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Mytek Brooklyn Thread

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by watchdog507, Mar 6, 2017.
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  1. freesole
    I bought the Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO 12-13V MKII for the Brooklyn DAC+ but have encountered a problem. Whenever I add the Sbooster to the chain, my computer fails to recognize the Mytek. When I take the Sbooster out of the chain, it recognizes it again. What gives? Did I get a faulty Sbooster?
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  2. Dobrescu George
    Interesting, haven't seen this issue. Have you tried using the optical connection?
  3. abirdie4me
    This seems very odd, almost like the Sbooster isn't properly powering the Brooklyn. I would first try switching inputs as George suggested, if that doesn't work then put a power meter on it to see how much power the Sbooster is actually outputting. Also, is there any type of voltage adjuster on the Sbooster?
  4. grigorianvlad
    Like everyone else stated, that is an unusual problem. Most likely the SBooster either provides the wrong power to the Mytek or is set to an incorrect voltage intake. I think there is a switch inside it , see the "main intake voltage switch" in the pic here.

    As far as the wrong power output, you can check the "Output setting switch" or buy a voltimeter like the one for tube biasing for $20 at a local hardware store and check.

    I have had a similar problem with my SoTM tx-USBultra. Every time I switched USB power line off on the Mytek software on the PC stopped seeing the Mytek, even though it was on and connected with the tx-USBultra in between. But once I switched the power on for the USB ports the PC recognized the Mytek again. But your issue is not with a USB 5V wire being turned off, it is with the entire DAC becoming invisible.
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  5. grigorianvlad
    That is why I like Keces P-8 external power supply. Not only it has three power outputs, two of them are also switchable between different voltages, it also shows how many volts and amperes it outputs for each zone (device):

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  6. abirdie4me
    Me too:

    Last edited: May 31, 2019
  7. freesole
    I have not tried that but can do just to see if that is the issue... I will report back this weekend after I have given that a try.

    There is a voltage adjuster. It goes from 12v to 13v to 13.5v. I tried all three and nada unfortunately. The LED and the unit does turn on with the Sbooster though, which is strange, given Windows does not recognize the DAC with it in the chain.

    Two times the cost unfortunately... otherwise I would be very tempted to try.

    Exactly. I tried this with my PC which is my Roon Server and my laptop. Both have the same result. Before I open up the Sbooster, I emailed the company and asked them to help. They wrote back this morning. I'll update the thread if there is a solution that works... Good thing Upscale Audio has a good return policy in case..
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  8. grigorianvlad
    I would really urge you to stop powering the Mytek with that SBooster. It may damage the unit if the power it supplies is deficient.
    Just get a replacement from Upscale. Kevin is a nice person, he will help out.
    I am sorry you are going through this ordeal, Freesole. There is nothing worse than getting a new device after much anticipation and then finding out that it is no good. Especially before a weekend, the best time to enjoy a new toy!
  9. grigorianvlad
    It is one thing to enjoy a Brooklyn DAC+ in a modest desktop setup with monitors, but it is a completely different level of enjoyment to listen to it with a good, reference level tube power amp like Audio Research Reference 75. Only then you begin to comprehend what that excellent DAC can actually do. Amazing details, dynamics, sweet, sweet analog sound! There is not a hint of digital harshness or muddiness. Smooth and delicious.
    Take a look how little wattage the power amp actually pumps into the speakers, barely 0.5W! And it sounds really loud in the room, I usually dont even play that loud.

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  10. Simon Price
    I did one on the original, but my only problem with it is that it can be a touch bright in the wrong system. Another reviewer I know agreed. What it does is paint a very airy treble which has lovely speed and midrange. In the right headphone set up I’m sure the Brooklyn is great, but with 2ch use smooth speakers and amps. I also found it lacking on analogue pre duties, admittedly more expensive analogue pre amps can get you better sound.

  11. abirdie4me
    Here is the Mytek adapter that Kerwin515 mentioned:

  12. DarKu
    Finished my Brooklyn DAC+ reviews few days ago.
    My written one and my video review
    Impressive piece of equipment, so clean and detailed, loved it!
  13. Wallian
    Hi. I have the DAC+ and would like to purchase an sBooster MK2. Which tip do I use to attach the cable to the DAC+?
  14. Bart77
    I was really fascinated with Brooklyn DAC+ up to the moment when I have heard Lampizator DAC, type Golden Atlantic (as well Polish production close to Warsaw) which is a tube rectified device. There is no further comparison - Mytek was killed easily and now it is on the shelf and is waiting for a new owner. If you would like to keep Mytek never try Lampizator :)
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