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Monoprice Monolith Liquid Spark - By Alex Cavalli

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ufospls2, Apr 4, 2018.
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  1. marcusd
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  2. N3v3rmind
    I´m thinking about getting one. Can someone who ownes the spark already please have a look at the power supply if its also designed for handling 230V? i´ll guess there should be a sticker underneath.

  3. genck
    It has a DC input, you just need an adapter for the included power supply.
    edit: maybe that was confusing, the answer is no. You need a wall adapter.
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2019
  4. blackdragon87
    this is probaly one of my best audio purchases to date. fantastic unit, given its asking price
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  5. john57
    I like mine very well. It has a long turn on delay with no power supply thump noise and I have it connected to my Focal shape twin monitors. I can put in headphones and it will disconnect the monitor output. No loud noise at power off even. Smooth volume control. Outstanding quality and power for the price. Does runs quite warm.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  6. Astonish
    Hey guys, could anyone link me or direct me to where I can find a replacement power supply that will work with the spark? Doesn't have to be first party, just need something to get my spark working again. Monoprice was no help when asking (they didn't asnwer lol)

  7. PlantsmanTX
    From the Monoprice site: "It uses dual 18V filtered power supply rails to produce wide voltage swings for additional headroom".
  8. wushuliu
    Hm, looks like a somewhat similar approach as the Asgard 3...
  9. wushuliu
    You need a 36v 1.25A power supply. You can try a cheap something like this. Or for better reliability, this MeanWell.
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  10. Shane D
    Looks like I will soon be a Spark owner. I went to Monoprice to get more info on the new Cavalli THX amp. While I was on there I saw open box Sparks for $80.00. I thought, Awesome! I don't care about a mark or scratch.

    I later realized that I hadn't seen anything about the warranty. I contacted them and asked about the warranty on the Spark open box. I was assuming one year. Nope. It is 30 days for refund and 90 days for a replacement.

    I called Monoprice less than an hour after my order was placed (50 minutes). You can NOT cancel an order once it is placed. I spoke to a lady at 1:20PM (their time). She said she would send an email to the warehouse, but she was not hopeful. Checked with them this morning and it is indeed on it's way. And DHL can not be refused, which I guess means that it will be dropped at my door.

    While I am curious about the Spark, I would never buy an electronic good with a 90 day warranty, unless it was used or refurbished.

    Live and learn. It does dampen my taste for Monoprice going forward. Hopefully it sounds great and I don't have any problems in the first year.

    Shane D
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2019
  11. billbishere
    Mine is a year in December of daily use, it's on pretty much 24/7 as I usually forget to power it off. It does get warmer to the touch more than I would like but, fingers crossed so far so good with mine. I looove it as my amp. Only upgrade I would consider is a amp with balanced output. Otherwise there is nothing I would upgrade too with standard outs.
  12. Shane D
    Thanks for the feedback! I have been curious about this unit for several months. I recently bought a Cavalli LCX from MassDrop and love it. That is my balanced amp and my Burson Fun-Classic is my SE amp. I have been thinking about trying out an Atom/Spark to see how they measure up.

    Before I bought this I was looking hard at an Asgard 3 and wondered if it might replace my Burson. Also, the new Cavalli amps are pretty exciting. The THX AAA 887 measure just a tiny bit better than the MassDrop 789, will have better availability AND has a five year warranty.

    Great time to be a music lover!

    Shane D
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  13. jumpa
    i`ve got MLS for a week with my HE500 and i like it it so much - it`s a great match IMHO
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  14. JazzVinyl
    The Liquid Spark has grown on me, in nearly a year of ownership. Wasn’t in love with it when using a pair of Senn HD580’s, but it does seem to happier with a pair of Senn 6xx.

    I use an ECC88 ‘tube buffer’ between an iPure and the Spark.

    Very impressive details, dynamics and stage.

    The only thing I didn’t like was the 3 wall warts (one for Spark, one for iPure and another larger supply for the tube buffer) and the ‘tangle of cords’.

    Broke out the table saw and some scrap 3/4 inch MDF and made a box to house all the power supplies and to untangle the cords. Also added a ‘marker strip’ on Spark’s volume knob.

    2ACC4DF9-D6D4-4895-8B85-0C3686BE8599.jpeg 748A7C9C-C34C-433E-8F5C-B3FB4683513F.jpeg 3AED3CDC-2521-4462-987D-E692D5C5F4BF.jpeg 76BB2488-E86F-46CA-838D-47CCAC784E74.jpeg

    Happy with this as a little ‘system’ now.

    Going to paint the box a pewter grey, next. Maybe add a hanger on the side of the box to hold the Senn 6xx...


    Last edited: Sep 20, 2019
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  15. MisterMudd
    Nice work man!
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