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MICROZOTL2 Tube Headphone Amp and preamp: a breakthrough device

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  1. drbluenewmexico
  2. Geared4me
    But what we really want to know is, do you like it? Sorry, couldn't resist. I am a fan of David Berning's designs and this review couldn't have come at a better time. I have recently sold off all of my mid-fi head amps in order to buy one "end game" amp, I realize this may be wishful thinking but I am optimistic. Everything about this amp is just what I am looking for, the only thing giving me pause is the fact that it is single ended only.
  3. kiertijai
    Can it also drive sensitive IEM without hiss?
  4. wuwhere Contributor
    Been a fan of David Berning since I had the chance to audition a TF-12 preamp. Hope it gets a good review here.
  5. drbluenewmexico

    I have a pretty big array of headphone amps too, and some of them were "state of the art" and expensive when i bought them.
    Since the MZotl2 arrived in my house, its the only one that i listen to! including the MicroZotl1, which was very excellent, but the
    new edition blows it away with increased dynamics, soundstage,  lower noise floor and preamp convenience output to drive powered
    speakers  it also has speaker terminals for banana plugged speakers, but i haven't used those yet. The original MicroZotal drove
    my Zu Audio Soul Superbly towers to musically satisfying level,s all on one watt of very pure power with great dynamic swing! The
    new version is the same Zotl topography but with an external power supply and upgraded Russian tubes and some cosmetic changes
    that are very attractive. If you are a fan of the David Berning sound, check this one out for sure!
  6. doctorjazz
    Great review, Blue! As you know, I just received a review sample as well, I'm burning it in at present, but it does have a really nice sound (been listening to the Hifiman HE 1000 exclusively since it came, as it came around the same time, but it is also in the burn in phase). Nicely built, pretty looking (in a component way), enjoying mine so far.
  7. kiertijai
    I can't resist so I just ordered the microzotl2.
    Hope that it has balanced headphone out but it already has other function that I would like to have
    including the preamplifier and speaker post function.
    I think I can use the speaker post to drive those difficult headphones that needs balanced out e.g.
    Abyss AB1266, HE6.  Also hope that speaker post output is enough to drive AK1000 and new
    Jecklin Float QA and TakeT H2+
    I will have Cavalli Liquid Carbon to compare too, should be around the end of August
    I will use my Tungsol 6SN7 Black glass round plate , hope that it will be perfect match to the microzotl2
  8. doctorjazz
    It doesn't have balanced out, only single ended regular headphone output.Haven't tried the speaker taps, but I'd guess it still had 1W out whichever output you use, would need very sensitive speakers. I did try it with my new acs Encore ciem, there was at some noticeable hiss when no music played, but didn't bother me once music started. I'm also getting an LC, also curious how they compare.
  9. bmichels
    is the microzotl2 available to the "public" ?  Is it not advertise on David berning's site: http://davidberning.com/products !? only the original  microzotl ?
  10. saidentary
    As a fellow microZOTL2 owner, please allow me the high privilege of providing a resounding AMEN to your eloquent statements.  I TOTL-ly agree!!!  I'm just giddy about how the HE-1000s sound through this miraculous, magical little piece of heaven of an amplifier.
  11. richard51
    what an excentric,original,furiously enthousiastic,intriguing,magnificently sincere review....I prefer sometimes that heartfelt shout to only  analytic impressions...you are convincingly dangerous for my financial budget.... but i am sold and i hope that this product will be available in one year from now....I cannat afford it now....[​IMG]
  12. kiertijai
    is the microzotl2 available to the "public" ?  Is it not advertise on David berning's site: http://davidberning.com/products !? only the original  microzotl ?
       It is now available for order. I just don't know how soon they will ship the microzotl2
       I have contacted with David and he directed me to urbanhifi.com (same as mentioned here)
       You can order microzotl2 from this website.
  13. Geared4me
  14. doctorjazz
    Yup, urbanhifi.com I'd the place to get them!
  15. lukeap69
    I've read somewhere else that the original microZOTL is light on bass but wonderful in mids and highs. Is this true for the mark 2?
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