1. koshertattoo392

    Dynamic vs Planar vs Electrostatic. Which Driver Type define the top notch price-to-performance ratio Open-back headphone?

    Hello there, So I recently decided to get a open-back headphone for the first time of my life. However, again I was spoiled with options, just like many years ago the same way I was spoiled by IEMs. All I can tell for now is that the dynamic seems to be most common driver for open-back...
  2. azhendi

    Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro — Housing Tension Mod

    Hi all. In this thread I want to share the mod that provide more stable and reliable driver support against the back of the headphones housing. This mod will likely solve the bass rattling issue for this HP model. I came to this solution after my first bad experience with these HPs (they...
  3. GREQ

    Sony MDR-SA3000 - Driver Repair !?

    I recently purchased a faulty Sony MDR-SA3000 with hope/expectation that all it needed was a cable repair. Instead the driver was completely dead, giving no ohm reading. Not being one to give up, and with a little soldering experience under my belt, I did some research and actually found a...
  4. masoknzn

    Koss Porta Pro driver not working

    Hi all, I have a pair of Koss Porta Pros, and suddenly the right side stopped working My first thought was that maybe a cable needed resoldering, but it looked fine Still, I resoldered it, no luck I tested a different cable, still, left side works, right side doesn't I tested the Koss...
  5. Smabat M0 Capsule with Super Point Driver

    Smabat M0 Capsule with Super Point Driver

    Smabat M0 Capsule with Super Point Driver Specifications Driver type: dynamic Fiber membrane 15.4mm Frequency response: 10Hz-22kHz Impedance: 100 Ω Capsule Connection Type: MMCX
  6. gaming

    Have I overstretched my headphone drivers?

    I need some help with a newish Focal Elegia I've been running it in for a month now using a music source with an inbuilt amp Volume level 14% is my normal listening volume and running in volume. It may be slightly loud for some people with some music tracks. While I was running it in at that...
  7. D

    Grado SR60e Circuitboard broken off driver

    Hi, Currently i am modding my Grado SR60e's to have a removable cable and on one side only. Sadly during the operation i accidentally ripped the circuitboard off of the driver unit (Picture 1). Here is my question: Can...
  8. hewlett168

    Best/Worst TOTL headphone w/r to Warranty and Driver Durability

    Many users of Head-Fi will buy their headphones on the used market. If a used headphone develops a fault of some sort, this can result in very high repair costs and even potentially make it not worthwhile to repair the headphone, especially for TOTL headphones ($1500+). This can be quite a...
  9. E

    This keeps me awake at night - why?

    With the 700s the ANC mic seems to be under the plate but what the hack is going on here? I have never seen anything like that, how is that possible and why are they doing that? looks crazy. There must be a good reason behind this. these are the quiet comfort 25 I think:
  10. S

    If the driver gets depressed in the center will it affect sound quality? Can it be repaired?

    I was trying to repair a headphone and a screw from the earcup got attracted onto the driver, while trying to take it out, the screw got moved around on the center bump of the driver, this left a large depression and many smaller ones on the driver. Will this affect sound quality, how can I...
  11. L

    Headphone quality drivers?

    Since my Sennheiser HD280PRO had the right driver voice coil snapped right at the edge of the membrane, I must find another one for substitution. I can't find this exact model for my headphone on the internet, so I contacted Sennheiser to know if they have in stock. I could also buy a new set...
  12. MW07 GO True Wireless Earphones

    MW07 GO True Wireless Earphones

    Let Yourself Go Our most lightweight and durable earphones yet, MW07 Go True Wireless Earphones are designed for those who are always on the move. These water resistant rated earphones are the wireless workout variation of our original MW07 True Wireless Earphones. Built to withstand the...
  13. V

    Can Eq without preamp destroy driver?

