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  1. BigBird
    Yes, its another one of these threads, I would like to know what the rest of Head-Fi use.  At the moment I am using the Logitech MX Performance since I was forced by Logitech,  This is not as good as my MX Revolution but when it started getting problems they discontinued the revolution so I was forced to get the MX Performance.
  2. r1n7r4h
    Right now, I use the Logitech MX518 because its just built like a rock. However, I am waiting for the Cooler Master Spawn to come out because claw-gripping my mouse just gives me better control for gaming.
  3. BigBird
    My mouse is so bad for gaming since its a wireless mouse and made for comfort not gaming. LOL
  4. Rhor
    i bought a razor death adder for my girlfriend, and i liked the quality so much, i bought a naga for myself. i would defiantly recommend their line-up.
  5. FortuneSound
    I have a cyborg R.A.T.7, but if I had to buy a mouse again I would buy a R.A.T.5 because the additional adjustments available on the 7 hardly justify the aditional cost.
  6. r1n7r4h


    I think it will be the total opposite with the CM Spawn. It looks so small that a person would need itty-bitty hands to try to palm-grip the mouse. So, it'll be great for gaming but extended usage would lead to some cramping.
  7. bcasey25raptor
    no name chinese brand wireless mouse. says nexxtech on it.
  8. Szadzik
    Logitech Performance Mouse MX. Very happy with it. Loads of redefinable buttons and great ergonomics.
  9. TheGomdoRi

    Did you get it from "The Source?"
    My gf bought a cheap laptop one from them and it broke in like 5 months
    I currently use the G1 and just a basic office-use Logitech mouse.
    Logitech = practical, good quality, and affordable!
  10. EnOYiN
    MS IE 3.0. It works and it's not too expensive. The only problem it has is the thumb button. Other than that it's still one of the best mice around in my opinion.
  11. Randius
    Was using the Logitech Nano VX but after getting the X61 tablet, it has been the little red point + stylus for me. The mouse is now lying in my drawer...
  12. bcasey25raptor

    ya but it was $30 so i don't care, if need be i will just buy a new one.
    this is the mouse
    also i have had it since december.
  13. Dreaming Of A Better ...
    Logitech G500 here.
  14. Sotiris
    logitech G500 here too! i have it one week....Very good for now,lets see how much it will lasts......main problem of the mouses i had in the past.....
  15. Somnambulist
    Apple Magic Mouse with the batteries swapped out for the Mobee Magic Charger (inductive) and teflon strips applied to the rubber feet to improve glide. Corepad C1 Medium sized mouse mat. I also DIY'ed a forearm/wrist rest which keeps my hand supported and stops the overly-bent-wrist syndrome the MM causes due to it's thinness.
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