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  1. drubrew Contributor
    The first option is the premolded option. The connector is overmolded so the Body is plastic. This is best suited for the AK players as the case is tied to ground and you can short to ground with the last option depending on if the female jack on the AK player is raised or flush to the chassis. The last option is an upgrade but I would pick if you have other than AK devices like the Onkyo etc. Hope this better explains. Picture of overmolded connector is here: 
    Moon Audio Gold 2.5mm is this:
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  2. Wyd4
    I have had 2 interactions with Moon Audio now and I must say I am incredibly impressed with the customer service and products received.
    No question seems too painful, response times are incredibly fast.

    I am a man of few words, so struggling beyond this, however I can whole heartedly recommend Moon Audio without reservation.
  3. olddude
    I've purchased two Silver Dragons (v1 with two 3.5s for a Pono and v2 with a 2.5 for a JH Angie) and a Black Dragon (again for an Angie) and each interaction has been easy and friendly.  Drew (or his wife) answers emails immediately (I got a response on a Sunday), they are always helpful explaining what each cable or option will do, and the cables I have purchased all arrived in a very timely manner and have been nothing short of splendid.  
  4. Passenger11
    I purchased the Mojo in May from Moon Audio. 
    In the last month or so I've been having connection issues(dropouts)when using the left headphone port. I've tested with all my gear and the results are all the same.
    Before purchase, I contacted Moon Audio with a few questions, and they were very helpful, and quick to respond.
    In the last few weeks I've emailed them three times to make a claim under warranty, but I haven't received a reply back.
    I have registered it on Chords site, and I believe the manual says to contact the retailer when an issue occurs...
    Do I contact Chord directly, or just give Moon Audio a little more time(I know they are a small family business)?
  5. j2rock
    I just received my Silver Dragon V3 for LCD-XC direct from Moon Audio overnighted within 24 hours of purchasing online. Great job production team!

    All I could say after 10 seconds was, wow?

    Compared to the stock Audeze cable...

    It is night and day.

    I say this not just because the price of Silver Dragon is almost $500, but because for me, audio has to sound accurate and amazing at the same time to really uplift me. This cable succeeds in both ways without any doubt.

    At first I thought the LCD-XC had a slight high mid issue but now that I've heard Silver Dragon, it was the stock cable.

    Not only does the SD simply outperform stock, it is the most musical experience I've ever heard from a headphone (currently using it with a Samsung S7E and RHA DACAMP).

    I must congratulate Moon Audio for making this phenomenal cable.

    Thank you Drew for insight as well.
  6. Law87
    whats the policy regarding cable and warranty? my Silver dragon starting to cut in and out of sound, would like to send in for repair or lok at, the cable I bought in October 2015 I believe.
  7. drubrew Contributor
    Please email through the Contact Us link on the website with your order number and details of the issue.
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  8. olddude
    Pretty quick repair service.  I wore a hole in the sheathing of my Black Dragon just above the plug (I walk with mine and it must have been rubbing for more than a year) to the point where wire was showing.  Drew re-terminated the cable for thirty bucks and I had it back a few days later.  [​IMG]
  9. bluesnote
    Hi Moon Audio!
    Do you have other distributor in Singapore?
    Is is Stage93? I couldn't find their contact and their website is inaccessible.
    I am looking forward for the Silver Dragon for SE846.
    Thank you!
  10. drubrew Contributor
    Try Jaben. Or you can order direct on the website.
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  11. pofdstudios
    Purchased my AK 300 from Moon Audio and it shipped quickly and had zero hassles. A real pleasure to deal with.
  12. bluesnote
    Thanks. Jaben do not have Moon Audio Silver Dragon alone. They usually partner it with Custom Cables as seen on the site.
    Looks like I will resort to direct order.
  13. hifimiami
    Recently used Moon Audio for headphone modification (installed dual entry Audeze mini xlr) on Beyerdynamics headphones and build a "Black Dragon" cable for the modded headphones. Drew and his crew did an excellent job and the components were delivered within a week. It is delightful to do business with Moon Audio.
  14. Eroica4th
    Once again, and as usual Moon Audio impressed me by their service.

    Back in 2015, when i wanted to get AK240ss and Layla Carbon Fiber, I didn't know whetr should i purchase them, given that they are expensive and that it is so typical to buy them from bad distributor, as you can check the stories regarding people purchasing daps, iems but can't manage to repair/replace them if something happened. Beside all that, I can't purchase them locally, simply no distributor.

    However, i heard of Moon Audio and kept reading about them, how they developed this amazing and respectful company. I bought them and i got them within 3-4 days. With time both units got deficted ( ak knob and layla not responding to the bass attenutaor ". And within a week they got replaced and got delivered within 4 days with secured package and brand new units. I got their silver dragon for my shure se846 which is beyond impressive, simple and reasonable price.

    In Octobor i made a huge purchase from them ( kse1500, ak380cu, ak380cu amp, Layla II, and a leatehr case). They have gave me a 10% discount and got delivered within 3-4 days again. Recently however my layla cap got detached because of the adhesive, and again although they were busy. They managed to keep me in touch constantly, here via Private Messages, and on my email. And now they have just shipped them.

    Long story, short... i just can't imagine how i would get these items without you guys. Honestly, i cant even imagine any competitors are as kind, supportive and fast as you are.

    Thank you Drew.
    Thank you Nichole.
    Thank you Moon Audio staff.
    Love you.
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