Mytek Brooklyn Thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by watchdog507, Mar 6, 2017.
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  1. Mojo777
    IMG_0076.JPG Got my Brooklyn today (along with a Dac3) and will be taking them through their paces for the next month. Brooklyn right out of the box was a big leap over my old Oppo ha-1.
  2. watchdog507
    Just remember that 200 hrs will make it sound spectacular
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  3. knopi
    I have Brooklyn DAC in silver since March 2016. I use it as dac/preamp combo with my active speaker. I do not use it often, once a week due to less time but when I listening it I listen almost all day. So I am very happy with it. The sound is very dynamic, detailed and pleasant, I thought about trying some separate preamp and result might be sure better but I am satisfied even like it is. I also tryed them with LCDX longer time, also really great sound via easier drive planars headphone, wish I could try them with HE1000 but here separate amp could be good to consider at least to comparison.

    I recomend try quality power cable for it, for me it is noticeably to better mainly with speaker. Also what I like about Mytek is they care about their customer, in begining was not everything optimal but they put newer and newer firmwares on their clear website to solve the problems and actual it.
    What I do not recomend is to use it with IEMs, it is not for this type of use, it hiss a lot so if you want use it with IEM you have to buy some separate amp as someone wrote here before me but with full size headphone it is of course dead silent.

    But in the end I wanted sell all my system one year ago due to the less time and want invest to study more. But nobody bought my system in my country so I am using it happily until now :D.

    And one thing what I do not like is that Brooklyn do not have button on/off on back panel, so when you want disconect power cable of the Brooklyn you have to off first light logo or voltage socket.
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  4. muski
    I just received a balanced version of the Moon Audio Black Dragon cable for my Fostex TH-900 Mk2 headphones. The cable is barely broken in, and as you say, the depth and smoothness that I always missed is suddenly there.

    I've had my Brooklyn since Feb 2016. I pair it with an HD-Plex LPS that powers the Brooklyn and a Sonore µRendu (connected by a short Curious cable).

    Wow, am I ever happy with this as my desktop headphone rig. Listening to Tidal MQAs is just pure joy.
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  5. gratefulbreen
    Anyone having any problems with the new Windows Fall creators update? After the update I can't get my Brooklyn to play Tidal Masters. I've tried EVERYTHING! Please help
  6. captblaze
    there is an updated driver that was released with the Brooklyn + last week. still not perfect, but better than it has been
  7. watchdog507
    I have the Fall Creators update on my music system and it's working with the Mytek drivers with Roon playing Tidal.

    The updates are here:
  8. gratefulbreen
    I’ve run all of those updates. I don’t use Roon, I use the Tidal desktop app
  9. captblaze
    have you checked to make sure that MQA pass-through is enabled in the app and MQA is enabled in the settings of the Brooklyn?
  10. watchdog507
    Not to state the obvious. Have you right clicked on your speaker icon on the taskbar and made certain that Mytek Brooklyn is your default device and that the correct upsampling has been selected. It would be easier if we had an image of the front of the Brooklyn and of the default device for output.
  11. watchdog507
    On further investigation, I went into TIDAL directly and there is a problem. When you click on "play" the "waiting" icon that spins wile you are waiting for your music to load never connects. My guess is that TIDAL has a problem with the creator's update. This is probably a universal issue and will be addressed promptly. I didn't notice this because I only use ROON to access TIDAL.
  12. watchdog507
    Now I've gone back in and My Tidal is in fact working so the issue may have been a WIFI issue. Who knows?
  13. thegabe
    Anyone know whats new with the Brooklyn DAC+? I dont see anything on their site that looks different than the original model.
  14. Left Channel
    From their press release: "...redesigned and enhanced conversion, analog and power supply circuits, resulting in overall improved sound quality. Improvements include the new Sabre 9028PRO DAC chipset for enhanced resolution and better digital filter options, upgraded headphone amplifier, better L/R separation, larger capacity power supply and new, very transparent analog attenuator circuit."

    They've also released a matching amp.

    The bad news: if you already own a Brooklyn, there is no upgrade offer.
  15. captblaze
    I just traded mine where I purchased it (Music Direct) and they were willing to work with me on a reasonable trade in value. it did help that my purchase was recent, but hey it is worth a try. And although I have only given a brief listen, I like what I am hearing. In my opinion (take it for what its worth) if you are planning on staying with one DAC for a long time and you like how Mytek does things, get the Brooklyn +. It is an upgrade from the original in everyway they advertise
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