Muse Portable Tube Amplifier
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That does look interersting.... Sadly, I too am no electronics engineer, and am unsure what most of it does. Any one out there that can shed some light on this?
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Hehe, thank you. Well. at least from an unexperienced standpoint, it looks like high quality - I mean if it had said ALO or iBasso or something, I wouldn't have doubted it. I kinda wanna take the chance and buy it... But I'm not completely sure - would be great if someone who has a clue about this stuff could take a look at it... :p
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Found a little info / impression from another thread:

What do you think about the Fanmusic BL-1? I have seen it advertised here in China, but have never seen a review. It looks similar to the Continental - is it? How does it compare to the C&C TU (probably the only competiton at the price)?

I like it alot, Very low noise floor, very airy and spacious soundstage that compliments my Q701's extreamly well. Build quality is good, i wish the tube was better stabilized. I have never listened to the Continental so i cant compare the two, but for the money it was well worth it.
Sound promising...
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A bit more:
Thanks! Just three more questions, though:
(i) You say you wish the tube was better stabilized. Do you mean it is micrphonic? If so, how bad is it - is it usable on a train or plane, for instance?
(ii) Is the battery life really only 6 hours from fully charged? Can you at least listen while it is charging? How long does it take to charge from empty?
(iii) Is it suitable for use with IEMs (e.g. Ety HF5s), or is the gain too high?

I havent had any microphonics from the tube itself, but It would make me feel better if it were better secured although there could be arguements for it NOT being secured as well. I guess since it is not really giving me an issue, it's not an issue :)
I have gotten 5+ hours out of it; I dont like to run a battery until it is dead. I have not listened while charging. There is no indicator as to when the unit is fully charged, so I usually charge it overnight (6+ hrs)
I have a pair of Ultimate Ears Triplefi10's and they are outstanding.
The only cavaet I can think of is heat. This sucker gets WARM, nearly hot. I could envision overheating the unit if it was placed in to a less than ideal ventilation situation.
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So many interesting things I want to try buying! xD

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