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  1. drubrew Contributor
    A central location for Moon Audio reviews of dragon audio cables or Moon Audio purchases, in general, we have decided to start this thread.

    Please feel free to share your reviews and product experiences with Moon Audio.

    For all Moon Audio Product Reviews please see Here
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  2. randerson3024 Contributor
    I just ordered some Edition 8's from Drew with the special cable. He is always a pleasure to do a business with. He is a warrior, poet, and renaissance man. You can always be confident when ordering from him, and given a merchant of his hygiene, he steals less than you would anticipate. Just kidding. A+++ Audiogon, Head Fi member, and merchant.

  3. LindseyTopper
    I recently had my Sennheiser HD 600 and 650 headphones recabled with differing types of his Dragon cabling as well as getting 1/4" to 1/8" adaptors so that I can use the Sennheisers either with a stationary or portable headphone amplifier. It was not cheap, but the work on the fittings is uniformly excellent. Only good quality materials were used. Most importantly, it made those Sennheisers sound like good headphones for the first time. With the exception of Stax, I think that I have the top models available of every major headphone (and earphone) manufacturer. I could never understand why listeners kept talking about how great Sennheiser cans sound. I thought the the sound always seemed veiled. The Denons, Ultrasone's and Grado's never sounded like they were not performing at their best. Since I got the Senns recabled, I think that they sound marvelous. The difference is not subtle. It makes me wonder why Sennheiser sells their cans with such crappy cables. Although, enthusiasts may want to choose their own upgrades and the recabling really does add a significant cost to the end price. It is worth it to me.

    Additionally, it appears to me that Drew will be able to provide upgraded cables for my AKG's, Grado's, Beyerdynamics, Ultrasone's, Denons, and Audio-Technicas. I think that the open ended 1000 and 2000 serious Audio-Technicas are easily worth recabling. I uniformly prefer them to the closed style headphone. The AKGs already sound much better with a tube amplifier. I have not recabled them yet, but the tube sound really improved their performance. With recabling, I am hoping that the AKG 701 can be turned into really good headphones.

    I can also tell you that the Qables portable headphone amplifier is a quality product that is classically designed. It gives a wonderful sound experience. It's styling is excellent and it works for a long time on a charge. The sound seems quite nuetral and transparent. It is a bit pricey--particularly since the cable to charge the unit is an additional $25.00, but it is a very good product.

    Last, but not least, Drew gets that Paypal invoice to you as a client quickly and the product is shipped quickly and efficiently. I know that I will certainly be using Moon Audio in the future.
  4. Zombie_X Contributor
    Bought two pairs of Cardas Sennheiser connectors from Moon-Audio. Ultra quick shipping and prompt responses. Very nice to deal with.
  5. JwangSDC
    Purchased a set of Moon Audio Silver Dragon v2 interconnects @ 1.5ft. Shipped the same or next day(don't remember), but it was very fast. Breaking them in now so I'll be give a review either on here or in a separate thread but I have very high hopes. I will be comparing them against the likes of Transparent Music Link Plus and Kimber KS 1030 ($1800 set of cables). In theory, I think the components match up with the KS 1030 but the cost is essentially 1/4th...I'm excited to find out!
  6. Audio 1
    I purchased a 6' Blue Dragon v2 power cable from Drew toward the end of last year and it is an excellent cable. The first thing you notice is just how well made it is. I have used it on different components, but it is currently on my Bryston DAC and I don't plan on changing it. I looking forward to trying one of the headphone cables in the near future as the quality and service from drew is truly first class.
  7. AnAnalogSpirit

    That's the link to my review on the item here in the Moon Audio Sponsor Forum.

    I would rate it as a 5 Star Cable and I would rate the iBasso CB01 flat Silver Cable I also have and compare it to as a 4.5 star cable as the Black Dragon Interconnect is higher in Resolution, Detail, and Bandwidth to my Ear. It just has a Richer sound.

    As for finishing of the product, it is FANTASTIC... the ONLY gripe I could possibly have is one I failed to convey to Drew and that is squarely MY fault: I would have preferred the little dragon logo on my Black Dragon sleeves... Not that big a deal in terms of functionality and I'd rather not have him tear the cable apart to change it! LOLZ!!
  8. Sumbuba
    Recently purchased a Core audio rack from Moon-Audio. Great product and great service and follow up by Moon. Very painless transaction. Can recommend Moon without reservation.

  9. yogin77
    Just received the iQube Portable Headphone Amplifier the other day. Been using it for the past three days with and iPod as source and two types of headphones. The new Westone 3 way earphone and the Grado RS-1i's. All I can say is fantastic!!!. Incredible soundstage!, crystal clear highs!, wonderful midrange! and incredible! tight bass response!. Get your hands on one as soon as possible!!!. Drew your the best!!!
  10. drubrew Contributor
    Thanx for the kind words. The iQube is a special animal for sure [​IMG]
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  11. AtomikPi
    Moon audio reterminated my HD650's to balanced for me. I honestly have no idea whether the price was good or not, but it seemed good enough to me. They were super fast and it only took a week from my shipping out the cable to me receiving it back in the mail. I would use them again if I needed to have phones reterminated.
  12. oldbushie
    I received my cables very quickly and they are great; very lightweight and the sound quality is superb. [​IMG] Now I can listen to my mp3 player on the go without worrying about a 10 foot cord.
  13. Townyj
    I bought a pair of Black Dragon SA5000's from M3ntal aka. Adam and they were sent to Drew for a re-termination from Balanced to SE. He then shipped them off to me to Australia. Drew is wonderful to deal with and kept me upto date with everything along the way and answered all my question's.

    The cable quality is unreal and sounds awesome! Thanks!
  14. Rainbird Contributor
    I bought a Grado GS-1000i, a Xciter Tube amp and an Xciter DAC this year. I have to say that the devices sound perfectly well. Drew's pre purchase advice and shipping service was perfect. As I am located in Germany we had to care for 230V devices customs, off shore trnasport and all that stuff.
    Well now the wallet isempty but is that reason to complain.... No as I now have found my perfect home rig and cans.


  15. gp1960
    Just recived my headphones w/new cables (silver Dragon) from Drew. Very happy. quick turn around, clean work and the sound!! [​IMG]Glad to be a new customer w/Moon Audio. I will post more later on as I am at work.[​IMG] gp
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