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  1. Zulkr9
    This is head fi why arent people going to the depths of sensor fidelity and performance that being said zowie fk1 is a beast :wink:
  2. mikey1964
    I have three rigs, so three mice to use.....a Logitech G502, Logitech G402 and a Roccat Kone 'em all! I do have some spare mice kept in reserve, a Thermaltake Level 10M mouse, a G700s, and one cheap no name mouse that, for the life of me, I can't recall.
  3. drez
    I have too many mice. Need to start selling the ones I don't use. Probably sell g502, naos 7k, asus rog gladius. All good mice but significantly flawed in some way for me. G502 too heavy, naos fatigues my forearm and gladius designed the mouse feet wrong (can't believe they did this).

    I like my Kone xtd. Might try kpm one day. Big mouse but light and quality construction.
  4. Torian
    Can u tell more about them gladius feet?
  5. drez
    I really like the Gladius size and shape, just the feet at the front are too far apart and create too much friction against the mousepad (I think frame is making contact with mousepad rather than feet).  Should be closer together like almost every other mouse on the market.  
    The mouse is also quite light and has a good sensor.  Before there was a few driver hiccups but hopefully those are sorted.  
  6. Torian
    Yeah i really like the looks of it aswell, a mix of deathadder ander intelli 3.0 just seems perfect, but now i have come to some complaints about it, malfunctioning on higher hz and other stuff like somehow slower click latency compared to other mices where i start losing interest in this mouse, i'll investigate that and the mousefeet issue you wrote about deeper soon. 
  7. InebriatedGnome
    What are you all using these days? My beloved R.A.T. 7 is falling apart, and I'm eyeing the Steelseries Sensei. A move in the other direction, after using what is probably the most adjustable (and fiddly!) mouse out there.
  8. drez
    To be honest adjustable=heavy=slow. Sensei raw can be a pretty good mouse just the ambi thumb buttons annoy me. Right now I have settled on ss rival bit have yet to try deathadder or kone pure my military. I liked my naos 7k but found the shape fatigueing. Also tried the logitech g502 but enormous weight kills it. Zowie worth considering too.
  9. Amish
    I use a Logitech G600 but I own a bunch of gaming mice. Microsoft X8, Logitech G9, Logitech MX518, and a number of other ones near new in their boxes in the garage. I'm a Newegg reviewer and get loads of PC stuff to review and keep. I literally have a huge collection of all sorts of ****.
  10. 343 Grenadier
    For those toothless elders with subscriptions to this thread who are still waiting to cross the River Styx and are thus able to revisit this thread, the new G303 Daedalus Apex uses the same PWM3366 sensor the G502 Proteus Core does, but in a mouse which, without the cable, is about 87 grams. It may be a suitable choice as it has next to no tracking problems.
  11. drez
    Ooooh should be excellent don't forget the click latency as well. If the shape is good it should be just about perfect
  12. illitirit
    Ive been using a razer deathadder chroma for 3 months and I absolutely love it.
  13. Torian
    Click latency, what can be said about it?
  14. drez

  15. Torian
    This absolutely explained nothing :D
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