(Montreal/Quebec/Canada) Need Someone Reputable To Repair My 2 Pairs of Headphones
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Jun 29, 2005
Hi All,

I really don't know where to put this, but I need to Find Someone who is Reputable to Repair my 2 Pairs of Headphones and that is either in Montreal or the South-Shore of Montreal (Brossard, Greenfield Park, La Prairie, etc...) because I'd rather meet the person who's gonna take repair and take care of my Heaphones...(I hope fellow Head-Fiers will understand this...), but if the person is some kind of Legend or has Bomb Proof Feedback, I could possibly send them by mail...But I'd really prefer a face-to-face...

Both either have a Wiring Problem, in which case it'd be awesome if it would be possible to Repair it and also make it a Dis-Connectable Cable if possible, so if something ever happens again I can just get a new cable...) or it might be a Dead Driver (or Faulty Connection inside maybe)...

The Headphones are a Rather New Pair of AKG K612 Pro and a Second Hand (From a Fellow Head-Fier on the Classifieds...) BeyerDynamics DT770 Pro 80Ohms
I actually think that the BeyerDynamics right side I think, is Starting to fail since it barely plays, and the AKG, I would think is the Cable because I haven't had them/used them for That Long that a Driver should fail...

So either Reply Here (so maybe people can vouch for you) or PM me, also what do you think this would cost me ...just so I can get an Idea...I'm not rich (far from it!) but I'm currently able to get them fixed and the Beyer Dynamics have been laying around for far too long and my AKG haven't been used in like 2-3 Years! Hard Times aren't easy...

But it was my Birthday a couple days ago so I turned 31 and also got a little bit of Money!

Feel Free to Suggest some People to Me, or even Stores (if they don't price gouge you...)

Thanks a Lot for the Help!
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I don't know if there is such a thing on the south shore or even MTL. Most headphones aren't meant to be opened and repaired so the cost due to the time/effort is going to be prohibitive. I stay away from headphones without a replaceable cable if that is the issue you think it is.

You can always try an online cable replacement service but those aren't cheap either.

When I was at Radio St-Hubert last year, I noted they have quite a service/restoration shop so maybe worth a call?
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Any local HiFi shop would be a good place to start. Most of them either do repairs in-house or have a repair technician that they use. Call around to those places and see if you can get a quote on the price. My guess is that they'll have a diagnosis fee and then repair costs on top of that.
I don't live near Montreal, so I don't have any specific recommendations.

Beyerdynamic headphones are designed to be disassembled and repaired. If it's just a wiring problem, it should be very easy. If it's a driver failure, they might have to order a new driver from Beyerdynamic, which might take a little while.
I have no experience with AKG, but I imagine their headphones are similar. I don't know that for certain, though.

Good luck!

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