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Monoprice Monolith THX 887 - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by XERO1, Sep 10, 2019.
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  1. Marutks
    How does Denafrips ARES 2 sound with Monolith THX 887? better than delta-sigma DACs?
  2. Propagandist
    Weird question for you all regarding the 887:
    Build quality is something that's important to me. I'm wondering how the buttons (specifically the power button) feel on this thing. Is it a pretty firm press? Or does it feel flimsy?

    Trying to decide whether to go with the 887 or SP200.
  3. vault108
    Yes, the specs won't be available until a couple days before release. This DAC is supposedly a good pair with the 887.
    It look like Monoprice just pushed back the release date of the DAC to end of December.
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  4. bryceu
    More flimsy than firm. It’s not solid click feel either. Just kinda presses in and then it’s on.
  5. protoss
    I like it a lot. it smooths everything down. It gives a nice slight organic and natural sound. AKM/Sabre has better specs compare to any R2R dacs.

    If you talking spec wise. The Ares II will be next to horrible to owning. Abysmal spec ratings.
    But sound-wise I much prefer it to most to all AKM/Sabre chips. :)

    My preferences will be R2R Dacs , Tubes, Burr-Brown, Custom chips (Schiit multi-bits), than AKM and last Sabre. in that order. And sadly the last two chips are the best measure..

    Yes, this is the main question!

    The power button is horrible. Its absolute rubbish. Loose, light and weak. 2/10
    Everything else, like volume, gain switch, ecth is 10/10

    The 887 vs 200 is a easy one. The 887 is the clear winner to all affordable THX amps. The specs has been shown and proven to be so.

    Only the Benchmark THX $3000 is better than the Monoprice one as of writing this.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  6. Propagandist
    Thank you both for the responses! Is there a little spring in there you can stretch out or replace to make it not so loose? I know that's minor but gosh it would bug me.
  7. eeagle
    This type of power button is common in lots of audio and computer gear these days and not a reliability issue. The button is there to provide a pulse to circuit that actually does the switching so is a non issue IMO. My DROP + THX AAA™ 789 as well as most DROP black box equipment have this same type of switch. Not worth trying to fix something that doesn't need fixing.
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  8. Cat Music
    This gets interesting ... without a doubt the price will reach 1000 dollars
  9. bryceu
    For those who had been asking about RME ADI-2 DAC AMP portion vs THX 887, after some further blind testing + listening sessions + comparing:
    The performance/difference between the two is easily identifiable.
    • The RME has a tighter stage and more forward delivery. The 887 has a larger, wider, more expansive, stage that makes the amp feel more powerful. To summarize this thought; Powerful because the brain is hearing the same volume from a source that feels further away, which equates to a more powerful source creating the sound.
    • The RME has more engaging mids. My biggest complaint about the 887 is the dull mids, I believe this to be a result of the bigger stage and the mids feeling further away. The mids of the 887 also possess less body than those from the RME AMP. This can be translated as the 887 is actually cleaner, or alternatively, it's drier in the mids.
    • The RME has more prominent bass, while the 887 is more precise/tight. This again can make the 887 feel dry, now in the bass, because it is simply so clean. I don't think the bass performance of the RME is bad on its own measure, but the 887 is simply faster and cleaner.
    • The 887 does separation and layering better than the RME, easily. The RME can feel congested at times while the 887 feels open, airy, and individual instruments are easier to pick out.
    • The 887 emphasizes treble better than the RME, not by increased volume/brightness, but rather via air and speed.
    • Both amps offer excellent detail and resolution, the RME pushing details a little more forward (think Focal Elex/Clear), with the 887 favoring dynamic range due to its larger stage and ability to properly place instruments/sounds further away from the listener (think ZMF Auteur, HD800s).
    Overall the RME feels like the more engaging amp, and the 887 feels like the more technically capable.

    All listening/testing was done with ZMF Verite Cocobolo + Verite lambskin pads.
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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  10. Cat Music
    taking into account the incredible price difference it is clear who is the winner!
  11. bryceu
    Incredible price difference perhaps, but you are getting far more than just an amp with the RME ADI-2 DAC. The total value of the RME is hardly derived from it's built in AMP, which is still a good amp.
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  12. Voxata
    Last edited: Nov 19, 2019
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  13. AltCtrl
    Using this newly received THX 887 along with my chord 2qute and like what I'm hearing so far. Very clean sounding amp.

    Does using higher gain settings degrade the sound in any way? I need to put it on gain 2 to get the volume I want with my beyerdynamic DT1990's.
  14. bryceu
    Using higher gains should not add any distortion as the 887 measures very clean throughout its range of power output.

    Generally I have heard you want to have volume pot around 12 o'clock when listening (whatever gain it takes to get around that mark), but I have never seen any proof that this improves anything.
  15. bryceu
    Can you give impressions on 887 vs Elise whenever you feel comfortable/settled into the 887? :) Thanks!
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