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Mitchell & Johnson - Electrostatz, 2 way hybrid, Headphones Appreciation and Impressions Thread!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by barondla, Dec 5, 2016.
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  1. RockStar2005
    I used to own the 598 CS. You can do better Phil. lol That JP1 is on sale right now for $100. I bet those sound better. The 598 CS were a letdown to me. I kept them for about a month then returned them.
  2. Philimon
    Yeah but I dont know what else to try. I dont like v-shaped or bassy, warm will do. Any suggestions? The MJ2 buyers (me) were sent shipping notices today. If I like then Ill try for JP1.
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  3. Philimon
    Well, ive seen a few that measure flat frequency responses but with more distortion. The Senn seems to have most consensus as agreeable. Atleast for cheaper phones. Off topic
  4. RockStar2005

    Wait, if you're getting the MJ2, then why did also want the CS?? The MJ2 ***S on the CS! lol Though I STRONGLY suggest listening to it using Poweramp with the "Rock" EQ preset. That is what made it sound the best to me vs. No EQ/Flat.
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  5. Benz-Fi
    I have both and without a doubt the jp1 is an upgrade however jp1s require more source power to sound their best. But for that price... can't go wrong!
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  6. ferez
    I've got the Ear studio ES100, hope that's enough to drive them.
    How's their sub bass compared to the On2?
  7. Benz-Fi
    The ES100 is a true marvel of technology.. I have one too and LOVE it, I use it at work (actually have playing right now) every day, but I used it with IEM's so I'm not sure whether it has enough power to sufficiently move these ElectroStats, I can give it a quick try tonight and report back, if you'd like.

    As far as sub bass compared to the On2, I think these are two different animals, definitely better attack, accuracy and lower range via the JP1 over the On2 because their bass cannot compare as I find the separation of the low end much better through the JP1s. I will say that the On2 is a fun, energetic headphone and while I don't think it stacks to the JP1 in performance, I will never get rid of them because they sound better with cheaper equipment than many of my other headphones out of the box.
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  8. dakanao
    Which M&J headphone sounds the smoothest, and most natural in the midrange?
  9. Philimon
    So youve heard both? I didnt think anyone had. Amazon is giving me a long time frame for return so I am going to hold on to the cyberdrives for compare.
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  10. Jobbing
    MJ2 no doubt
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  11. jwbrent
    The tracking info on my MJ2 is stalled. After getting an email two days ago that they had shipped, it appears they haven’t since FedEx is reporting nothing new about movement from NJ. This may take some time, especially with Christmas.
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  12. RockStar2005

    Yeah I owned the CS 2 years ago and returned it a few weeks later. I got it for a great Black Friday price, like same as the $99 Massdrop price the MJ2 just went for..........but IMO it doesn't compare the MJ2. The MJ2 with the "Rock" EQ preset in Poweramp sounded amazing to me. The CS never did. The vocals were too "narrow" in that I could only hear them as if they were coming from the center of my head vs. being "submersed" in them like most premium headphones. Not cool. I actually pitted them against the Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro at the time, which was slightly more expensive (though I got it for $150 off of $600, or $450), and after a week or two of comparison sessions, I deemed the DT 1770 Pro to be the winner. However, I told ppl on here that if portability was a more important factor than it was to me, I would've chosen the MJ2 instead. It was a very formidable battle, which is why I needed time to pick a winner.

    The stock ear pads are nice, but if I were to buy it, I'd consider upgrading them to custom ones, which had been discussed not too long ago in this thread. Or else regular ones. Slightly bigger ear pads will widen the soundstage, which was something my Beyers offered as they are full-size headphones, and was a major factor in me choosing them over the MJ2. The custom ones though for the MJ2 are done by Vesper, so consider them for sure. They can take the measurements and create a pair for you. Might as well since you saved a BUNDLE on that Massdrop! lol They also do sheepskin leather (although it's not listed), which I confirmed directly with them and recommend the most as I am not a fan of velour or hybrid pads. I think leather is the best at isolating the bass, so you get the best bass sound. Others on here feel the same way too, but everyone has their own take on it I guess. Sheepskin is super comfortable too. That's what I upgraded to for my Beyers. Skim this page (from earlier in this thread, make sure to start from Post #409 down) thoroughly for more info.

    Let us know what you do!
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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  13. RockStar2005
    That sux, but at least you got them for that price. LOL But I still hope you get them before Christmas regardless! :L3000:
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  14. Philimon
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  15. jwbrent
    FedEx tracking now shows delivery to CA on 12/14.
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