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mod: Monoporice 8323

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by armaegis, May 17, 2012.
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  1. gistmarrs
    The silver cable I used was around $40 delivered. Sorry, I don't have a link. Most will think it crazy to spend more on the cable than the can, but after the mods, I quit reaching for my Grados and will sell them shortly.
  2. jaejw1
  3. gistmarrs
    I believe that is the one.  It is very thin but does a good job with the highs.  I am listening to them right now and they are pretty amazing.  Of course, I am feeding them pretty well.  (FLAC files through an Ibasso D10).
  4. jaejw1
    im  a lil ignorant when it comes to the files,,,   but my latest from Itunes was a binaural file Amber Rubarth NOVOCAINE and its amazing,,,  gonna compare my 8323 with my coworkers UE6000 using that song....   
  5. stimy
    Holy Crap are those Vandersteens I see in the back ground? I had a pair of those and loved them like crazy. I have always regretted selling them!!!!!
  6. oats2012
    cant wait to buy a pair and try some of these mods! :) enjoying my fidelio x1 for now until I get some free time for an 8223 project :D
  7. Mariusmssj
    Got a question guys my 8323 is arriving in few days and I noticed i got loads of adhesive acoustic foam seems to be the same one that Armaegis used.
    So I wanted to ask what is the actual benefit covering the inside of the cup walls with the acoustic foam?
  8. Armaegis
    I find it usually helps even out treble response. In many cases in might actually decrease overall treble quantity, but it should feel more balanced. 
  9. Mariusmssj
    Well I just got my 8323's and they do sound lovely. But I feel that the bass slightly overdone.
    Any idea which mods would help to slightly lower the bass?
  10. Armaegis
    Try blocking the small bass vents in the cups entirely.
  11. phillkillv2
    I just received mine and they sound pretty great out of the box. I did some soundproofing and I think they sound a bit worse in smaller aspects but not that much. I think I might go along and paint mine a different color because this matte black isn't the most attractive to me. I was thinking like a clear coated gray or something with a little taste. 
  12. internecine
    i am considering this mod but have a little concern about C3 and C4. Im guessing these should be the same value for left and right so one is probably incorrect. Anyone know what it should be?
  13. e1miran
    I'm contemplating trying some of these mods.  I only wish I understood what each individual modification is supposed to accomplish, so that I can better pick and choose which I'd like to implement.  I have a pair of 8323's, and I have 2 pairs of NXG HTDJ's which are just a better looking version/re-brand of the 8323 that come with stock velour pads and headband. The NXG pads improve the soundstage and make the headphones sound brighter and less boxed-in, but cause a little reduction in bass, loss of isolation, and increase in sound leakage.  
    Since I like the look of the NXG's and the comfort of the headband better than the 8323, I took the plastic pads from my 8323 and swapped them with the velour pads from one of my NXG's.  This caused that pair of NXG's to sound exactly like the stock 8323.  This way I have a pair that I can wear at the office without bothering anyone and another pair for home use that sound better to me.  The only other mod I've done for the set with the plastic pads is to replace the foam/fabric that covers the front grill of the drivers with a thinner material.  This enhanced the upper-mids and highs slightly.
    So, with all that being said... what modification should I try to increase brightness on the set with the plastic pads?  And, increase some low end on the set with velour pads?
  14. Armaegis
    to increase brightness...
    - get rid of any material in front of the driver
    - attenuate bass (which just makes the headphone seem brighter as a result)
    - squish the pads so the driver is closer to your ear
    to increase bass...
    - improve the seal between ear and pad (ie: switch to pleather pad)
    - improve the seal between pad and baffle (ie: tape it down)
    - increase the size of the cup vents
  15. e1miran
    Thanks.  I'll try some of these.
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