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MP3-FLAC Player + FIIO E6 Amp + which earbuds?

  1. Manchev


    I'm very confused as I'm new in the music equipment area.I would need some help to choose the best variant.

    So I'm starting gym again (hurray...) and prepared my phone with plenty of FLAC Rock,Metal and R&B.But my skullcandy Jib sound a bit quiet.Then I remembered that awesome headphones I saw (JVC XX FX1X),did a small research and after all the positive comments and reviews found I bought them...from ebay...HUGE MISTAKE !

    They were awful.I think they were fakes.They had some bass but too far from "deep" and not enough strong for buds in that class.The middle and high tones were not very clear and when it was rock they sounded bad.Moreover they were uncomfortable.Actually my skullcandy have better sound quality and not so strong bass,but deep and clean.I returned the XX's.Now I've ordered FIIO E6 Amp as I told to myself I'll blow my head in the gym and if the sound's not loud enough (which will be for sure cuz I use to play my Sony MDR-V150 at the home stereo and consider it for not loud enough),I'll buy a better earbuds.

    So should I buy original with warranty JVC XX and give them a second chance or can find better under 25 £ ?

    Can you also give me an opinion for Reddmango Angora MP3/FLAC player ? 


    Here's some examples I found interesting:


    1: Sennheiser MX70 Sport


    2:Sony MDR-EX50LP


    3:Sony MDR-EX37B


    4:Sony MDR-XB41EX


    5:Sony MDR-EX085


    6:SONY EX12IP
  2. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Depending how much you want to spend.......I don't adivce the JVC, and to be honest I don't think your's were fake. :wink: They're horrible, plain terrible.

    Have a look at this thread and jump in on the Sony MH1C, Or possibly SoundMAGIC E10 will work well for you.

    Sony MH1C


    SoundMAGIC E10

  3. Manchev
    Thanks,but I'm looking for something around £ 20.It's not supposed to be the perfect headphones,but just to be loud and separate the tones properly.I think that spending a lot of money for ear buds is stupid idea.I don't believe there's any buds that can please me more than over headphones.

    Sony MDR maybe ?
  4. Manchev
    Today I received my Fiio E6...OMG I love ittt !!!
    It blow off my skullcandy right speaker :D
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor

    SoundMAGIC E10 is $35.
  6. laowai
    I have an Angora player.
    What can I say about it? It's quite quiet and can drive only low-impendace/high-sensitivity earphones. But I own no Fiio portable amp to try it that way.
    Nethertheless, I observe slightly better lossless support compared to another similar player, longer battery life and the fast navigation through the track. Still, the folder navigation is a little bit slow.
  7. Manchev
    Good sound quality overall ?
  8. hitme987
    Sony MH1C, grab the gem while it lasts. Great Over-performers for its price. And BTW they unleash like beasts amped, they beat the heck out of most of my inventory with FiiO E11

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