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My DIY electrostatic headphones

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  1. spritzer
    Bigger isn't always better... [​IMG]
  2. chinsettawong

    Roger that.  :)

  3. Vaughn
    Hi Wachara[​IMG]
    I'm looking forward to hearing your impressions of the new stators. I'm still listening to the 1st version but I do like the look of that new stator. It would be nice to be able to use the Stax pads too!
    I obtained a sample of the Staticide but haven't stretched new diaphragms yet. I've been dragging my feet a bit as I need to rebuild the bias supply in my amp and increase the voltage a bit. I also have been sorting a large quantity of vintage stereo gear I just came into. I've got most of that sorted at this point and am ready to try my next project.
    Any chance you could email a pdf of that new stator design? That is if it isn't proprietary or anything...I'd like to try making a set myself.
  4. chinsettawong
    Hi Matt,
    I'm glad that you still enjoy the headphones. I really feel that my 1st design is a good one. Mine sounds so much better now with 0.9 micron diaphragm and Staticide coating. The good thing with this coating is that you can really coat it very, very thin.
    As for my design, nothing is proprietary. In fact everything is open source. Whatever you want to know about, let me know. Hell, I can even supply you with what you want. :)
    Anyway, I think you should let me test this design first to see if it is indeed worth our while. I will have a Stax 407 coming very soon. We'll see how mine can stack up with Stax.
    Wachara C.
  5. purk Contributor
    Nice stuff indeed!
  6. McGyver
    Nice work Wachara! [​IMG]
    I hope to some day soon have the time to make a pair off ESL-headphones, but speakers are taking all my time at the moment!
    /Roger (SM7UYJ)
  7. chinsettawong
    Hi Roger,
    How is your full range ESL project going?
    Wachara C.
  8. McGyver
    Hi Wachara,
    The ESLs are slowly taking form, but the frame was a bit more hazzle than expected.
    I'm so tired off inhaling MDF and painting edges! [​IMG]
    I took the short road and bought a pair off Sennheiser HE60s to listen to while I build the ESLs, and a new amp is probably on the way.
    But as I'm new to tubes I'll probably build a simple SE class-A amp with a trafo output and se how that sounds!
  9. LFF
    Amazing stuff!
    Makes me feel completely useless as I have no DIY skills when it comes to building stuff.
  10. chinsettawong


    Hi Roger,
    If you want to, you can try the amp design I posted.  It's very simple to make and it sounds pretty good.
    Wachara C.
  11. schorsch
    Great Thread,
    I subsribed becuase I love people who take the challenge:))
    Regards Georg
  12. LFF
    How much does it cost to put one of these together?
  13. chinsettawong
    Hi Lff,
    As I have my own CNC machine, making a pair of these is really very cheap. It's more on finding the time and the mood to do it.  :)
    Wachara C.
  14. LFF


    Lucky you! I wish I had the skills and time to make one.
  15. Sky44
    Hello Wachara,
    Yes, Stax compatible connectors are possible DIY.
    I made myself "Stax compatible" connectors and sockets easily because the diameter of the pins are 3/32 inch (or 2,381 mm). That's corresponds exactly to the diameter used in standard XLR 3 pins connectors !
    For one panel mount female 6 pins Stax compatible connector I used :
    - The metal chassis socket from one 3 pins XLR panel mount male connector
    - The 6 female pins from two 3 pins XLR females connectors
    Views of a DIY 6 pins female "Stax compatible" chassis connector I made from a Neutrik NC3MP connector and epoxy from PCB epoxy plates :
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