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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by MezeTeam, Feb 9, 2018.
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  1. twister6 Contributor
    Had a pleasure to test and to review Empyrean. What a pair of headphones!!! Just shared the review on my site and will post it soon on Head-fi.


    Since I'm more into "portable" setup, my two favorite pair ups were with Cayin N6ii and with XI Audio Broadway S amp (on battery).

    meze_empyrean-02.jpg meze_empyrean-03.jpg
  2. latestyle
    Yes. To my knowledge these are custom silver. I believe sonically the same animal but couldn't resist the shiny, pretty thing!
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  3. betula
    All Empyreans look effectively the same right after CNC machining. The colour comes later with the anodising process. This picture is from Meze's website. The finish of the 'silver' version looks more like 'gunmetal' to me.
    Last edited: Aug 15, 2019
  4. erik701
    I also see also different cable, which is included with your Empyrean. Is that one of the early demo pieces, which Meze presented on the shows?
  5. ken6217
    Evidently there was a finishing process afterwards
  6. LCMusicLover
    Well done, as usual :gs1000smile: :ok_hand: :beers:

    Your description of the differences in the sound of the pads
    There is a noticeable difference in sound using either leather or Alcantara earpads. With leather pads I’m hearing mid-bass to have a more pronounced punch, mids having a fuller body and more natural tonality with a more intimate presentation, and treble being more natural and smoother. With Alcantara, bass is a little more neutral, mids are more transparent and a little brighter with slightly more out-of-your head presentation, and treble has more sparkle and airiness.

    For my own personal taste, I preferred a more natural balanced tonality of leather pads, giving the sound a more intimate organic feeling while bringing you closer to the stage. But since both are included, you can decide for yourself which one you prefer better.
    exactly match mine, except that I would have concluded:
    Once again, 'Your ears, my ears' and thanks for a great review!
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  7. latestyle
    Hi, Erik. It's an aftermarket cable, Habst 5N Silver.
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  8. saudio7
    Exactly the same conclusion @LCMusicLover thanks for comment:L3000:
  9. mixman
    Spot on with your pad summary. I prefer the Alcantra pads as they open the soundstage up a lot. On the leather pads the soundstage is just too crowded. This is why hybrids pads are needed.
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  10. Darthpool
    I was Just talking with Tim from Kitsune HiFi, it sounds like he just got in 2 more Empyreans for sale and I’m pretty sure Headphones.com also just got a couple in as well if people are still on the hunt to purchase these. I didn’t realize they were so hard to get. I’ll be giving my demo unit a solid listen this weekend before I send them back to Kitsune HiFi (hence how I found out they just got two in)
  11. kumar402
    Wow didn’t know that these are getting hard to get
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  12. ken6217
    If someone is looking for a new pair of headphones at a great price from an authorized dealer, PM me.

    It's not me BTW.
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  13. Darthpool
    Yeah, I didn’t think they were tough to get either? Who knew lol...well I guess people trying to buy them ASAP lol
  14. nwavesailor
    Bought mine from Tim at Kitsune. Good dealer!
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  15. mixman
    Yep some dealers have a 3 week wait. These are popular now.
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