    Hi all, Can eq without pream in eq apo software destroy driver ? I used headphones without it one month because I didnt know it is useful. I added 5 db in the mids and -8 db in the highs without pream. Now I know preamp is for safety driver, but clipping is only when volume is too high or not?
  14. I

    My DIY planar headphones (WIP)

    I just want to preface this with a little paragraph. I literally do not know what I am doing. I read a little on how planars work, that's the information I've started with. I've seen the DIY planar thread and have taken some inspiration from that to design my own set of drivers, and the...
  15. JackTheRipper

    (Montreal/Quebec/Canada) Need Someone Reputable To Repair My 2 Pairs of Headphones

    Hi All, I really don't know where to put this, but I need to Find Someone who is Reputable to Repair my 2 Pairs of Headphones and that is either in Montreal or the South-Shore of Montreal (Brossard, Greenfield Park, La Prairie, etc...) because I'd rather meet the person who's gonna take repair...
  16. N

    1st time my own headphones(driver swap)

    so I have this pair of headphones I really liked, but I noticed the drivers are 32 Ohm and most headphones I've tried are 48 Ohm to 50 Ohm, per driver. I want to swap the current drivers in favor of some open Air 48 Ohm drivers. I'll remake the ear cups if I have to, thats not an issue, I'm some...
  17. Torac

    DIY Planar/orthodynamic/isodynamic drivers

    Hi, Been working on this project for a few months now and thought it would be nice to share. I have been working on making my own self designed and constructed Planar drivers. My intent is to eventually try and sell them for diyiers or anyone who wants to get their hands on a pair to experiment...
  18. revokasi

    DIY Death Headphone, IEM, Earbuds Repair Tutorial. Step-by-Step The Art of Reworking Voice coil from low to high end cans.

    Hello guys, Well I am audio enthusiast in Indonesia. In the last three years opened workshop for headphone repair. but, i think now I would like to share you a tutorial. a simple but efective tutorial to fix your broken cans. Due to many of audio enthusiast in different country dissapointed of...
  19. S

    AKG k240 sextett driver replacement

    Yesterday was a bad day. The left driver of my beloved k240s (that dad had bought in the early 80s) died. Unfortunately the cable is in good condition and the radiators are still intact. I removed the driver, tested with other cable/source and yup, it is pretty much fried. The right one still...
  20. morfologus

    USB DAC problem with win10

    I had been happily using my custom DAC plug and play until the 1809 update came out. The windows stopped recognizing my device and therefore I found no solution for the problem I put it apart. Lately I needed to reinstall the system, chose the 1607 hoping that I can use my device again but still...
  21. hifi80sman

    1More Triple Driver BT In-Ear

    Don't see much about these on the forum. I just picked them up for $79 (original retail $199) and I have to say, these are really good. I found the wired Triple Driver IEM, out of the box, doesn't sound the greatest; it's a little bloated in the high-bass/low-mid area and lacks some air, so it...
  22. NortheastBreeze

    Electrostatic vs Driver based

    Hoping someone can give me a solid explanation of electrostatic headphones vs driver based headphones, is one definitively better than the other? I'm sure certain flagship driver based headphones absolutely compete with Electrostatic's. Just wondering where the line of superiority is drawn and...
  23. Grandmasboy

    Carbon nanotube (CNT) drivers

    Just curious why companies don't use CNT diaphragms more ? I see a few companies using this material ,but it seems not much research has been done for use in hps.. Is it because of the health risks involved in manufacturing or because it doesn't make a good driver material? On a side note, is...
  24. Bloos

    STAX SRM-D10 Portable Driver Unit - Impressions and News

    Hey guys, please share any impressions and updates about this exciting upcoming portable STAX driver! (I don't feel like searching through all the STAX forums in the future for this info :confounded:, just so it's all in one place).
  25. pezhore

    Grado Driver Removal SR80e

    I've tried searching a bit, but most links appear broken/have no pictures - Has anyone had success in removing their Grado SR80e/SR60e drivers from the plastic casing? I used the hairdryer technique to remove the grill/back half of the plastic shell, but I'm at a loss as to how I can remove the...