Mytek Brooklyn Thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by watchdog507, Mar 6, 2017.
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  1. exdmd
    I have been living with a Brooklyn DAC+ for a few weeks now. No experience with the original version. I use it primarily to listen to MQA releases on Tidal and it does a great job. The built in headphone amp is as good as a Magni 3 I also have on my desk. The only complaint I have with the DAC+ is when using the Toslink optical in for PCM from my TV there is a problem with digital glare. The glare I hear is only on Toslink in ... not USB ... and am working with support on it to find a fix.
  2. captblaze
    I had the original Brooklyn DAC for a few months and did enjoy it, but always felt the headphone section was a bit off and that there wasn't enough separation between channels. That appears to have been corrected with the +. I am very happy with the upgrade and how well I was treated by Music Direct throughout the process. (if it sounds like a commercial for Music Direct, then so be it. In the couple of years I have been dealing with them I have never been disappointed)
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  3. thegabe
    Music direct would not let me trade mine in. They told me it was for line jumps (Brooklyn to Manhattan) not Brooklyn to newer Brooklyn. Oh well.
  4. watchdog507
    I sent an email off to my Mytek dealer as well. My request for a trade in quote wasn't exactly a resounding success. The dealer pretty much ignored it and said the spread was too great to bother with.
  5. Mojo777
    Getting mine from MD today. Very excited. I have the original Brooklyn so I am looking forward to hearing this step up
  6. captblaze
    I'm confident you will notice a difference immediately. (Oh and I'm predicting yours is silver)
  7. Mojo777
    IMG_1129.jpg Black is the only way to go :)
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  8. captblaze
    looks like my chances of becoming a fortune teller are about nil... Enjoy you new listening experience... one thing I have noticed is that my speakers seem bigger in terms of sound output than before (haven't changed the amp only the DAC)
  9. Mojo777
    Got a 6 hour playlist burning through it now. Will sit down at 10PM for an initial listen. Hope it was worth it :wink:
  10. captblaze
    I went right at it with no waiting and haven't regretted it a bit
  11. watchdog507
    I found that on the original Mytek Brooklyn, burn in made a big difference. It took the better part of a few weeks of idling and playing. It was worth the wait.
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  12. captblaze

    I have no out of box complaints and am willing to let it settle in if it needs to, but to be honest in my opinion the + is a definite improvement in many areas compared to the original. Now will I find flaws.. the answer is probably, but for now I am pleased with the choice I made
  13. exdmd
    I agree with watchdog507 my DAC+ kept improving for a full two weeks. I leave it on 24/7. I would be interested if anyone using the Toslink in has the same glare problem on that input I notice. I bought direct from NY and they are very willing to take a look at my unit but I am enjoying MQA too much to send it back right now. My experience over the years with electronics is audible problems usually get worse until something fails, unless my ears are faulty and no one else has a problem with Toslink.
  14. Mojo777
    I run the Node 2 into the DAC + via toslink with no noticeable glare. Sounds extraordinary clear and wide.
  15. knopi
    Although I do not have big experiences with Brooklyn as headphone amp becouse I do not own headphones at this moment. But when I tried Brooklyn with some headphones in shop a few months ago only LCDX, LCD3, HE560. I have to agree that with LCD3, HE560 was not optimal but still I think useful. But original Brooklyn with LCDX, HEXv2 sounds great.
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