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Monoprice Monolith THX 887 - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by XERO1, Sep 10, 2019.
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  1. ra990
    Just got it in today, been listening from the Chord Qutest on my Ether 2...and immediately noticing a widening of the soundstage. Tiny details in the background and the sub-bass region are very clear, and the Ether 2 is reproducing them very well. This is compared to the Liquid Platinum with stock tubes. Looking forward to listening more, but it's sounding like an excellent match with the Qutest and the Ether 2.
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  2. Cat Music
    So far no one has had the Monolith THX 887 and SP200 THX 888 to do an A / B test in sound quality ... this would be interesting, especially since they are in the same price range
  3. vault108
    Received my 887 and my only complaint is why can't they paint the volume indicator white or other color? I had a short test with the LPGT 4.4mm line out to XLR and Ether 2 connected with 4.4mm to XLR adapter. I like the sound best when output with the lowest line out voltage setting on the LPGT and let the 887 do the amplification. My setup is just temporary. I feel no heat at all during the test.
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  4. Cat Music
    nice combo
  5. greyscale75
    I just received a 887. Well packaged. But no manual. Sooo, I called Monoprice tech support and suggested a manual of some kind be posted on the product page. This helps the consumer as well as Monoprice.:fingers_crossed:
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  6. vault108
    I had a listen with the Solaris IEM to see if there are noises with the 889 when no audio is playing. On low gain up to 12 o’clock, the background noise is almost inaudible. You have to really listen for the really faint background noise. From 12 o’clock up, the background noise is gradually audible but not as bad as the Burson C3. You can’t listen to sensitive IEMs on it without loud background noise. I am using the LPGT as the sources and different sources will produce different results. On low gain from 9 o’clock to 10 o’clock, I consider this my max listening volume with the Solaris depending on my lineout voltages. I am quite happy with the 889.

    Mine 889 doesn't come with a manual either, not that you needed it. This device is just play and play. It does come with a card telling you to visit their website for more info.
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  7. bryceu
    Agreed about the volume knob. Impossible to see even in a lit room when looking at it from an angle. The 887 runs remarkably cool, basically no heat from it at all. Are the Solaris more sensitive than Andromeda? I don't recall any background noise on my Massdrop 789 when I was using it with the Andromedas via the 3.5mm output of the 789, I'd be surprised that the 887 would produce background noise considering the measurements showing it to have a lower noise floor than the 789 and only bested by the RME ADI-2?

    Also what pads are ythose on the Ether 2? They look like ZMF perf lambskin..
  8. bequietjk
    If its in a dark room, maybe put some type of glow in the dark sticker of some kind on it :)
  9. Module
    Hello guys. Can someone say me approx. weight of entire box THX 887 shipped in? Unfortunately Monoprice don't ship to my country, so I need to see how much will cost me using forwarding service. If it will be too much, I think I may get SMSL SP200, which is cheaper and have free EMS shipping.
  10. wizzman121
    Problem solved:


    This was just some careful work with an x-acto knife and some white electrical tape. I have just started to listen to this amp (been using a Jotunheim) and wow this thing just sounds SO clean! No sound distortion or bleeding anywhere. I much prefer the aesthetics of this unit to the 789. It is pretty slim. The gain knob is plastic and the volume knob is metal. While the volume knob has a solid smooth rotation I would prefer a little more resistance (huge difference here from the Jotunheim). I had high expectations for the THX amp but wow I think it is actually exceeding them. I was not expecting this big of a performance jump from the Jot.

    Only weird issue I have noticed is that when i turn the gain knob from 1 to 2 there is a very audible clicking relay sound. Has anyone else noticed this?
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  11. bryceu
    Volume knob is an easy fix, but regardless kinda silly Monoprice couldn't have thrown a white dot on there or something.

    Digging the all black setup with the Topping and the Elex. Elex is probably the headphone I miss the most out of everything I've gotten rid of. At one point in time it was definitely my favorite piece of gear. Glad you're enjoying the 887 over the Jot. I agree it's quite an improvement. More linear response and definitely cleaner.

    Glad you're enjoying your setup. I'm definitely enjoying my RME + 887 + Verite Open combo more than anything I've owned in the past.
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  12. bryceu
    The original packaging for my 887 was huge, much larger outer box then needed. As far as weight it's at most an additional 2lbs from the weight of the unit itself if considering the power adapter and the box/packing materials. The 887's box dimensions are 12 x 15.5 x 3.5 inches.
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  13. vault108
    They're Dekoni pads for Fostex. I was testing different Dekoni pads to see which one was more comfortable because the clamping pressure on the Ether 2 sucks and you can't adjust it without heating the nitinol headband to high temperature.
  14. bryceu
    Yea I had the Ether 2s for a while, but ultimately head clamp was too much for me, among other things.
  15. ra990
    The new suede pads have made it one of the more comfortable headphones I've owned. They have larger earholes leading to less clamping pressure and the suede is breathable so I can wear it for a long time without feeling any heat building up.
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