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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. dudestranded
    Thanks for the insight! I thought the Headfonia review stated it's less forward than the MJ2s and warmer than them, unless I misunderstood? Regardless, under $100? I may pick them up anyway and grab the MJ2's as well when they decide to reappear!
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  2. barondla
    Interesting review. Don't think I've seen it before. This reviewer paints a little different picture than others have. May as well give them a go for the price. Just give them plenty of break in time.
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  3. Jobbing
    You might want to take up on the current Mitchell and Johnson offer for the MJ2’s (assuming that offer is still valid), give them a thorough break in time, then decide whether or not you're still interested in purchase the JP1 on MassDrop.

    two years ago when the MJ2's were released I was about to do a comparison between the AKG 872 Pro and the MJ2’s (please do note the difference in price points!) when coincidentally Marcus beat me to it (see links below). I can underline his conclusions. The MJ2’s are certainly capable to fulfill your needs in the music genres you listen to and fill the caviats - if not replacing - the headphone you own now.
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  4. Kitchener
    So I got these in the mail today:

    That's right, custom ear pads curtesy of Vesper Audio.
    And holy moly, these are a colossal improvement on the stock ear pads.

    These pads are made just big enough to fit my ears inside, so the MJ2 no longer rests on my ears but instead go around.
    And the increase in comfort is a paradigm shift; before I could only wear the MJ2 for an hour before my ears hurt and now I can wear them all day long without discomfort.
    They're angled slightly, filled with memory foam, black leather sides and cream/white/beige alcantara fronts.

    Audible improvements?
    Eeeh, I'm not the best judge really.
    I like to think that the added air between the drivers and my ears help, but by the time I'd swapped pads I could no longer recall how they sounded before.

    All I can say is that this is a highly recommended improvement with regards to comfort.
    -and style, baby! :gs1000smile:

    More pics:
    IMG_4467.jpeg IMG_4470.jpeg

    I know there is one big question on your mind right now.
    Do they fold?
    Yeah, baby!

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  5. trellus
    Man, those pads look comfortable!
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  6. RockStar2005
    That's awesome Kitchener!!

    So what were the exact measurements you gave them to use? If I had the MJ2s still I'd go with sheepskin leather. Do they offer that option as well?

    I wonder if they'd still be "foldable" if they were non-angled? What you think Kitch??
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  7. Kitchener
    Yeah, easily.
    The difference between the front and back is only 5mm; 20mm front, 25mm back.
    Inside dimensions are 45x65mm.

    I can't fathom why M&J didn't make them like this to begin with, baffling.
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  8. RockStar2005
    Yeah me neither!

    Ok thank you!!

    Oh you said easily with regards to folding. Ok thanks!!

    And do they offer sheepskin?
  9. Kitchener
    Yeah, no problem :)
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  10. RockStar2005
    It appears they don't have sheepskin but they do offer "high quality leather" at least. :L3000:
  11. Kitchener
    Yeah I don't really know what they offer besides "leather" and alcantara.
    I just asked for leather, I'm a simple man, didn't bother asking for alternatives.

    So far I've got brown leather pads for my Stax L500, black leather pads for my HE-560 and black/white for the MJ2.
    All by Vesper, as it turns out. No affiliation! :dt880smile:
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  12. RockStar2005
    So I IM'd Vesper earlier and a bit later they responded and actually confirmed that they DO have sheepskin as well!! :L3000:

    Oh how much were yours if you don't mind me asking?
  13. barondla
    Beautiful looking pads. They look extremely comfortable. Thanks for sharing @Kitchener .
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  14. Kitchener
    No?! They do?!
    Ah, curse me for not asking.
    Well, maybe not, I quite like regular leather anyway.

    I ordered two different pairs toghether; one for the MJ2 and one for my HE-560.
    Both totalled at €128,50, don't know if one was more expensive than the other.
    So €64,25 each?
    -About $85
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  15. RockStar2005
    Yeah they do. lol Well as long as the leather ones you got from there feel an improvement to the stock ones, then you still won out IMO.

    Hmm ok. That's up there, but I guess since they're custom-made you have to figure they're gonna cost more. The Dekoni sheepskin ear pads I got for my Beyer DT 1770 Pro was about $60. Not custom-made, but still sheepskin leather. So $85 doesn't sound terrible really for what you got.
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