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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Feb 9, 2018.
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  1. Roasty
    Oh man... Someone really has to do a Benchmark vs Chord stack comparison with the empy.. Haha!
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  2. HK_sends
    I've been using Schiit gear all the time I've had my Empy, but at a local audio store I got a chance to hear it with some Chord gear (don't remember which, but not Dave) and the sound was amazing! The owner was trying to get an M Scaler as well for customers to try, but I think I've already decided to save my pennies for both the TT2 and M Scaler as my next (last?) upgrade. :L3000:

    Cheers and All the Best!:beerchug:
    -HK sends

    Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
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  3. mixman
    The TT2 would be the one DAC I would give up my RME for. It would great if I have mostly easy to drive headphones so that is all I would need to drive them and not have to get an expensive headamp too.
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  4. Roasty
    I just listened to the tt2/mscaler combo.

    It just brought the empy to a whole new level. The empy no longer feels laid back. Its presentation and clarity feels on par with the utopia. At the same time, the bass impact, tightness and texture are all improved. The airiness and the ambience of the music is just insane!

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  5. k3kz
    Monkey see, monkey do... :D


    Thanks for the tip! I see what youre saying about its height, but it's still a bargain.
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  6. CaptainFantastic
    Not only but bargain, but also a better fit for some headphones like the Audioquest birds and Sennheiser 6-series than most others because it is wide enough to support the whole headband, the cups, and also narrow enough in the lower part to allow for a natural, no pressure position.

    Apparently a good fit for the Empyrean too.
  7. k3kz
    we-ell, just about. with my size noggin, the cups are just about far enough down that the cable pushes up on the feet of the stand and that makes them sit ever so slightly loose on the side of the stand, leaving a tiny gap. thinking that is what betula also meant. i guess careful positioning helps though
  8. betula
    Haha! I am glad it worked out for you too. :) It does take some careful positioning but for me its fine. My main purpose was to cover the cups.

    Amazing setup, isn't it? I can't stop listening to the Empy with the TT2. :)
  9. julien-hifi

    I was wondering if before picking the TT2 you tried the hugo2 first and evaluate how much it was with TT2.
    If yes could you give some insight?
  10. betula
    I have tried the Hugo2 with different headphones but not with the Empy. H2 is already an awesome sounding equipment, and it is said to be a very good combo with the Empy.
    In the TT2 thread you can find more comparisons between H2 and TT2 with an overwhelming preference to the TT2 (no surprise there).

    TT2 is obviously better than H2, although I never had the chance to directly compare them. All you can do is audition a TT2 and decide if it is worth the price for you.
    Before TT2 I used Qutest with an amp which obviously differs from the H2 a bit (because of the amp as the DAC is identical to H2), but the upgrade to me was well worth it.
  11. julien-hifi
    Thank you, well i like to have users feedback, ideally based on a blind test..
    I will try on occasion to blind test the 2 and see if i can tell which one is better :)
  12. SammYyYyY
    Does anyone know if Meze will transfer the warranty if I were to buy a used unit? I've picked up a used Hugo 2 and am tempted to do the same for the Empyrean. From what I've seen it looks like used Empyreans trade hands for around $2,200. I could get used Empyreans and used Andromedas for the same price as new Empyreans.
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  13. latestyle
    2019-08-12 10.50.19 1.jpg 2019-08-12 10.48.00 1.jpg

    Joined the family
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  14. SammYyYyY
    What is that color?! When I get my set I want that color.
  15. mixman
    Congrats. You are the one who bought them recently here on the forum? Those are limited edition correct?
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