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Sep 17, 2009
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Employee at Bangkok Hospital, Thailand

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    Employee at Bangkok Hospital, Thailand
    listen to every thing except hip hop, rap
    will go back to vinyl soon
    Headphone Inventory:
    Yuin PK2
    Sennheiser IE8 x 2
    Shure 5c
    Shure 530 PTH
    Ultimate ears superfi 10
    Klispch image 10
    Westone W3
    modded Creative Aurvana Live
    Final Audio Piano Forte IX
    Final Audio FI-BA-SS
    Fitear togo MH334 , Fitear togo 111
    Heir Audio 3.Ai, Heir Audio 4.Ai
    Rhapsodio RDB V1 mini + 7NOCC
    Denon LA7000 (Lawton mod, Kal Cedars , Jenawire 4pin XLR + 1/4 " adapter)
    Symphones Magnum V4 (Alessandrom MS2i) improved already sweet mid, more refined treble, bass from V3.5
    Grado SR60
    Grado 325is : Symphones Magnum V3.5 beautiful sound excellent bass
    Vintage Grado RS1, brown headband , wooden box , pink driver
    Grado RS1 vintage, black headband pink driver
    Grado semi vintage or early classical RS1
    Grado PS1000 (Larry@headphile.com 's modification, triangular, zebra wood)
    Grado HP1000/HP1
    Grado HP1000/HP2 (Cocobolo Rosewood "the Vixen" Larry's@headphile.com)
    Grado PS1 (SN 181)
    Sony MDR 7506
    Sony MDR Z1000
    Sony MDR R10 (bass heavy) (Apuresound recable) SN1083
    Sony MDR R10 ( bass light) ( stock cable) SN 474
    Sony Qualia (blue dragon recable in 4 pin XLR)
    HE5 (Twag recable)
    HE6 (Twag recable, Warren audio X10 recable)
    LCD2 rev 1Twag recable, Apuresound V3 recable, Zeus silver clad recable)
    LCD2 rev2 Twag recable, Apuresound V3 recable, Zeus silver clad recable)
    LCD3 RMA'd
    Sennheiser HD800 (Zeus gold clad recable, Twag recable)
    Sennheiser HD600 (Panorama recable, Nordost recable)
    Audiotechnica ATH L3000 SN266 (Silver dragon recable)
    Audiotechnica W3000anv (50th year Ed)
    AKG K1000 (NOS bass heavy version SN4028 black box)
    HE90 ( Orpheus) SN228
    HE90 (Orpheus) SN313
    JVC HA DX1000
    Rudistor Chroma MD-1
    Smeggy Thunderpants (Camphor Buri wood)
    Quilty Thunderpants (Quilted Maple wood)
    V4 Terminator from headphile.com
    SR Omega S/N 417
    SR Omega S/N 053
    Stax O2 mkI , Stax O2 mkII (japanese version)
    Stax 507
    Stax SR 009 S/N 1060
    TakeT H2+ + TR2
    Fostex TH900
    Ultrasone ED8 (ruthenium)
    Koss ESP 950
    Kingsound Emperor
    new Jecklin Float QA
    JPS Abyss AB1266
    Waiting for HE1000, ENIGMAcoustics Dharma. McInTosh MHP1000
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Graham Slee voyager
    Iqube V2
    Ray Samuels : the shadow , the protector,SR71A ,SR71B
    Isabellina headphone amplifier, Redwine audio signature 30.2
    ZDT (gone) changed to New Balancing Act (300B platform)
    Beta22 (balanced 4 boards)
    Aristaeus amplifier
    Stax SRM300 (Modded by Spritzer)
    Modded Stax 727A (Spritzer)
    O2 transportable amplifier (JDS lab)
    Singlepower Slam MPX3
    EAR HP4
    Super 7 mkII
    Zotl ZH230, Zotl preone
    Mal Valve Three Amplifier
    Wish original Stax SRM-T2
    Source Inventory:
    ipod classical 160gb x 3
    archos 605
    sony nwz x1060
    oppo 83 se ne
    computer based music : PC, Mac
    RWA superimod x2 240 gb
    Lindemann 820 S
    Sony XA5400ES with HDMI
