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Need advice from audiophiles...

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by tino96, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. tino96
    Well I read the forum and googled it and they don't sound that good without an amp right?
    But if they sound better than beats pro without an amp (noise isolation included), they are sold!
    What about beyer dt770 pro?
  2. ostewart
    HP100 sound better than the DT770
  3. tino96
    Oh yeah cause they sounded familiar and didn't remember where I got them from...
  4. tino96
  5. tino96
    I really like the Denons what do you think about my last post?
  6. tino96
    The reason why I need as much models as possible is because then some of them i might be able to try here in Dublin.
    So can you suggest any other models/brands like Polk, Denon, Logitech UE's, etc?
    Please help me,
  7. tino96
    Need other user's opinions on AKG K550's and previously listed HP models.
  8. tino96
    Since I am probably going to buy only one set of HP ever it is better if I make the right, serious buy from the start, soyour advice is key, and I prefer to try before I buy so if you can suggest any good models from the brands above, that would help.
    Because I need some places to go that have those headphones here, which is very difficult.
  9. tino96
    Anyone got something else please?
  10. obobskivich
    Sorry, I was sleeping. :cool:

    The PRO900 are very sensitive and low Z, they'll drive from anything. Regarding the others - no idea, I didn't care for the previous generation of Denon headphones very much (and none of them isolated very well), the new ones are supposed to isolate better, but are reported to sound very different, so I really have no idea or advice there. Polk, UE, etc are completely unknown to me.

    As far as the "buy one HP ever" comment - this is something I see a lot of newbies do. And I think you're implicitly setting you up for failure, and here's why:

    You won't really know what suits you (ergonomically, sonically, aesthetically, etc) until you get them in-hand and on-your-head. So being willing to buy-and-return if you aren't happy is something you need to accept. We can sit and make suggestions all day, and give you our opinions all day, but it doesn't really get you any closer to finding what you want except for saving you a lot of "discovery" time (for example, before coming to Head-Fi, did you know there was a company in Germany called Ultrasone?). So my advice is to pick something from the list'o'suggestions (or your own intuition) that you think will be the best choice, and it can be as petty as "this looks cool and looks like it will be comfortable" and try it out. If you have never heard hi-fi audio before, I'm guessing literally anything you pick will "wow" you, and you will probably be satisfied. But if you're looking for a Consumer Reports style "1-10 rating" of all headphones ever, you won't find one. Because it just isn't possible.

    So for example if you like the AH-D600, give it a shot. And if it doesn't work for you, return it, and try something else. I don't think anyone here got their "headphone nirvana" on their first shot - so don't feel like you're doing something wrong in getting a pair of cans that doesn't suit you. If you can go and test models out in a showroom, that can be very helpful, because it can eliminate a lot of questions on your part, but ultimately trying the thing out at home is really the best option.
  11. tino96
    Alright, I get it. But that's what I was going to try when I tried them on when I said I preferred to try before I bought.
    Aesthetically I guess anything will do no biggie (as long as it's not pink :wink: ). SInce I have tried headphones before but not exactly like you see headphones (highs, soundstage, etc), although I do appreciate the bass to be booming and the lyrics to slightly come forward, and I still don't EXACTLY tell teh difference, I understand it is important in choosing a pair of HP. Would you say maybe I should get V-MODA/Beyer customs, that you can custom the sound as you wish (not sure if that's 100%accurate as I see it but it's probaby not)?
    I need someone who listens to the same styles of music as I do who has experience in this...I don't want to fail at choosing my HPs.
    Thanks for this obobskivich.
    P.S.:BTW, I did know Ultrasone :p .
  12. elwappo99
    It looks like you have a lot of really solid advice in this thread. You've gotten a lot of patience from the members here. It seems like you want someone to say pick the "Model XXY" and be done. It's not that easy because you don't have much experience to go off of. If you want a pair of "closed headphones" (i.e. tries to cut off the sound coming in and the sound going out), you got great selections from the HP100, AKG K550, and ultrasones. These will all do very well for you. 
    Open headphones have an open backside to the headphone. It allows the sound to flow freely to your head and away. This usually results in a more natural sound, but can only be used in quiet/non-disturbing environments. 
    Also, please don't bump your thread more than once every other day. 8 times in a day isn't going to convince people to help you. 
  13. obobskivich
    Regarding the V-MODA and Beyer "Customs" I think there's some misunderstanding. As far as I know (and someone feel free to quote, or go get, Val and tell me I'm wrong) V-MODA doesn't offer customization to the sound of their headphones, only the looks (they come in a lot of colors and can have graphics and whatnot applied). The Beyer Custom ONE has a "bass switch" and can have custom graphics put on it, but it isn't like you're tailoring the sound to your ears. The only headphone setup I'm aware of that does is the Ultimate Ears Personal Reference Monitor, which Steve Guttenberg recently reviewed:
  14. tino96

    Thanks for that.
    I know I don't have much experience and I am relying solely on your advice and opinions since you know what you are saying.
    I just don't want to be 'conned' or be left with a pair of headphones that doesn't satisfy me.
    Especially if those headphones need an amp, and which one do they need.
    I know there is a lot of valuable advice here.
    Do you know if Denon AH-D600 and D-400 need an amp and what about Momentums?
    I listen to rock, pop, hip hop, rap, rock, rnb, techno.Modern music. I like booming bass

    SO they work right, say, out of a Galaxy S3?
    Just to be sure, they do sound better and isolate better than Beats Pro out of a smartphone WITHOUT an amplifier?
  15. elwappo99

    I'm not sure about isolation vs beats pro, because I've only heard the beats pro a few times. Personally I'd just for the D600 or the K550. The K550 will have a lot of bass, that will be deep and powerful, but also controlled. The D600 have about the same amount of bass, but it's really uncontrolled (Like a cheap subwoofer). I believe there might also be a pair of AKG K551 coming out, which is the same as the AKG 550, but has a remote built into the cable (although I wouldn't recommend it). Ultrasones will have a little brighter top. You may find the ultrasones sound 'zingy' to some extent. I personally found them irritating over a long period of time. 
    The momentums are still pretty early on, but from what I understand they aren't that great of a headphone when compared to their price. 
    Any headphone listed above will work out of your smartphone/laptop/pc without a 'amplifier'. Later on if you really get into your headphones you could consider getting more audio equipment to drive them, but for now I wouldn't worry about it. 

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