Meze 99 Classics USA/Canada Tour - Reviewers Wanted
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Nov 2, 2015
Baia Mare, Romania
Hello everybody!
We are excited to have joined the Head-Fi community. So far we’ve only had the chance to get in touch with amazing, passionate people over here. Now, we need your honest opinion.
We are looking for Head-Fiers who are ready to listen to our new Meze 99 Classics and review them. You must be a resident of the US and/or Canada to enter.
The pair of headphones that you will listen to and review
•    The Meze 99 Classics Gold

The package contains
•    1 pair Meze 99 Classics headphones
•    1 EVA carrying pouch and Meze 99 Classics box
•    1 cable and accessory pouch
•    2 cables, one 1.2m Kevlar OFC cable with Mic. & Remote and one 3m Kevlar OFC cable
•    1 6.3mm gold-plated jack
•    1 airplane adapter 
How to apply to be part of the tour
•    Simply post your wish to participate in this thread like this:
A link to a previous review that you’ve written:
•    We will contact you for further information.
Start date
•    You can apply until the 4th of December, 2015.
•    The first pair will be sent out on the 7th of December, 2015.
Shipping details
•    Meze Headphones will ship the first unit to the first Head-Fier and will also provide a tracking number.
•    Each user, afterwards, will be responsible of shipping the unit to the next Head-Fier.
•    Meze Headphones will let each Head-Fier know to whom to ship next.
•    Each user will have to send us a tracking number via PM.
As for the review
•    Each user is to hold the unit for audition for 7 days
•    After the audition period, each user has to take their time to post a review of the 99 Classics on Head-Fi.
Tour Members:
@Mark Up
Congratulations to the selected Head-Fiers!
All tour members who were selected will be contacted via PM to be announced personally and to provide further information to Meze Headphones. Keep an eye on your inbox.

•    By entering the tour you agree that Meze Headphones can use your review of the Meze 99 Classics for promotional purposes. 
•    Choosing the reviewers is solely the responsibility of Meze Headphones.
•    Each user needs to be comfortable with providing shipping information to the next user.
•    After you have written and posted your review on Head-Fi, please post the link to your review in this thread.
Meze Headphones would like to thank all participants! 
If you have any questions, feel free to PM MezeTeam or LorandCz.
Just so you know, at the end of the tour, we will choose one lucky Head-Fier who will get to keep the 99 Classics. We will announce the lucky winner at the end of the tour.
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hey. I tried them and bought them! Just waiting on them. try the 99 Classics if you are in the market for reasonably priced headphones that sound way above the sticky price. uber good headphones.
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This is a great opportunity to try out (and maybe win) one of the most exciting new headphones on the market!
I am blown away by the Meze 99 Classics, as you can see by my own review of it:

It is one of those products you have to try to believe. 
I'm very much looking forward to reading other member reviews on these gems.
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So they are closed-back and lightweight and thus should work well portably?

Adding to my wish-list, guys :)
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Sign me up!
Username: yage
City / State: Springfield, VA
Previous review -
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You know what guys?  Sign me up!  I've never had to ship something this large before but I'm sure I can figure it out just fine :p
Username:  goodyfresh
REAL name:  Jack
City/State: New Haven, Connecticut
Previous Review:
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Awww, meng! If @Cotnijoe and @grizzlybeast are in, I'm in!!! 

Portland, OR
All reviewsHE400S review
For complete transparency... I haven't reviewed many headphones - mostly IEM. Current headphone of choice: HE400.

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  Awww, meng! If @Cotnijoe and @grizzlybeast are in, I'm in!!! 

Portland, OR
All reviewsHE400S review
For complete transparency... I haven't reviewed many headphones - mostly IEM. Current headphone of choice: HE400.

Yeah man this one seems very intriguing indeed!  Looks like it might be just what I've been looking for in a portable.  And as an added bonus, IT LOOKS DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS!
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I'll be honest. While the wood looks good, I'm not a fan of the gold. A little too bling-bling for my tastes. However, if they sound as good as they're getting talked up to be then I can overlook that...

You can get it in a white and silver version, as well:

Edit:  I mean, you WILL be able to get a white/silver version, come January.
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Black & Silver, please

Tell Meze you think so, and maybe they'll listen!  You should PM them on here.

Because I agree, black and silver would kick ass :)

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