from beyer there's the dt1350 , the dt770 and the custom one pro that lets you customize the sound, I've never heard either headphone but a lot of people like these. The dt770 and custom one pro is also less expensive than most of the other ones I've mentioned so far. These benefit from an amp.
    6. Again, never heard these but you'll easily find many people on these forums raving about them. these have been pretty popular around here.
    7. I own these and I have to say that while not the most analytical or balanced or flat sound, they are a pleasure to listen to. They have a great seal, are comfortable, are reasonably priced and have a fun signature but have too much bass for most and some may describe them as muddy.
    It seems like you have a lot of options right now. I'd go to best buy or whatever store you have nearby to try at least a couple, I've seen the k550s and dt1350s there. I'd also lurk the forums some more as my opinion is just the opinion of one person and sound is a personal thing to point you in the right direction but in the end the only way to tell what you like best is by listening. If you want to get the most sound out of your headphones though, i'd recommend using a good source, most of these are fine out of your phone or computer but the sound quality depends not so much on the headphones themselves but more on the format ( are you listening to mp3s? or lossless like flac, ogg, etc) and the quality of the dac on your computer. If you have a mac, they seem to have better sound quality than pcs from the output. Maybe you should spend 200 on a dac/amp and 200 on a pair of headphones and you'll get more bang for your buck! pm me if you have more questions.
  9. obobskivich

    In the modern "world" of headphones, cost tells you next to nothing, and there are quite a few over-priced pieces of junk out there. Especially in the segment your inquiry is starting to spill into. Beats is not alone in pushing price-inflated and performance-poor products. Your assumption does not hold true here.

    To my knowledge, V-MODA does not produce an ANC headset. ANC is a fairly complicated technology, and while there are MANY companies who slap an ANC label on a product and rush it out the door, only a few companies really do it right. That list is smaller than my previous list, and can basically be condensed down to Bose, Audio-Technica, the Sennheiser PXC450, and some Koss models. Bose being the class-leader (and one of the field leaders in R&D for ANC tech in general).

    K550 are...disappointing. But you could do a lot worse for $300.

    If that's your pickings, get the K550, but honestly I'd take the CAL or AE2 over either of those - lighter, more comfortable, better isolation, etc. Oh yeah and half (or less) the price.

    Plenty, most of them are heavy or have other flaws though. The Bose AE2 is one exception to that - it's one of the lightest headphones made, and isolates very well. The Beyer T70 also provides decent (although not as good) isolation, less bass, and costs around four and a half times as much for (imho) underwhelming sound quality. The K550 isn't quite as big of a slap in the face, but almost. Also your use of the world "digital" is inaccurate here.

    If you want massive isolation, IEMs are a better choice, and there are MANY options there.

    First, lets dispel the "audiophile" mythos. It's a marketing word.

    Now that that is out the way, the next problem is that truly *good* headphones are generally also OPEN headphones, and the top models from Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, AKG, and so on will all fit into that. Closed headphones have disadvantages from an engineering perspective, and are generally considered a compromise for users who need isolation (often they target pro users, only recently have they become a consumer "bling" gadget). There are a few companies who can get closed headphones majorly right, but few of them are within your reach, and none of them offer considerable isolation beyond those already mentioned (Bose, and pro headphones from Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, and so on). Kenwood makes a very good pair of closed headphones (that are "average" compared to open-back models, at twice the weight too), which (aside from being beyond your reach), are about "entry" into the really awesome stuff. You can get better (and cheaper) performance with an open headphone, but no isolation. If you need lots of isolation, IEMs will rule the day, and if that doesn't work, a good ANC headphone and finally a few passive models. Nothing will block *all* noise though (that is...physically impossible).

    It is not an acronym nor does it need to be capitalized. An "amp" is short-hand for "amplifier" - and an amplifier is a device that provides gain to a signal to drive a transducer (but you already knew this much). There are many dedicated "headphone amplifiers" that have popped up in recent years, and honestly I'm not a fan - in most cases they're hilariously overpriced and over-hyped for what they do. If you pick a sensitive and low impedance pair of cans, you should have no issues with your iPhone or whatever other toys. Something like the HD 380Pro or V-MODA M80 for example.

    The K701 is better than all of those, but open-backed, and I'm guessing you'll dismiss it because street price dips below the K550.

    HD 580, 598, 600, 650, 700, 800, and some others. None are suitable for you.

    DT770 and T70 are the only closed-back, Premium-line products they make. Beyerdynamic does not make "bass boomer" headphones, although the Custom One is supposed to be their first attempt at such. Isolation is passable, but they're fairly bulky sets, and I've never really cared for the brand overall.

    1. Nothing with a celebrity endorsement is a professional headphone. AKG's proline includes the K271, K242, K14x, etc. And the K701/702. None of these are bassy and many of them are being discontinued as Harman destroys a giant.
    2. Yuck.
    3. Unreleased, no idea, probably yuck though.
    4. They're kind of heavy, and Klipsch openly acknowledges issues with build, but beyond that they sound fairly balanced, have a decent warranty, and isolate fairly. I think $350 is a bit much for them.
    5. No, you don't need more options.
    6. No idea, unreleased.
    7. Entry-level Ultrasones, not a bad avenue to pursue, but they're variable person to person based on your ear shape, and you really won't know if they suit you until you try them.

    Personally I'd just re-state my original list, and caution you to not just spend as much money as you can - the $200-$400 closed headphone market is where a lot of the unscrupulous racket exists. Because it's whats popular for kiddos these days. I would add the Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 to my original list, but they're somewhat fragile (they're made of wood after all!), but otherwise they're a very nice mobile set. And will run from anything. They're probably the only closed-back can around $300 that I'd steer you towards. Either save your money and get something at half the price (which will get you competitive performance, comfort, etc without setting fire to around $200 just to have a "premium" box), or get a pair of IEMs (which seem less gougy at the $300 mark, I'd point you first towards Etymotic).
  10. dwatanabe
    I agree with obobskovich on most points though I do enjoy my k550s when they get a good seal... Closed back is not the way to go for optimal sound quality. I just wanted to add the ultimate ears ue6000 that got favorable reviews from innerfidelity.com, have active noise cancelling and sound really nice and the obvious audio technica ath m50s lolol.
  11. tino96
    If that's the case then I guess I'll go with Open Back.
    But with Open backs doesn't EVERYONE around you hear you?
    I travel on the bus but really I just need noise isolation so that the noise outsidedoesn't affect the music.
    You know sometimes even if you don't have a high volume of music and someone is talking to you you can't really hear them because of the nice isolation?
  12. ostewart
    I'll say again, soundmagic HP100
  13. tino96
    I am considering the Sounmagic as well randomkid, don't worry. They are the ones I have the least questions about, apart from, since I was told by obobskivich that the open backs are better, are the SoundMagic open or closed?
    Do you guys think AKG K702 are a good choice?
    Or can you suggest any other good pairs?
    As for trying them, I have been looking for shops but tower records only have freaking sennheisers and three of them.
    So are you sure I can't consider Sennheisers even if they are open back (which is fine) ?
  14. ostewart
    HP100 is closed with a wide soundstage, HP200 is open.

    If your going on the bus, forget open back, they won't block any outside sound, and you'll annoy others as they can hear what your listening to.
  15. tino96
    Oh, with Open back people can hear what you're listening to? But well or very faintly?
    And they don' block any sound?
    How about semi open back ones, are they BS?
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