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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. barondla
  2. Chein
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  3. RockStar2005
    Holy CRAP barondla!! That is the most RIDICULOUS price drop I've ever seen in my life! ROFL

    Thx for sharing. I'm sure it will sell well. lol
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  4. jwbrent
    Joined the drop. Seems like a no brainer for the low price. I hope there are no economies in materials or build to hit $99.
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  5. Philimon
    Joined the drop too. Did yours say ship out date late December too? Because of the long wait I ordered an appetizer - another branded “electrostatz” headphone from amazon for $29. Prime shipping!
  6. jwbrent
    Congrats! Yes, the ship date is estimated as 12/26, so we will have some fun (I hope) by New Years’.
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  7. Philimon
    I hope so. The reviews for these things are all over the place. Id be happy if they sounded like $99 headhones. I just wanted some decent closed headphones and these looked by far most interesting at this price point. I hope to get some third party measurements done too.
  8. Philimon
    ^ well, most interesting outside the t50rp. But ive already owned those twice so wanted something else.
  9. barondla
    Believe the customer reviews are all over the place for various reasons. 1. The M&J are efficient, so people hook them to all types of equipment. Some of that equipment is a poor match. Those components don't have the ability to control the 40mm dynamic bass driver.
    2. The M&J are probably a complicated load. Most headphones are single driver dynamic. Components with higher output impedance might allow the M&J frequency response to deviate considerably. Many setups will have too much bass, others too little.

    3. Break in. People pull the headphones from the box and pass judgement immediately. The M&J are complex headphones and a long break in is mandatory.

    4. M&J have a relatively natural frequency response. They aren't seismic bass monsters or bright enough to cause pain. Many people want these things.

    Given a chance, the GL2 and MJ2 are very nice sounding headphones.
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  10. RockStar2005
    I think that makes a lot of sense. The MJ2s are still one of the best sounding headphones I've ever auditioned extensively, and I've extensively auditioned many. lol

    Although I barely spent any time breaking the MJ2s in (I really don't believe in it anymore, but I do believe multiple audition sessions are necessary to judge it), I thought they sounded amazing with very little break-in. But I also felt they sounded their best using some EQ'ing. In my case, that usually means my own custom EQ which I've used on several different headphones vs. EQ Off & "Rock" preset (Poweramp), of which my EQ always won out. But of the last 6 that I applied it to, the MJ2s were the ONLY ones that ACTUALLY sounded better with the "Rock" preset. That makes it a lot easier for whoever to use it b/c the "Rock" EQ preset comes with Poweramp "out of the box", so to speak.

    So maybe ppl who buy this or wanna buy this but aren't sure it's for them should consider giving it a try and if it's not pleasing to you right away, either break it for a few days AND/OR try playing some songs on it with Poweramp and the "Rock" EQ preset (I advise doing so with Tone & Limit OFF, cuz they suck lol).
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  11. Sujay Rao
    Whoa! Which one is that? I got my MJ2 from the first drop. Took forever. Experimented with balanced cables by having them shipped via Triton Audio Cables. Weird experience (See my post). Super phones.
    Two words for anyone buying them: BURN IN, BURN IN, BURN IN.
  12. Philimon
  13. Jobbing
  14. Sujay Rao
  15. trellus
    Oh dear, that just ended up being an impulse buy for me at that price. :)

    That exact same rebrand was $89 or $79 earlier this year at Best Buy and I almost bought them then - glad I waited!
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