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Meze 99 classics vs 1more triple driver over ear HP?

  1. Thenewbie76
    As the title states I am looking at which to choose between this 2. I listen to alot of hip hop,EDM,rock and a mixture of others BUT NOT CLASSICAL , opera and other genre like them. I also play games so I was hoping this good an average soundstage but with good imaging. Which would more suit my needs?
  2. serman005
    Is it possible for you to go with an open headphone? It would help with the gaming experience (and the music, for that matter).
  3. Thenewbie76
    Thing is I need 1 for at night so I won't disturb my sleeping bro . Also I already got 5 open back headphones =zmf aeolus,hifiman edition X V2, hd 600, fidelity x2, akg 7xx. I think it's time for me to add in a closed back headphone
  4. serman005
    Ahh--got it. Well, I like the Meze and the 1More both about equally, unfortunately. The Meze have gotten some criticism since they changed earpads, which messed with the bass response compared to the original pads. The Noir is allegedly supposed to ameliorate this issue, but I have not heard one yet and cannot vouch for that fact personally yet. In any event, the Brainwavz and HMR velour pads are supposed to help with the bass problem, for what it's worth. So, you could always go that route. I do like the SoundMAGIC HP151 a whole darn lot as a closed in a favorable price range. Really nice headphone, probably worth a test-drive if possible. Needs no modding. One other that is quite good is the NAD HP50--might also be worth listening to to see what you think.Sorry I cannot be more definitive on the Meze versus the 1More. I just happen to like them both about the same, myself.
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  5. Thenewbie76
    nah thats good info, I needed to know that they changed the pads on the meze. I might now lean towards the 1more . But not sure as of right now. Planning about going my store on my 1st day off to try out the 1more over ear, meze 99 cc, campfire cascade and other closed back headphones.
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  6. JediMa70
    Meze 99 C or V-Moda M100 with XL pads, NO 1more I had them and they are just bad
  7. Mhog55
    If you're after imaging, the 1 more is hard to beat. For music I found them a little boring with somewhat recessed mids. Classics are quite the opposite, being very musical with fantastic mids. But as already mentioned, the pad change kinda threw a curve ball in that.
  8. Mhog55
    Honestly, I'd take a look at the Audioquest Nightowl Carbon. It will knock your socks off for both gaming and music. Plus you can wear them for days and forget they're even on your head.
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