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Meze EMPYREAN - the First Isodynamic Hybrid Array Headphone

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  1. Rowethren
    Too busy listening to write a review :beerchug:
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  2. LCMusicLover
    I get that :)

    However, the item can exist in the showcase without a review, with just the description and picture tabs populated.
  3. Rowethren
    Fair enough then, no idea. I never go on showcase other than to look at reviews :p
  4. Rowethren
    Interestingly I have just been listening to Dream Theater - Black Clouds & Silver Lining and Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden and they are both quite bass heavy in the mix. I found the leather pads were a bit overwhelming so I switched to the velour, perfection! The ease of pad swaps and the difference in sound it makes really can't be applauded enough!

    @MezeTeam I am looking forward to new pads being released to give even more choice in the future, hint hint :wink:
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  5. Giraku
    Great idea!! Maybe with different colors and designs...
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  6. dusty.ro
    A month into having them and I just can't get enough of them. There's always a honey moon period with every headphone you like, but I'm just constantly surprised by the Empy. One thing I did not expect at all is to be really really good with EDM. Its the best I heard so far for EDM. I've owned/listened to: HD800, HD650, HD600, LCD2C, LCD3, LCD4z, all the FiiO iems, RE2000, RE800, BGVP DM6, Sundara, almost all Audio Technica headphones, DT770, DT880, DT990, MDR-Z1R and many, many others. Where it was needed I EQed them to have more bass for EDM.

    The only one that might beat it is LCD4z. Even if it does beat it, I think the overall sound is more balanced than other flagship headphones and that's why it's a winner for me. And I love that its sensitive to the dac/amp because I'm having fun playing with different ones. I said in my review that I prefer the leather pads but now I'm switching between them and I'm undecided which ones I prefer most.

    Last week I listened to the Empy with the NuPrime DAC-10H and it was a heavenly experience. The bass control of that dac/amp with the Empy is amazing. I was left speechless. I highly recommend a listen. Having also reviewed the Chord Hugo 2 in the past, I think it will be a very good match with it also. But I no longer have access to one to test.

    Endgame reached for me.

    I leave you with some pics: https://imgur.com/gallery/iOnVx2P

    Last edited: Mar 18, 2019 at 7:14 AM
  7. LCMusicLover
    Yep, right here, right now!

    Mine have now burned in more than 50 hours, and I’ve had a good listen. Too early for any detailed impressions, but I’m very impressed.

    I will say that while I was anticipating that the title bout would be between Empyrean and E2, I have actually found that the Empy/Utopia comparison is very interesting.

    Ted from Headphone Lounge made me adapters to let me use my Lemo-terminated Lazuli Reference cable with these (and my Auteur), so that’s what I’m using. Eventually l’ll try some other balanced cables to see if I hear meaningful differences, although comparing cables is problematic at best. You really need two sets of the cans, and who has that? Of course, with my Bryston, which supports output to two sets of balanced cans, I could buy a second ... No! That’s crazy!
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  8. LCMusicLover
    Switched to portable rig while watching Tennessee/Kentucky game.

    Cowon Plenue 2 ==> ZMF Atmos balanced copper cable ==> Empyrean

    Plenty of juice — playing @ 70 - 80 out of 140. Not a huge drop-off from my desktop rig. I do notice slightly reduced headstage and less dynamic sound. Probably comparable to how Utopia scales down from desktop to the Cowon.
  9. kumar402
    Blood Sugar Sex Magic - Have heard this album so many times but with Empyrean its different experience all together.
    Complete enjoyment.
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  10. matp86

    How did you find the E2 vs. Empyrean? I have both and for me the E2 is more neutral and almost slightly harsh sounding after putting them on after the Empyrean. The Empy is so smooth and lush.
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  11. Bastianpp
    Can you describe the bass of e2 vs empyrean? Please
  12. matp86
    The bass on the Empyrean has more impact while the bass on the E2 may have a little more detail. You can hear the air behind the impact of the Empyrean's bass which I really enjoy. Both have excellent impact and quality of bass which can be enjoyed even at low volumes.

    As a bass head, I ultimately chose the Empyrean. The Empy is mid-bass forward while the E2 is more neutral and slightly clinical in my opinion.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2019 at 9:34 AM
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  13. revand
    Last week I had an almost unreal story:

    At last I was able to try the Empyrean with a Chord Dave.
    The sound I heard was simply perfect, analytical, neutral, with huge dynamics!
    I did not feel the catharsis...
    Maybe in J.K. Rowling's universe I am rather a wizard than a muggle :)
    For muggles Meze Empyrean owners' best solution is a Chord Dave...
    but for a wizard (like me) I suggest another solution:
    Two days after I tried the Dave I was able to listen to music in my home with a Feliks Echo tube headphone-, preamp (I will write a review soon on my local blog) which was for me far from being perfect, but a magical experience!
    This was the first time that I could try a tube amp, and the sound I heard was simply breathtaking!
    Very fluid, natural, musical, analogue like!
    Feliks Echo.jpg
    Feliks Echo with Bluesound Node 2 (Nordost Heimdall interconnect)

    With using the Meze Empyrean with the Feliks Echo I felt to listen to music from a turntable rather than from a modestly priced digital streamer/DAC ( I tried locally stored WAV and Hi-Res files, and TIDAL)!
    I am quite sure that with a higher category tube amp (like Feliks Elise, Euphoria, or Auris Nirvana) the Empyrean sounds even more engaging, but if you have an opportunity to try it with Feliks Echo just do it, and you will be positively surprised!
    It is almost unreal to match a USD 3000 headphone with a USD 600 tube amp, but believe me it's a kind of magic!!!
    On the above picture you can see my Meze 99 Classics' cable attached to the Echo, and I have to tell that with the Echo my 99 Classics sounded better than with any other gear before.
    The Echo is very silent (even with IEMs), no noise can be heard, and using it as a preamp it gives a sweet, warm timber to the sound of my home audio system, which can be addictive later on.
    Don't expect here a not natural, colored sound, just an amazing extra sweet, and lifelike layer which brings the overall sound to another league!
    I warmly recommend to try the Meze Empyrean with a tube amp!
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  14. kumar402
    In the website the.amp manufacturer is suggesting this amp to pair with 100-600ohm headphone. Meze is just 31.6 ohm
  15. ken6217
    It’s irrevant. All it has to do is sound good to him. Doesn’t matter if it’s “incorrect or correct” on paper, as long it sounds good in real world on HIS equipment and now he likes to hear his music.
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