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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. trellus
    I would be wary of buying anything actually developed by CyberDrive after googling Seiun, but these cans are just rebrands, just like Tate & Bauer (which I previously owned) and to a large extent, Mitchell & Johnson themselves, particularly their GL1 and GL2.
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  2. Jobbing
    I highly doubt CyberDrive developing anything at all or delivering for that matter.

    Mitchell & Johnson is completely different, we have all been delivered our products initially and recently at reduced prices. They have a history and their component products have been available at local brick and mortar stores across Europe, resellers and online for years now.
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  3. HungryPanda
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  4. trellus
    Yeah, I'm not saying that the companies are alike, but rather, that these particular headphones are all just rebrands of an Asian-developed headphone driver setup. Those Cyberdrive look like a goofy, colored plastic version of the the Tate & Bauer I had which in turn look almost exactly like the Mitchell & Johnson GL2, which also look strikingly similar to the CyberDrive wooden-cupped ones that @HungryPanda bought.
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  5. Jobbing
    Using ODM is common for many companies in this market, even most well-known brands get their product this way. It disputable (thinking AKG in Austria) but apparently the days of real craftmanship is over, a few still left. It is what it is.

    Basically everyone can get a basic product ODM from the shelf, looking like others, hence the increasing numbers of gold digger companies. That doesn't mean they are in fact the same or can be compared by the looks.

    Coming from the Hifi component side, M&J had a different approach when they took the plunge into headphones. They commissioned the manufacturer to have the engineers perform a custom tuning to their headphones to the specifications by Mr. Mitchell who also happens to have years of experience as a musician, envisioned the sound characteristics and the way the M&J line up should sound as a whole.
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  6. Jobbing
    This still is the M&J appreciation and impressions thread..... To avoid further confusion, and to do justice to the M&J headphones, it would be better for others to start a CD thread if there's a need for it.
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  7. Jobbing
  8. Jobbing
    Just like we wouldn't want to see the Superlux HD series compared to the 240 DF in the AKG appreciation thread.....
  9. Philimon

    Comparisons are the main thing we do here.
  10. Jobbing
    of course that's not what I meant to say. Referring to the looks.
  11. Philimon
    The cyberdrive is odd. Put it on and music sounds wrong. Maybe ive grown accustom to a warmer signature (sennheiser for example) which is kind of why Im no longer enthusiastic about my 4XX which is not really lean but when compared to the senn.

    Here are adjectives from the sound glossary that ring out to me: forward, coloured, thin, tight, transparent, dry, attack. And the crap plastic cups ring like a bell if tapped on. I suspect the woodies are worth upgrade.

    The physical feel and sound remind me of a i-series Grado (less bright than current e models). The cups/pads are not deep so the headphones are resting lightly on your ears. Then you get a aggressivemidrangetolowtreble/justenoughtightbasstohavefun sound. The Grado being open and airy, and cyberdrive being closed but not sounding like a boomy closed can. Similar balance but the Grados (225i, MS1i) are fatiguing and the cyberdrive were smoother in the treble. Electric guitars sound awesome, which is a reminder that the phones are coloured. Biggest problem is that they are a little thin sounding. I can handle the bass roll off, but I think maybe a valley in upper bass makes guiatar bass and vocals a little tinny.

    I know this is not the Mitchell and Johnson variant. Its for future reference and for general comments on the verisonix hybrid electret tech. Its not like im derailing because the thread isnt really moving. Hopefully when those 400+ sold MJ2s ship from massdrop then we will get a lot more posts here.

    As far as resolving ability of the electret I dont know how to evaluate. Can someone give me an example of a part in a song that you would use to evalate for something like that?

    Also, we need measurements for distortion because thats parts of the whole point of using more than one driver.

    Also, Im using these from macbook pro headphone out.

    My Beats EP are tonally better than cyberdrive. Beats EP are not comfortable though. Beats EP dont suck, check rtings.com

    What else? I hope the MJ2 are better.

    And massdrop dropped another hybrid using planar? tweeter. Its from ESS?
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  12. Chein
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  13. ferez
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  14. Philimon
    I listened to the cyberdrives a second time then clicked return on Amazon. Just not good. I have an Amazon drop-off place in-town. Yeah baby! I don't think I can return massdrops if I don't like so I'll post the for sale link with my impressions post if need be.

    I am going to order the Sennheiser 598cs.
  15. jwbrent
    I just received an email that my MJ2 shipped ...
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