    Fostex HP-P1
    Iriver Ak100
    Fiio X5 II
    Cable Inventory:
    Silver Dragon LOD
    Blue Dragon Mini to Mini
    Mini to RCA : the reverie
    Twag for HE5, HE6, Sennheiser HD800, LCD2
    Zeus cable for HD800, LCD2
    Warren audio X10 for He6
    Apuresound V3 for LCD2
    Apuresound V3 for Sony MDR R10
    Blue dragon cable for Qualia (4pin XLR + adapter cable to 1/4")
    Stealth Indra interconnects, Analysis plus golden oval XLR , audioquest sky 72 dBS x2, Nordost Valhalla, audioquest colorado 48 DBS x2, AudioArt IC3SE, crystal clear interconnects, DNM reson, Chord interconnects, , Argento flow serenity interconnect , Heaven Gates Super silence digital XLR, Silnote XLR interconnects, analysis plus oval digital, chord signature BNC to BNC, Locus design polestar, D60 illuminati, two ASI Liveline interconnects. Stealth Varidig Sextet XLR digital
    NBS black label II RCA digital, NBS black label II XLR interconnects
    Tara Labs Zero Gold
    JPS aluminata XLR
    Synergistic Research Element Silver + Galileo MPC
    Power-Related Components:
    Shunyata Hydra 4
    Furutech etp60x2
    JPS aluminata power cord
    Shunyata research diamondbacks
    Crystal clear cable power cords
    XLO power cables
    Audience E power cable
    Furutech power cable Hubbell termination, carbon fiber termination
    Stefan Audioart power cable and umbilical cord
    power cable
    Furutech GTX D Rhodium, Wattgate 380i, AET
    Elrod power statement, Elrod ESP s2
    NBS black label II, NBS black label I, NBS Omega
    NBS black label II another two will be coming
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Smyth realiser A8
    Weiss DAC202
    Lindemann 820S
    Jadis orchestra amplifier
    Marantz 8400
    Proac 1 sc
    Home theatre set: quad 11L, Receiver Denon 3802, Denon 2910
    Adcom Amplifier & Preamplifier, Speaker ADS system
    Yamaha DSP1000
    Linn turntable, Project debut Turntable
    Resonessence Herus DAC
    Lampizator big 7 DAC
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    I don't know how much tubes I have now I am losing tracks of the tubes that I ordered recently I will check my stock soon. However the tubes that appear on the list is correct and is with me.
    Tubes for new Balancing act 300B
    Power : Western Electric 300B Engraved base 1930's,Western electric 300b original x3 (1950, 1960, 1970), reissue x2, AVVT 32B, KR PX4 , Telefunken RE604 , Psvane 300B -t, Telefunken AD1
    Svetlana 300B, Marconi PX25 (balloon and tubular) , Marconi PX4 (balloon and tubular), Mazda PP3 250,
    two pairs of Mazda PP5 400, Hytron VT52, Visseaux 510, La Radiotechnique R120, Philips 4683 3 matched tubes, Tungsram AD1 one matched strong pair
    Drivers. 7 of Marconi B65, 6 of Fivre 6sn7 , 5 of Swedish standard 33s30b, 3 BL63, 6 Melz 6H8C 1578
    6 Tungsol RPBG (6SN7 +6SU7GT) , 7 of Sylvania metal bases, 4 of Mullard ECC32, ECC33,ECC34, ECC35, Arcturus 6sn7, SICTE 6SN7's pair, Amperex 6SN7GT, Brimar 6SN7GT (grey plate + black plate)
    4 Brimar CV1981/6SN7GT, 2 National Union 6Sn7,2 Kenrad VT231 6SN7, 6 of RCA redbase 5962, GE 5962 redbase, CBS hytron 5692
    Several 6SL7's, 6F8G's : Tungsol, Kenrad, National Union, Sylvania,Raytheon
    VT99's : Tungsol round plate earliest version, National Union, Sylvania, Raytheon
    Rectifer: Genalex, Tungsol 6XW4, Mullard 6XW4, Redbank Bendix

