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  1. cheznous
    Recently took delivery of my third order. This time the Silver Dragon Premium for my Hifiman HE1000.
    As always the service was exemplary and the cables sound wonderful.
    All the way to the UK took a week and 3 days of that is awaiting customs.
  2. dmbfan36
    Just wanted to send a shout out to Drew at Moon Audio.
    I'm mostly a music lover, rather than audiophile, so after a few false starts trying to figure out what system might best suite me, I swapped emails with Drew who suggested some headphones and amp based on my usage and music tastes.
    I can say I was a little apprehensive that the setup would just be "good". Well. Drew knows what he is doing. I feel like I now need to re-listen to every song I own. This just blows me away.
    I can't thank Drew enough for his help in getting this enthusiast some great gear, and particularly for the great customer service!
  3. nephilim32
    ^ very cool man. So what system did ya end getting? :)
  4. mjoleksy
    Anyone know of any moon-audio discount codes or coupon codes?  I'm spending $2k.
  5. dmbfan36

    I picked up a mojo chord and Enigmacousitics Dharma D1000. I was hoping for a more portable amp so I could use it with some lesser headphones at the office too.

    Couldn't be happier with the pairing!
  6. Peter Hyatt
    Positive purchase of Chord Mojo with timely shipping. 
  7. CalvinW
    Okay, I sent it back using Canada Post. 
  8. CalvinW
    Please notify me by email after you received the parcel.
    I decided to give you guys another try since the Blue Dragon stills works sublimely. 
  9. Peter Hyatt
    Beyerdynamic's AK T8ie shipped timely.
  10. Beagle
    I like Moon Audio. They always respond to my inquiries. I've bought a few headphones and a number of cables from them over the years.
  11. Duncan Moderator
    Picked up a Silver Dragon V2 IEM cable yesterday from CanJam London - great construction, great everything really...

    Even without the advised burn in, sounds cleaner / crisper / airier than stock on my Laylas, very happy :)
  12. v3kt0r
    I'm not a pro, just a music lover.
    Myth #1 confirmed!!! Cables are making difference. My experience with moon-audio bellow:
    Sunday night - silver dragon 64" ordered for W40
    Monday morning - shipped
    Wednesday - delivered (NY, NY)
    The cable is absolutely game changer!
    I was thinking to get JH13v2 on Thanksgiving or Christmas and was pretty skeptical that any other cable could make significant difference but, couldn't stop reading reviews and stop thinking to bite the bullet and try it (forgot to mention, I moved from FiiO RC-WT2 cable). Also, I have my fellow co-worker who has JH16 and he stated that W40 sounds pretty good in comparison to his JH and surprises him a lot. So, I decided to try it and now I feel like I'm going to stick to it since it sounds as I like, pretty awesome to my ears.
    Anyway, it definitely makes stage wider and doing better instruments separation. It's not lacking anything and at the same time it's not adding anything unnecessary. I have only one feeling when listening to it that it sounds just right. Squeezing maximum from my W40 for sure.
    Well done moon-audio!!! 
    My on-the-go rig: Note 4 (Temporary. Waiting for my Fiio x5II replacement) -> otg -> AQ jitterbug -> usb -> Mojo -> Silver Dragon ->W40 (rubber tips (red)). Looks like I'll stop here for a while to spend money I don't have. :wink:
  13. Delayeed
    How are the microphonics on the Blue Dragon v3? Need lowest possible microphonics for the Ether C which the MrSpeakers cables don't have.
    Oh and also does the cable have stiffness or is it like good ol' spaghetti?
  14. liyzag1
    i wanted to get the silver dragon v2 for the balanced ak240
    i have to choose the 2nd option from the imagine right which says for ak players ??
    please help 
    thanks !
    ps how is the cable btw ??
  15. liyzag1
    some one jus said that the last option is also for the ak240
    what is the diff between the 2nd and the last option ??
    thanks !!
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