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Monoprice Monolith Liquid Spark - By Alex Cavalli

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ufospls2, Apr 4, 2018.
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  1. SigmaOrionis
    It doesn’t hum when it’s on whether music is playing or not. It’s a very quiet amp.

    It doesn’t hum when it’s off either once the plug is fully inserted. It only does it while you’re inserting the plug.

    Thanks for responding

    I just did some further testing.

    It does hum with the plug in but not until around two o’clock on the pot. I usually listen at around 10 o’clock.

    If it’s a grounding issue because of floating ground on amp and non grounded source is there any danger to my headphones or myself?

    Under normal operation it sounds great.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
  2. runeight
    Since both devices are floating and not connected to any external ground such as the AC ground, I would expect no issues with headphones. You shouldn't have any ground hum though even at 2 on the dial. Cable perhaps?? Or something coming from the source?

    OTOH, if you're good the way it is no need........ :)
  3. Shane D
    Did a little comparison of the Liquid Spark against a new acquisition, a used Schiit Vali 2. Here is a cut and paste from the Vali 2 thread:

    "Did some back and forth today.
    ZX300 DAP feeding SMSL SU-8 DAC
    RCA Y cable out feeding Vali 2 and Liquid Spark. Amps were volume matched to less than half a decible.

    Both sounded very good, but different. My impression was:
    1) The Vali 2 was really pushing the vocals out front, which I really enjoyed. Good full sound, with the vocals dominant.

    I was playing about 10 songs from Florence and the Machine that I know very well (about 7 ALAC and 3 AAC). I was even changing the jack in the middle of songs. It was intense A-B testing, for me.

    Once I started using the Liquid Spark the difference was noticeable. Mostly, the added bass. Very nice. With the rest of the music though it all sounded very "even". What I mean by that is that every instrument, including vocals, sounded like it was the exact same distance from me with the exact same volume and prominence. Not sure how to explain it, except that it seemed more balanced. You could hear, clearly, whatever instrument you wanted to concentrate on. Nothing was dominant, but the bass on certain songs kicked in with authority.

    Two different sounds, but I liked both very much. If I had to decide which one to keep, I would be screwed. This may change when Jazz, Blues and varied Rock are tossed into the mix.

    Now I am listening to the Westinghouse tube. Sounds pretty similar. I am not sure how much difference I will hear between tubes.

    Still feeling pretty good about this purchase."

    Shane D

    PS: Forgot to mention - headphones used were Grado GH2's.
    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
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  4. moriez
    @runeight or others,

    Probably yes but to make sure, the LS can be plugged in anywhere with regard to voltage?
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