    Tubes for Aristaeus Amplifier
    Power-driver : ECL86 stock, Mullard made Telefunken, Valvo ECL86, Polam ECL86, Siemens ECL86
    Inputs tubes : 12AX7 : Telefunken ecc803S sextets , Telefunken smooth plate quad, Telefunken ribbed plate quad 12 AX7
    Mazda 12AX7S silver plate quad , RFT 12AX7S quad , Mullard 10m 12AX7 sextet , Sylvania 12AD7 quad Mullard 4035 Quad
    5751's : GE black plate triple mica quad, GE grey plate triple mica quad, Raytheon triple mica , Raytheon windmill getter 2 pairs, Tungsol triple mica, Sylvania gold brand black plate steel pin, Sylvania gold brand black plate gold pin, Sylvania grey plate gold pin gold brand
    B759 : GEC two pair NOS

    Tubes for Blue Hawaii, DIY T2 :

    Power tubes : EL34 = genalex KT77 gold lion two sets of quad , Philips EL34 metal base quad, Mullard EL34 +Philips metal base each one pair, Tesla EL34 quad , Telefunken wing plate quad, Mullard XF1 00 getter 1950-60 quad, Mullard XF2 quad strong test, Philips XF3 single getter 1960-70, Matsh****al XF4, Philips =XF4 double getter brown base 1960-70, Sylvania EL 34 quad, RCA EL34 quad, Philips EL34 XF3

    Driver tubes : 6DJ8, 7308 Valvo CCa pinched waist 2 matched pairs, Siemens Halske CCA quad, Telefunken CCA ULM Diamond mark quad, Amperex 6922 gold pin quad , Valvo E88CC red label sextet, Mullard CV 4109 quad ,
    Amperex 6922 PQ White label pinched waist matched NOS quad. Waiting for quad of Reflector 6N23p '70s Silver Shield

    Tubes for Electra Electrostatic 300B may change ,not finalized yet but hopefully will get special edition of 300B> PX25,
    Power tubes : 2 WE 300b original, 2 WE 300B reissue, AVVT 32B , Marconi PX25 globe x2, Psavane 300Bt, Svetlana 300B. Osram PX4 globe types x2, Valvo LK4110, Mullard AC044, Ferranti LP4, Mazda PP3 250, Mazda PP5/400 x2 pairs, Radiotechnique F410 +TM BF10, Tesla RD27AS, Radiofotos 40, Osram VR40, STC4300A, STC4300B, M.P. Pedersen U4E8, STC4304 CB. Hytron VT52, TFK AD1, Tungsram AD1, Philips 4683 x3 tubes,
    TFK RE 604 x2, Philips Miniwatts E406n, Tungsram 015/500, La Radiotechnique R120, Visseaux 510
    Driver tubes (special edition) Raytheon 5842 vs 6 WE 417
    Tubes for Redwine Audio Isabella : Amperex 7308 orange label

    Rectifier A pair of Philips Miniwatt GZ34 metal base 1950's
    5 WE 274B 's , Three engraved WE 274B
    Tubes for Malvalve Three Amplifier, Zotl Preone : GEC B309 x 2 pairs
    Other 12 AT : Valvo Pinched Waist 6204, Marconi Ecc81pair , Mullard A2900 pair, CIFTE 12AT7WA pair
    Mullard M8162 pair, Telefunken CV455 pair, Brimar 6060 Triple Mica Yellow T pair, Siemens ECC801s
    triple mica pair 100+%test, Mazda/Belvu 12AT7WA triple mica quad NOS, Telefunken ECC801s triple mica diamond
    EF184 : 2 Matched quad of Mullard Meshplate, Siemens EF184 Mesh plate Quad, Matched Quad Fivre EF184

    Tubes for Lampizator Big 7 DAC
    EML 45 1 pair, Sylvania 6A3, WE 300B, Sylvania 2A3 Spring top pair, RCA 2A3 monoplate (Silvertone) pair,
    Radiotron RCA UX245 matched NOS pair, Arcturus Blue 145 UX245 matched pair, Western electric 101D matched NOS pair
    Rectifier : WE274B, GEC U52, Brimar 5R4GY, Cossor GZ37 fat body brown base, Philips GZ34 metal base
    Music Preferences:
    celtic, audiophile
    symphonic, gothic metal
    rock and roll
    chinese music
    Still have to work hard 6 days a week to earn enough to spend for audio and other
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