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Meze Audio Empyrean Measurements

Discussion in 'Head-Fi Audio Measurement Lab' started by jude, Oct 15, 2018.
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  1. DaYooper
    ya but, not sure how I would feel plugging these high priced things into a dx-120 or dx-90. Maybe into my Kann. Pretty sure they would move me into tube amps and such other higher end gear. Not to mention the cables. Oh I can feel my wallet getting lighter just from the thought.
  2. Deftone
    I think scaling is an unknown with these headphones at the moment, it could be that they sound amazing from any source with only very subtle improvements from equally expensive gear.
  3. DaYooper
    I guess I can't say too much against hi priced equipment though, I did jump on the A&K holiday specials and order the AK-T1p headphones at a nice $500 discount off their $1200 tag. Waiting for them to show up.
  4. alexzogh
    Received mine today. Came well packed in a nice case. Not waterproof like an audeze, but looks and feels a little more professional.

    57566B36-3E16-4046-85DC-BF3B0BAF7FCE.jpeg 630CF189-FEA1-47F6-98DC-BC83B33DCF0D.jpeg

    Also came with two sets of earpads. They go on magnetically like focal utopia’s.

    I’ve been listening to them nonstop, through several amps and DACs both expensive, and value oriented; Auris Hedonia, Hugo 2, Woo Fireflies, Massdrop THX AAA, even a shanling M0.

    They are easy to drive and sound very good with any amp. Also scale well, though not as well as the Utopia’s or LCD’s.

    I’ll have a lot more to say after the weekend, and a lot more listening.

    At the very least, I can say without hesitation that the Empyerean’s connected to the Auris Hedonia is the best LOOKING pairing I’ve seen in a long time. These Eastern European manufacturers have some of the best designs on the market.

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  5. bimmer100
    These headphones are quite possibly the best sounding headphones I've heard. First thing I had noticed when opening up the case and laying eyes on these was the CNC machined parts are absolutely stunning! I can imagine the detail required to make these pieces. Truly some wonderful craftsmanship. I opted to get the 8ft XLR cable that was optional and glad I did. It improves the sound a bit and also looks great! These cans pair well with all my systems. The distortion is extremely low and pretty apparent when listening. They are officially my favorite pair of headphones in my collection. :D
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  6. Tom Blake
    I agree Tim! I received my pair last week and have been overwhelmingly pleased with every aspect of their sound quality, build quality, comfort and presentation.Truly a top tier headphone and a bargain when compared to competitor pricing (Utopia, LCD-4, Abyss, etc.). The pride of ownership is huge on the Empyreans with their jewel-like build quality. Even the aluminum attache-like case is the best I have seen and functional as well. My DAVE directly drives them effortlessly. Game changing headphones!
  7. alexzogh
    I think I'm ready to do a full review. Couldn't find a review thread.... don't want to be the guinea pig to start one :>
  8. Hifiearspeakers
    Just post it right here.
  9. Deftone
  10. TheAttorney
    Yes, please post impressions and reviews in the thread that already has impressions and reviews - the official Empyrean thread.
    And keep this "measurements" thread for posts relating to measurements. The clue is in the title :)
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